The Transgender Population Control Agenda

The transgender agenda is used to indoctrinate children into a gender confused society that is filled with corruption and laws to silence the public by using minorities as a deterrent. LGBT may be a from a natural population control via overpopulation, and man-made population control via the vast amounts of endocrine disrupting chemicals we are exposed to daily.

Those in the LGBT community, referred to as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and all other varieties of gender and sexual orientation, have become the center of many activists movements and laws. On the surface, activism and the laws supposedly made to protect those in the LGBT community seem plausible and the way forward. But, underneath there is a bed of corruption driven by political power and money.

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By today’s standards, the very act of questioning why someone is gay or transgender has been deemed as hate speech and an act of violence due to the sensitivity of those in the LGBT community and the topic in general. Many activists demand for rights they feel they are entitled to, yet they are essentially putting their own agenda before that of their community, as well as limiting the freedom of speech and expression of everyone who disagrees with them. The mindset many activists have are that they are right, and anyone who opposes or disagrees is wrong. No other opinions exist.

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Activists are nothing more than paws of the corrupt political powers that control this world. To begin an activist movement that is pro-LGBT, you’ll get a lot of attention and funding to drive your message into the mainstream. This funding comes from government entities that wish to have a bigger say in the rights of the human population as a whole. Controlling an entire populating starts with controlling those who are the minority. The minority then demands for rights and special privileges to silence all opposing voices. Questioning these motives, or speaking out against them, would be considered discrimination, thus specific rules are made to control the rest of the population and robbing them of their own thoughts and free speech. An example of this is the inability to call pregnant women ‘expectant mothers’ as that would offend those that are intersex and transgender men.

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Some laws have gone so far as to specifically target children who claim to be transgender. Specific laws are made to protect these few individuals. And one proposal is for letting children as young as five years old choose their own gender and race without parental consent. Transgender youth are rare, and making specific laws to shield them from the world is not only harmful to the child, but also to the parents. With laws essentially promoting the transition of youth, even medical transition via puberty blockers, it only makes the child who is confused even more so without the ability to grow and learn until they are of legal age to do as they please to their bodies.

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Exposing children to the sexualized LGBT agenda, before they hit puberty and can understand their sexuality, confuses and brainwashes them, and pushes the transgender agenda to sexualize kids. The transgender agenda is used to indoctrinate children into the cult to exploit and sexualize them. We see the sexualization of LGBT via sexualized pride parades, especially those that children attend, and even the media glamorization and promotion of the youngest drag queen who gained popularity when they were under ten years of age.

This agenda is also about demanding for equality and being better than everyone else over true equality. Feeding off oppression, the act of ‘playing the victim’ is extremely high. Activists tend to be brainwashed to push the agenda.

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Many activists claim to be ‘born this way.’ The act of ‘born this way’ simply doesn’t exist. There is always a reason why something exists in the world. But, many of these same activists say questioning how someone is transgender is considered discrimination. Some activists even say it’s the way forward, evolution of the human species. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to being transgender, some of which has to do with a form of population control.

Since the population has far exceeded what is comfortable in the environment we live in, nature limits the population via a natural form of population control. Since gay and transgender people cannot reproduce, they are essential at keeping the population at a manageable size in our ever crowded world. Studies on animals have shown that increasing the population results in more gay animals.

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We must also not forget the man-made population control via synthetic, endocrine disrupting chemicals. With the increase of these toxic chemicals in our environment, that we are exposed to even while in utero, it impacts our endocrine system, our hormones, and leads us to having an imbalance of such hormones and various disorders.

Transgender people are often believed to have been ‘born in the wrong body,’ meaning that while in utero, hormonal changes made the developing brain and body incongruent and not all male and not all female. Due to endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment today, from plastics and cans, baby formula, medications, even the very food and water we drink, we are bombarded with chemicals that, even in minute amounts, disrupt our hormones and overall health. Some of these chemicals are BPA in plastics and cans, various pesticides like the most commonly used one, glyphosate, which can be found in many conventional foods and in the water supply, and even some food products that contain plant estrogens, also known as phytoestrogens, or plant-derived xenoestrogens, such as soy.

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There is a specific reason why the number of those who identify as transgender, non-binary, and other various genders have been increasing. Some say more people are LGBT because it’s easier and more accepting to come out and get treatment these days. Surely that is a component, but there is a great deal missing from this assumption.

One hypothesis is this form of population control via natural and man-made means, but the other being due to social exposure. Children exposed to transgender themes before they are able to understand their own gender and sexuality results in confusion within that child. Also, let’s not forget all the attention and exposure trans youth receive, further increasing the chances that a child who wants attention, who perhaps feels neglected, will identify differently to get attention. Parents are then forced to comply with their child’s demands. Some parents even promoting and glamorizing their child for publicity and money.

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Let’s not forget that the hormones and procedures used to treat transgender individuals are dangerous, unnatural, and don’t always solve the problem. Taking hormones and getting surgeries to alter the characteristics that defines an individual is risky and severely impacts one’s mental health, which is one reason why there are high suicide rates in the transgender community. Bullying and lack of acceptance makes up a large part of suicide rates as well.

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We must not forget that for some individuals, no amount of hormones and surgery will make them feel right. There are people who express continued dissatisfaction after transitioning and surgery, or experience other physical and/or mental problems as a result. To chase a dream of being biologically the opposite sex is implausible. Yet, this doesn’t stop many from attempting it. Happiness can only be accomplished by accepting the reality that no amount of changes, hormonal or surgical, will make one biologically the opposite sex. Happiness comes from within and not how you physically present yourself.

Both hormones and surgeries can result in permanent changes to the body, and for a minor, this is even more troubling. There are health risks associated with hormones. Female to male individuals taking testosterone risk liver damage, blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. And the same holds true for male to female individuals taking estradiol. They can be more or less safe depending on the form it’s taken, such as injections or oral pills. Furthermore, women, including trans women, taking oral estrogen, may have increased risk of blood clots and heart issues. This includes birth control. They can even lower your B vitamin levels, specifically B12. Since pharmaceutical drugs are usually the only way of treating transgender individuals, there are risks and side effects from the active ingredients used to transition, but also the build up of toxins from the inactive ingredients, such as the dyes in pills and other typical pharmaceutical side effects.

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The laws made to protect transgender people are mostly for politicians to gain power and money, that have no knowledge or understanding of what it’s like being transgender. As the trans and gender variant population is rising, and laws are being passed to limit typical human speech that isn’t intended as discriminatory, the future that will come will result in the merger of all into one. Merging male and female to create a hybrid gender of non-binary, or much more likely, the lack of gender, agender, which is to prepare for a transhumanist future. Every living entity on this planet being merged with technology to hybridize humans to create a future. We will see the intended outcome unfold in generations to come.

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Additional Info

I’ve been witness to the rise of the transgender movement, and it’s turned from positive into negative. Often playing the victim are used to give rise to the agenda used to silence the rest of the public. This I’ve seen also comes from being able to properly raise children to deal with criticism. Instead, people who are highly sensitive demand for changes in laws that don’t actually help the situation, but only feed into the denial that exists within trans people.

As a transgender person myself, the information I have provided could be perceived to some as discrimination. Yet, it’s nothing of the sort. Rather, it’s telling a very real story of the world and the changes we are undergoing as a society that are determining our future. The intended future that will come about is proceeding exactly as planned from the beginning. No amount of opposition on my end or others who see the problem will change the intended outcome. Instead, we can become aware of this and learn what it means for us and our future.

As of May 2nd, 2019, YouTube has restricted this video, making it inaccessible and a warning appears before the video. Watch my response video to this decision.

As of June 5th, 2019, YouTube has completely removed this video due to “hate speech,” without explanation. After reaching out to support for clarity, they said they were not going to reinstate my video. Watch my response video to this decision.


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