Feeling Nothing While on Psychiatric Medication

Psychiatric medication can make you numb and emotionless, so what can you do about that?

Something I often hear from people is that taking psychiatric medication, such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers, or really any medication that affects the brain, dulls their emotions. For some, this may be good initially, but over time the feeling of numbness begins to overtake the person and they feel nothing. They have no motivation or determination in life, and no feelings one way or another. If this sounds like you, then not all hope is lost.

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The one issue with psychiatric medication, specifically antidepressants, is that they are based on the false idea that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This theory has been disproven, but that doesn’t stop the companies that make them, and the psychiatrists that prescribe them, from spreading false information about the causes. Because of this, the very foundation is flawed.

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Due to how the medication affects your mind, it does actually cause a chemical imbalance, which can lead to the numbness you feel. But, if your goal is to continue taking it for the foreseeable future, then you have to be able to work around the hindrance of the medication. Know that the lack of emotion you have, and the lack of drive and motivation is due to the medication. It is a side effect of taking it. If you found it hard when you were depressed to motivate yourself, then you’ll find it even harder when taking medication. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

The one true way of being motivated is to find what you are passionate about. You may have lost a lot of feelings, and perhaps don’t know where to go with your life, but surely there is something you wish to pursue in life, no? We all have a natural desire in life to accomplish something, feel loved and accepted, and live to our fullest potential. And, it’s likely that you have not found it yet, largely due to the mental health issues you’ve endured that have prevented you from connecting with your true self.

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With medication, it will be even harder, but you can use this transition period to help you figure out what you want out of life. If you want to start a company, then where do you begin? Does the task seem too daunting? It may, but it all starts with an idea and just going with the flow from there. The moment you doubt yourself, and think you can’t do it for whatever reason, then you have already given up. Nothing is impossible as long as you give it your all and learn from your mistakes.

You will know that you’ve found something you’re passionate about when you wake up with a drive, a pull inside of you to accomplish what you truly desire. It will feel like something is moving you in a direction of happiness, success, and learning. This will be a cascading effect, and while you may feel numb right now, the brain is a powerful tool, even if it is hindered by medications, so use it to your advantage and allow yourself to live your best life. In order to feel emotions, you have to be willing to allow yourself to feel them. Let it out and you’ll feel so much better.

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I have never been on psychiatric medication, nor will I since I know it’s not based on true scientific research of what causes depression. Nevertheless, I hear from so many people how their medication makes them numb. I never understood the reason for taking it then. But, I realize some people will stay on it no matter what. Regardless, I know there are ways of dealing with the issues, and I know first hand what motivates me and what causes me to feel a drive, so that same technique will work, with or without medication. However, with medication will be much harder since it intentionally numbs the person.


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