Never Be Sad Again!

Can you truly never be sad again? Here are some tips to kick sadness to the curb and experience the happiness you deserve.

Being happy is a choice, just as being sad is a choice. I know that may sound difficult to hear for some people, but that’s the truth of the matter. We choose to be upset, angry, and even happy depending on our life circumstances. We can have everything we desire, wealthy, a loving family, our ideal home and job, and yet still be sad. Likewise, we may have nothing and be happy. But, how can you choose happiness over sadness and truly never be sad again?

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We must first understand expectations. It’s impossible to never feel an emotion. Doing so would cause us to be in a state of denial. Rather, we can greatly reduce how we are impacted by the emotions and experience them far less often. If you are sad and depressed much of the time, it’s about inverting that so you are truly and genuinely happy most of the time. You also don’t want to be in a state of blissful ignorance where you prevent yourself from having negative thoughts and say everything is fine, when you know it isn’t.

To never be sad again is to be happy. Easier said than done. You want to analyze the reasons you’re sad. Why are you feeling sad? It’s normal to have situational sadness, such as when you lose someone important to you, or something suddenly happens that shakes up your life. These are normal situations to be sad about and it often goes away in time. However, if you have chronic sadness and depression, that’s where you need to analyze the reasons. You’ll often find that you are sad because you’re lacking something in life. You want something you cannot have, you don’t have a good paying job, or don’t have a spouse, or have no friends. This is sadness caused by the lack of something.

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Next is to change your perception of what you lack. When you want something, that means it’s out of reach for you and you cannot have it. All that creates is the want. Instead, you have to change your mind to be like someone who has those things already. If you desire love in your life, and get upset that you cannot find a partner, usually the biggest obstacle is our own minds creating the ‘want’ and not the ‘have.’ Once you stop caring about the want and start living as if you have, you’ll notice that what you truly desire will come into your life. It may not make sense, but what this technique does is change your focus towards not what you are lacking, but what you have.

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Gratitude is a major component of happiness. Can you be grateful for everything in your life, including negative things? Most people cannot and dwell on the negative. If instead you show gratitude for the negative things that have happened to you to help you be a better person, and be grateful for everything you have in your life now, and what you will have in the future, then you’ll experience happiness.

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Smiling and laughter is another important component to happiness. Wherever you are right now, smile and laugh and you’ll see how much it brightens up your day. It’s remarkable how that little technique can pick you up after you’re under extreme stress and depression.

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Following these techniques by realizing you are enough and you are worthy of love and success, you’ll begin to allow happiness to flow through you. Sadness may still be part of your life, but it will no longer control you. Rather, you’ll be happy most of the time, even during bad days. Smile and see just how much life has to offer.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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As someone who has dealt with sadness and depression for much of my life, I learned to live each day to the fullest and love what life has given me, learning the valuable lessons from the negativity. I am grateful for the bad things that have happened since it shaped me into a better person. It wasn’t easy dealing with all the problems, but I can say now that I rarely ever get sad.


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