Our Toxic World – Top 10 Contaminants

Our world is filled with toxins. Some of the common ones we are exposed to daily are additives and colorings in food, GMOs, pesticides, fluoride, BPA, heavy metals, chemicals in lotions, deodorants, sunscreen, and laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, radiation, and pharmaceutical medications.


The condition of the world is not what one could consider healthy. Instead, we are bombarded with toxins every day of our life that didn’t exist prior to the age of technology. From the moment we are born, even when we are still in utero, we are bombarded with toxic chemicals.

Toxic Chemical
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This world and the people in it do not have our health in mind. Rather, they throw everything at us to ensure our ill health. Natural selection, when nature determines who is the strongest and will ultimately live to pass on the genes that will evolve the species, has instead been replaced by human-controlled natural selection. This deliberate control of natural selection, who lives and who dies, is in the hands of the powers that govern this world and allow us to be controlled, poisoned, and suffer.

Are you familiar with any of the chemicals we are in contact with every moment of every day? Are you aware of the chemicals added to your water to clean it? Are you aware of the cost-cutting additives and preservatives in food that have no medical benefit to humans and are potentially unsafe and can lead to various illnesses? Are you aware of the toxins, bacteria, and viruses present in the air we breathe every day? All of this is due to human intervention, often by cutting costs, or not ensuring proper chemical safety.

Toxic Scenario

Our DNA has been damaged from the chemicals in today’s world. Children are receiving mutated and weakened DNA from their parents, leading to susceptibility to illnesses.

When we are developing in utero, our mother is intended to be healthy so her baby can thrive. Even with attempts the mother makes to do what is best for her unborn child, toxins from the environment are present and passed to the baby. These types of toxins include what is in water, such as pesticides and fluoride, plastics, such as BPA, and other additives in food and bad quality air. Additionally, foods contain heavy metals and glyphosate residue, which are passed to the unborn child.

pregnant woman and refrigerator with health food
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Health professionals also encourage the pregnant mother to get various vaccines, including the flu vaccine, with the intention of preventing the mother form contracting the illness and damaging the baby. It’s true that if the mother gets the flu while pregnant, it can severely impact the unborn child. But what health professionals don’t mention is that in multi-dose flu vaccines lies a neurotoxin with no medical benefit to the human body. This is mercury, or as it’s called in vaccines, thimerosal. It crosses the blood brain barrier and the placental barrier.

Influenza Vaccine
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Pregnant women are told to avoid fish containing mercury, yet are encouraged to get a flu vaccine that may contain mercury as a preservative to cut costs of multi-dose vials. Health officials claim the type of mercury used in vaccines is less harmful than the kind in fish. This is only half true since it may not be as damaging per equal amounts, but the type of mercury in vaccines actually doesn’t get excreted as easily and deposits in the brain which will slowly accumulate and cause damage over time.

Those are just some of the toxins prior to birth. Then the moments before birth, more toxic chemicals can be administered to the mother to reduce pain and induce labor. These unnatural toxins may also impair a child. Immediately following birth, doctors push the mother into having the child get the hepatitis B vaccine and vitamin K shot. Both of these substances contain aluminum and other toxic substances that cross the blood brain barrier and further adds to the toxic load of the newborn. Vitamin K specifically is often recommended since many individuals lack vitamin K in their diet due to consuming junk food with no nutritional benefit.

Doctor holds syringe to vaccinate sick baby with injection
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A newborn is brought into this toxic world, having to deal with the typical bacteria and viruses that are useful for helping the child’s immune system develop, but also those that have mutated due to human intervention and viral experiments done on the public. The baby also has to fight off toxic, synthetic chemicals that the body is not familiar with and are a total mystery to the immune system.

If that wasn’t enough, parents who cannot or do not breast feed their child may also be damaging their child by not providing them with proper nutrients and antibodies from breast milk. Instead, formula is often taken in its place, which doesn’t compare. Formula is often stored in a can, which often contains BPA, a known endocrine disruptor. If the container says “BPA free” then it often contains BPS, which is very similar to BPA and also an endocrine disruptor and xenoestrogen, meaning it mimics estrogen. Soy formula may also be a bad choice for a child since soy naturally contains phytoestrogens, also known as plant-derived xenoestrogens.

Baby bottle with many boxes of infant milk. One boxe is opened.
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As the child ages, heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and lead, begin to accumulate from various sources, contributing to autoimmune disorders and other unexplainable health problems. This is just the beginning.

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The body will naturally try to eliminate toxins, but with the vast amount we are exposed to on a daily basis, and no safety studies that show how two, three, four or more chemicals interact that we are exposed to on a daily basis, it’s not possible for the body to fully detoxify and unexpected side effects will occur that doctors will dismiss as an unexplainable disease and not contribute it to the chemicals the person is exposed to.

Toxic Chemicals

There are a plethora of toxins we use on a daily basis, without a second thought. Many of these toxins accumulate in the body, cause digestive issues, which can lead to a myriad of other health conditions such as thyroid diseases, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer.

Here is a list of some of the toxic chemicals found in the environment that we are chronically exposed to.

Chemicals in Food

Fake Fruits and Vegetables on a Wooden Table.
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Chemicals in food, such as artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors. These are used to make food more appealing to look at and taste better. In other words, they have no value. If you’ve grown up eating artificially flavored and colored foods, and make the switch to the natural alternative, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look as appealing, colors being less vibrant, and the taste just isn’t there. But, it’s healthier to switch to natural alternatives. If you’ve consumed natural flavorings for a while now, and try the artificially flavored ones, you’ll be able to taste the chemicals.


Man in yellow suit protesting against genetically modified cereals on field
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GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are another source of toxins. This comes from two sources. Many GMO crops can actually produce their own pesticides that kill insects, but supposedly don’t affect humans. There are also huge amounts of pesticides sprayed on them, since they tend to be modified to resist being killed by these toxic, cancer causing chemicals, such as glyphosate. But the actual modification of the genes themselves are not found in nature and the human body cannot resonate property to the energy they harbor. Instead, they have been shown in some cases to cause gastrointestinal problems, such as crohn’s disease and gluten sensitivity. Fraudulent scientific studies funded by the very companies that produce the GMO crops will say otherwise.

Chemicals in Water

Dirty brown water running into a sink
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Chemicals in water, such as various pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and hormones can also act as endocrine disruptors and only need a small amount to cause harm. In fact, many antidepressants have actually been found in the water supply. It’s a concoction that synergistically makes the toxic chemicals more potent and damaging. Remember, studies are usually only done on the specific medication, not when it’s combined with various other drugs and chemicals. SSRIs specifically are some of the most damaging drugs, especially when used long-term.

Pesticides in Water & Food

environmental pollution
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Pesticides in water and food can also act as endocrine disruptors since they are xenoestrogens. One of the most common pesticides, glyphosate, is found in large quantities in food and water. These are known to cause gut disturbance, chelating the healthy minerals your bodies needs, acting as an antibiotic to kill off beneficial bacteria, and can also cause autoimmune disorders and cancer. Glyphosate has even been found in tissue paper, toilet paper, tampons, and even sterile gauze. This is because GMO cotton has been modified to survive with large amounts of this toxic pesticide sprayed on it. The crop absorbs it and there is no way to fully eliminate it from the final product. Furthermore, another pesticide, atrazine, has been shown to change the sex of frogs. A male frog turns into a female frog, mating with male frogs, and can lay eggs, yet is biologically male.


tooth cartoon character vector . fluoride gingival recession decayed plaque
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Fluoride in water also causes problems. We’ve all been taught that sodium fluoride in toothpaste can help prevent cavities, despite the fact that fluoride actually doesn’t help bones or teeth, but rather artificially hardens them, making them brittle. We also were taught that fluoride in drinking water is helpful at preventing cavities since the water touches the teeth and stays in the mouth and saliva. But, why is it consumed and digested? And what does it do to the body? Like dental fluorosis which impacts the teeth, skeletal fluorosis is a condition in which someone consumes too much fluoride. It makes bones hard and brittle. Fluoride also causes joint pain and lowers IQ, especially on youth who are hitting puberty quicker due to fluoride exposure. Furthermore, fluoride added to water is not the same found in toothpaste. Sodium fluoride is in toothpaste, but hydrofluorosilicic acid is in the water supply, which is a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. Toothpaste has a warning label about accidental swallowing, yet you will find three times the amount of fluoride in a liter of water than you would in a pea sized amount of toothpaste.


scurvy while brush teeth is sign to see dentist
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Toothpaste is another source of toxins. As was just mentioned about fluoride, the chemicals in toothpaste, including fluoride, are easily absorbed in the mouth and enter the bloodstream. Look at the ingredients list on you toothpaste and you will find plenty of ingredients that have no benefit to oral health. All name brand toothpaste with fluoride are toxic and show no significant medical benefit to the teeth. You can smell the chemicals coming from it.

BPA in Plastics and Cans

Composition with assorted plastic bottles of mineral water
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BPA in plastics and cans is yet another source that is unavoidable. If you drink out of a plastic bottle, or consume anything from a can, you’re consuming BPA, which mimics estrogen in the body and can promote estrogen related cancers. An alternative that is often used is BPS, which has the same properties of being an endocrine disrupting xenoestrogen. Sunlight hitting a plastic bottle will leach more of the chemical into the bottle.

Heavy Metals

Blood for heavy metals test
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Heavy metals are all around us, such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and lead. Mercury fillings in the mouth leach small amount of mercury into the body, and the vapor goes directly into the lungs and is absorbed. Vitamin C increases absorption of heavy metals, including aluminum. So, drinking out of an aluminum can, and cooking with aluminum will increase your exposure to aluminum. However, aluminum, when ingested, will greatly be filtered out by your body as opposed to when it’s placed on the skin, like the underarms, or injected into muscle. Heavy metals are present in the air we breathe each day. Another source of air pollution, especially where a crowd gathers, is fireworks. They are made of vast amounts of heavy metals that fall back to the Earth and we breathe them in. When they hit the ground, they end up in the water supply and we drink them later.

Lotions, Deodorants, Sunscreen, & Laundry Detergent

cream from the pump to the women's hands
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Lotions, deodorants, sunscreen, and laundry detergent are another source of toxins. What you put on your body is absorbed by your body. Look at the ingredients in your body lotion, and if it’s not safe to eat, do not put it on your body. Deodorants contain aluminum, which clog the pores under your arm to prevent sweating. Small amounts of aluminum are absorbed into the body and stored in fat tissue, especially breast tissue, where they can cause cancer. Natural deodorants, while they do not contain aluminum, usually aren’t effective. The best way to prevent body odor is by eating healthy foods. Your body will naturally have little to no offensive odor. Also, the chemicals in your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and whatever else you use become part of your clothing, and when you wear them, especially when you sweat, they will absorb into your body.

Cleaning Supplies

Watch out Baby wants to play with Cleaning supplies
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Cleaning supplies contain chemicals that we breathe in and our body absorbs them. Limited exposure may not cause much harm, but those who are continuously exposed to them may develop lung and other health problems.


Upset sad woman talking on mobile phone. Cellular mobile radiation concept
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Radiation from technology, such as cell phones, computers, WiFi and the constant need to be connected are another source that is making us ill. As technology advances, we are more and more exposed and integrated with it. The stronger the signal of your device, the more radiation it emits, and thus can contribute to various tumor growths in the body.


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Medications, such as pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics, are some of the most toxic substances as they combine everything we just mentioned. Many contain colorings, heavy metals, chelating agents that starve the body of vital nutrients and kill off beneficial bacteria, leaving the body susceptible to infection, and chemicals known to cross the blood brain barrier to allow these chemicals into the brain to deposit and collect, further causing problems. Cancer medications, thyroid medications, and antidepressants are among the most toxic of the bunch. SSRIs, also known as antidepressants, alter brain structure and chemistry in a way that skews rational thinking, damaging healthy DNA and fertility, which can then be later passed onto children. The child will then grow up with this damaged DNA, possibly being highly susceptible to various disorders and cancer, and also take SSRIs, further damaging DNA and passing that along to their children.

Other Toxins

Many of these toxins lack proper safety studies, and the ones that exist don’t usually provide accurate data, or manipulated data, usually funded by the government or company that produces the product. Remember, science works towards proving something. If a company wants to prove their product does not cause cancer, there is data that supports that, even if the vast majority of reliable evidence says otherwise.

These toxic chemicals also damage the human body and DNA and pass from generation to generation. The only way to reverse the damage they have caused, that have been hard-coded into everyone’s DNA, is to have a clean environment for generations to come. This will never happen, and humans, animals, insects, and wildlife will get sicker and sicker, with technology and synthetic medicine being the ultimate way it will be remedied. Making technology an integral part of everyday life, as well as the merger of human consciousness and technology, which will happen sooner than we think.

3d render of dna structure, abstract background
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Many conventional foods, and fast food restaurants, are cheap, and thus appeal to those with limited income, yet will usually only make them sicker. Some fast food places use aluminum and cyanide in their salt to cut costs, even using a butter substitute that has an ingredient called dimethylpolysiloxane, or PDMS, which has been used to make silly putty and filler for breast implants. Many conventional food companies aren’t actually food companies, but science companies, looking to make an edible product via chemicals and technology.

Assortment of unhealthy products that's bad for figure, skin, heart and teeth. Fast carbohydrates food. Space for text
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Corporations make their products cheap by adding synthetic chemicals and flavorings that are cheaper than a natural alternative. To them, it’s about cutting costs and selling more product. They don’t have your health in mind, so that negative intention and energy of profiting of you is passed onto the consumer. Most all major food brands are guilty of this, so buying from small, independent, and best of all, local, companies will help those with the right mission and goal excel.

Many popular brands of soda and junk food add ingredients to make their food addictive. It’s so addictive in fact that it becomes a chemical addiction in your brain, like opiates. Without it, you can have withdrawal symptoms. You crave more and more, buying more and more to further increase the company’s profits. As your health starts to decline from the junk food you are now addicted to, the same company that sold you the food has a medical remedy for you since they are partnered with several pharmaceutical manufacturers. It’s a double win for them, yet an overall loss for you in the long-term.

Healthy food of medicines
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The most obvious one is Monsanto and Bayer. Monsanto specializes in genetically modified crops and the pesticide glyphosate, while Bayer is a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Their merger will sell you the cause and cure for your diabetes, thyroid condition, autoimmune disorder, and/or cancer. They cause it and they have the remedy for it. All to profit off you, the sick consumers who have become a slave to big corporations and the pharmaceutical industry.

Many think that going organic will eliminate many of these toxins from their food, but that is incorrect. There are many benefits to eating organic foods, despite their higher price tag. However, organic foods fall under a scam. Some are fraudulently marked organic when they are nothing more than conventional with a price markup. Furthermore, pesticides are still used on organic crops, and some may be more toxic than their conventional equivalent. With gene editing via CRISPR that will replace GMOs in the near future, organic foods will likely not be marked and have their genes edited using this technology. The term ‘technology’ should never refer to food, but these days it does due to the world of corporations and greed.

Woman buying fruits and vegetables at local food market. Market stall with variety of organic vegetable. Portrait of beautiful young woman choosing green leafy vegetables
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Everything is toxic these days and there is no escaping it. Any foreign chemical that exists, that is man-made and not found in nature, is a direct threat to our DNA and bodies. People have fear and are paranoid, but there is no getting rid of everything as we have no control over the world we live in and the toxins released into the air, water, and food. To control a population, a government must control what chemicals are in each person’s food and water that cannot be avoided. Large corporations and government monopolize the world and its resources. This is the intended purpose after all. Natural selection via human intervention. To get rid of the weakest people and DNA by poisoning and killing them slowly, not making it obvious. Rid the weakest who don’t comply or fit into the direction this world is headed. We cannot escape it, nor can we run and hide from it. This is the intended outcome and it is irrelevant if we comply or not.

Ecological concept image
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But, we can be made aware and try our best to avoid some of these chemicals. We will be unable to avoid everything, but we may feel significant health benefits by changing our lifestyle. We have survived without these toxic chemicals, and while it’s impossible to eliminate them entirely from our lives, we can significantly lower the burden it has on our bodies and overall health by looking at the ingredients and being mindful of what goes in and on our bodies.

Additional Info

I consider this article / video one of my greatest! There was so much to share and talk about. I’ve known the world is filled with toxins, but not to the extent I discovered while in the process of making this. Every single aspect of life is toxic, and we are bombarded daily at all times, and there is no way to escape it. Not only is there no way to escape it, there is also no way to escape the negative effects it has on our mind and bodies. The only thing we can do is try our best to eat healthy foods and avoid as much toxins as we can. We may then notice significant health benefits.

Also, I’ve used more stock images in this video than I have in any other one. Overall it cost me about $70 plus hours of my time and energy making this. But, I am thrilled to get this information out there. I can only hope it helps people understand that we are chronically exposed to toxins that have negative effects on us. A little bit may not hurt, but the accumulative microdosing and synergistic toxicity is what causes harm.

On March 15 2023, YouTube removed this video for “medical misinformation,” without any evidence to backup their claims. They state, “YouTube doesn’t allow content that poses a serious risk of egregious harm by spreading medical misinformation about currently administered vaccines that are approved and confirmed to be safe and effective by local health authorities and by the World Health Organization (WHO).”

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