You may know me as Autumn Asphodel, Iris Fae, or even by my real name, Elle Stone. I am a motivator, coach, spiritual healer, and teacher. After overcoming my own obstacles in life, such as trauma and abuse, and struggling with my gender identity, I embarked on the path of self-healing and am teaching others how they can do the same to overcome hard times in their own life. I love seeing people be dedicated to personal growth and overcoming their troubles. Never let anything or anyone bring you down! Read my FAQ for more info about me.

Autumn Asphodel

Autumn Asphodel: I have a YouTube channel. All my videos have closed captions that can be viewed during playback by clicking the (closed caption) icon, or transcript icon, on the YouTube player. Furthermore, all transcripts can be found on this website. Translations of videos are provided by the YouTube community [find out more].

Iris Fae

Iris Fae: I also have another YouTube channel, Iris Fae, dedicated to spiritual growth, achieving inner peace, self improvement, and relaxation. I even do guided meditations, hypnosis, and ASMR audio recordings. All audio recordings from this channel can be downloaded on Bandcamp.

Elle Stone

Elle Stone: And another YouTube channel, Elle Stone, dedicated to personal videos about my life.

Mental Health

I have dealt with many psychological problems during my life. I have dealt with paranoia, delusions, self-hatred, trauma, and anxiety. After seeing a psychologist from 2013-2016, I slowly learned how to cope with what I was experiencing. My focus is on teaching those in similar situations to be able to help themselves and be independent.


My approach to mental health and psychology is very direct in that it gets to the root cause of the behavior and help themselves overcome the problem by being introspective, analytical, and open. In addition, I take a spiritual approach to the matter since I’ve recognized that there is a connection between the mind and spirituality. I believe that calming the mind through mindfulness allows one to connect with their true self which has the answers on how to let go and overcome any negative situation the person may be facing. By letting go of denial and resistance and positively focusing on where one whats to be, they can manifest those positive changes into their life. I have personally seen this with my own life and see just how thoughts alone can shape a positive future.

Transgender / Transsexual

I am a male to female transgender / transsexual person, that knew from an early age (under 10) that I wanted to be a female. When I hit puberty my life took a very dark turn as I developed so much hatred towards myself and my body and wished nothing more than to be a female. Since I couldn’t have this at the time, I would constantly think about ending my life. I wanted to dissociate from my male self as I thought my life would be better as a female.

It was only until I was 20 that I came out to my family (August 1st, 2010) and starting seeing a gender therapist shortly thereafter. A year later, I started hormones (September 9th, 2011) and started living full-time shortly thereafter (January 1st, 2012). And a year after that I had my sex reassignment surgery / SRS (March 4th, 2013). I finally felt like my body was right and I didn’t have the hatred towards myself any longer. I could look in the mirror with confidence and see the female I always was all those years. I no longer see an ugly person in the mirror. I have no regrets since I am so much happier now!

I’ve come a long way over the years, and will continue to push through to be who I truly am. Everyday is something new to learn!