Autumn Asphodel has inspired millions around the world and motivates them to overcome their own struggles by natural means. Her approach is to get to the root of the problem to solve the underlying issues.

Her passion to help others was as a direct result of her own struggles growing up. Ever since she was born, she was abused and abandoned by those closest to her. She endured many years of physical and emotional abuse, along with feeling unwanted and unloved. Abusers would use psychological tactics such as gaslighting to manipulate and invalidate her experiences as she started to blame herself for everything. She became angry and physically destructive as a result. And later developed other mental symptoms such as paranoia, delusions, depression, anxiety, and a lack of passion for life. Her goal when she was old enough was to either move away from family and never speak with them again, or end her own life.

What made matters even worse was the fact that she was born a male, but always felt she was a female. This stemmed from the fact that her mother didn’t want a boy, but rather a girl. When her sister was born at age five, she felt all attention from her mother was gone. This was the beginning of her feelings of wanting to be a female since she felt that all her problems would be solved if she was a female.

Despite her hardships during her teenage years and constant bullying, she managed to get through the worst years of her life. Her main focus in her early 20s was her transition. This brought much happiness into her life, but she became even more suspicious of other’s motives. This was largely due to the fact that she was not yet comfortable with the person she was, and extremely sensitive to other people’s opinions and criticism.

Over the years she learned to not care what others think. She became far more physically and emotionally expressive, and voiced her views and opinions regardless of potential judgement from others. Her anxiety has drastically been reduced and she lives each day to the fullest, even being thankful for what happened in the past since it’s the past that made her the person she is today. Her strongest traits are her resilience and persistence. She never gives up and uses negative experiences and missed opportunities to better herself even more so she succeeds. When she sets out to do something, she will accomplish it no matter how hard it is.

She is known as Autumn Asphodel, Iris Fae, or by her real name, Elle Stone.

Mental Health

Autumn saw a psychologist from 2013-2016, slowly learning to cope with her negative past experience and paranoia, delusions, self-hatred, trauma, and anxiety.


Autumn understands the importance of both the physical (ego) and spiritual (higher self). She believes true healing comes from the mind, body, and spirit. She uses mindfulness techniques to connect to the deepest part of herself, focusing positively on even the most negative situations.

Transgender / Transsexual

Autumn is a male to female transgender / transsexual person who knew at an early age (under 10). Things took a dark turn for her when she hit puberty and she developed self-hatred so deep that she couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror and didn’t want others to see her.

On August 1st, 2010, she came out to her family and saw a gender therapist shortly thereafter. A year later she started hormones (September 9th, 2011) and started living full-time shortly thereafter (January 1st, 2012). Not long after that she had sex reassignment surgery / SRS (March 4th, 2013). She slowly was able to feel confident in her body and no longer have hatred towards it.

Passions & Hobbies

When Autumn is not helping others or making educational content, she is likely working hard on her many other interests. She is completely self-taught with almost all her skills. She enjoys:

  • Web design and programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)
  • Video, audio, and image editing
  • Video games (check out her gaming website)
  • Finance, managing money, stock trading, and investing
  • Cooking
  • Making jokes and being sarcastic


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