Affiliates & Partners

Companies I personally use, support, and endorse, some of which I’m affiliate with to offer special discounts and deals! I can’t stand behind just any company. Only ones that offer high quality products, promote good health, and/or have a positive mission! These are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission on purchases made through these links.


Thrive Market

Online Natural & Organic Grocery Store

Thrive Market offers great prices for natural and organic foods. There is a huge variety of organic, natural, non-GMO, and vegan items to choose from, and they will ship it to your door. I’ve been able to save a huge amount of money just by ordering from them, even better than Amazon pricing. They do require a membership, but if you have limited income, you may qualify for their “Thrive Gives” program. Get 40% off your first order by using my referral link.


Organic, Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Home

Veestro is an excellent choice if you are looking to become healthier and eat plant-based meals! You order, they make the meals, and deliver them to your home. No preservatives, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, and best of all 100% vegan! They have amazing food that I eat when I don’t have the time to make my own food due to my busy schedule.


Keto Chocolates, Syrups, and More

MiiRO provides low-carb, keto-friendly chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, baking chocolate, and syrup. You can buy the products individually, or subscribe. Use my code AUTUMN20 to get 20% off your order!


Monthly Subscription Box of Vegan Snacks, Beauty Products, and Makeup

Vegancuts is a monthly subscription that has a snack, beauty, and makeup collection. I am subscribed to the snack box that contains 10 snacks delivered to your door each month. There is usually always one meal item as well. You can use my code ASPHODEL to get $5 off your first subscription box!


Vegan Protein

Vegan protein powder made from organic ingredients and are non-GMO. I use their “Complete Meal” after my workout which provides my body with nutrients and essential vitamins!

Four Sigmatic

Mushroom Coffee & Cacao

Have you ever had mushroom coffee, or hot cacao, or even lemonade? Four Sigmatic makes it all, and it’s delicious! Mushrooms are incredibly beneficial for our immune system and overall wellbeing. While I personally don’t drink coffee, their other products I certainly enjoy. Dink their coffee instead of the conventional brands and you’ll notice a difference with your health!

Herbs & Supplements

Joy Organics

CBD Oil from Hemp

CBD (Cannabidiol) hemp oil is great for pain, sleep, and even depression and anxiety. I began using it when I was having so much pain and fatigue, and it truly helps. If you’re looking for a high quality CBD hemp product, I recommend their tincture. Use code AUT15 during checkout to receive 15% off your order!

Bluebird Botanicals

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil from Hemp

One of the first CBD hemp companies I tried. They even offer an assistance program if you have low-income, are disabled, or are a veteran. Their products are not free of THC, and not all of them are full spectrum, but they still offer high quality products.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Bulk Organic Herbs & Essential Oils

Buy high quality, organic herbs and essential oils. They have the widest selection I’ve ever seen, and almost everything is organic!

Bear Blend

Organic Herbal Blends for Tea & Vaping

If you are a smoker, and looking for a healthier alternative, this would be it! While I personally don’t advise smoking, these herbs can be used for tea and/or vaping. None of their vape liquids have nicotine, which is a huge plus! Vaping has also been able to help smokers overcome the addiction. Bear Blend’s products are high quality and have helped me relieve stress and anxiety!

Global Healing Center

Vitamins & Supplements

Made from high quality ingredients, they offer a diverse lineup of products, such as vitamin and mineral supplements, probiotics, and enzymes. Their “VeganSafe B-12” is my go-to source!



Supplement, Food, and Personal Care Retailer

All of your shopping needs can be found on LuckyVitamin. You can even save money from qualifying brands with their Autoship program. I look forward to each shipment since they always put free samples, gift cards, or other free gifts in my box!


M1 Finance

Invest in Stocks for Free

M1 Finance allows you to invest in stocks for free! You create a “pie” of various stocks and allocate a percentage of your money into each stock. What differentiates M1 Finance from Robinhood is fractional shares (allowing you to invest in high cost stocks like Amazon for only a few dollars). I have seen a huge increase in funds and dividends since using M1 Finance. Sign up and fund your account to get up to $50 for free!


Invest in Stocks for Free

Robinhood allows you to invest in stocks, for free! Simply find the company you want to invest in, and purchase shares. You can sell anytime. Sign up and fund your account to get FREE STOCKS!


Invest in Stocks for Free

Webull allows you to invest in stocks, for free! It is similar to Robinhood (above) but is usually for more advanced users. If you want advanced order types, view detailed charts with indicators, and like a mobile and desktop app, Webull is a better fit for you than Robinhood. Find the company you want to invest in, and purchase shares. You can sell anytime. Sign up and fund your account to get FREE STOCKS!


Turn Fiat Currency into Crypto

Coinbase is one of the major exchanges that allows you to buy cryptocurrency with fiat. Their fees are relatively low and can be left with them or transferred to a different address. Crypto can also be sold for fiat as well. Sign up and fund your account to get Bitcoin.


Earn Interest on Your Crypto Assets

Just like a bank account, BlockFi allows you to earn interest (paid out monthly) on your crypto assets. Supported currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as others. Sign up and fund your account to get Bitcoin.

Celsius Network

Earn Interest on Your Crypto Assets

Much like BlockFi, Celsius offers interest (paid out weekly) on your crypto assets. They pay very good rates depending on the currency, even more than BlockFi for some assets. They offer the highest APY for stablecoins I’ve seen. Sign up and fund your account to get Bitcoin. Use code: 1797652392

Radius Bank

High Interest Checking Account with Cash Back

Get 1% interest in your checking account, that also pays 1% cash back on debit card transactions! I have been with radius for several years now and have had no issues with them. By using the code ESTO928156 when opening a Rewards Checking account, you can get $50 deposited if you have at least $500 in your account on the 60th day after opening the account.



Secure & Private Internet Browser

Brave Internet browser is a great alternative to other popular browsers, such as Google Chrome. It doesn’t track you and by default will block ads and trackers. There is even a “rewards” program that allows you to opt into some ads and be paid in crypto called BAT (Basic Attention Token), which can then be distributed to other verified websites and channels that you wish to support.


Secure, Encrypted Cloud Storage

Keep your files safe with encrypted cloud storage that uses twofish encryption. Icedrive is the only cloud storage provider that uses this encryption technology, which is superior to others. There is a monthly, yearly, and lifetime plan. The lifetime plan offers the best price possible.


Secure, Encrypted Cloud Storage

Keep your files safe and encrypted with cloud storage from MEGA. They offer end-to-end AES encryption. They offer 50GB for free if you do some tasks, such as download the app, enter your mobile number, etc. The extra storage does expire, and you will be left with 15GB, but you can always upgrade for additional storage.


High-End Cloud Gaming Computer

Shadow allows you to run your favorite Windows games and programs on any device. You don’t need to buy expensive hardware or graphics cards, as they do it for you. Since I use a Mac computer, this service is handy since I can play Windows only game as if they were natively installed on my computer, and can switch to mobile devices while in the middle of a game. This is the service I use for all my gaming streams and videos! I can play, record, and stream without lag! Use code 1D8C638 during checkout to receive $5 off your first month!


Easy Privacy Policy Generator

Every website needs a privacy policy, and iubenda makes it super easy to generate one without the need to write it yourself. Simply pick the services you use on your website and they will generate a privacy policy for you that can be embedded on your website. Some of the services are free, but some are premium features requiring payment. You can save 10% by using my referral link!