The World is Divided | What You Can Do

The world is divided. People hate each other because of what they've been lead to believe. This is what you can do about that.

There is no question that the world is divided. People hate one another, don’t want to associate with those who oppose their views, and will look down upon and name call others who disagree with them. You have a political divide, religious divide, philosophical divide, medical choice divide, and so on. The list is so extensive that it could be anything and everything. The truth is, the difference of opinion has been around since the beginning of time. However, it has been amplified over the years due to bad actors, such as politicians and the news media. In the next video, we’ll be discussing how to keep politics separate from your personal life since that tends to be the biggest source of divide.

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This divide is nothing new. If we look back to ancient times, we see horrendous crimes that have occurred due to a difference of opinion. This divide back then was caused by similar, yet different, reasons than it is today. Disagreements with how to rule over the people, the “useless eaters” as we’re called, who owns the land, who owns the medicine we take, and so on. Propaganda is used to fill the masses with information that is not grounded in reality, and any rational person can see right through it. However, when the people are heavily indoctrinated using fear, thinking their eyes are deceiving them, being lied to again and again, then it’s no wonder why they believe whatever they’re told from the people who call themselves the “elites,” but are actually just the “obsoletes.”

The divide these days are caused by people being indoctrinated using a psychological tactic known as mass formation. I have covered this topic so be sure to check it out. This is a false reality that makes it seem that the masses are on board with the same agenda, but it’s actually just a small vocal minority pulling the strings, controlling the perception. It’s an illusion of the mind which creates the divide with fear and propaganda. Politicians and the news media are complicit in the deception of the public for power and control. However, people believe them since they are viewed as authoritative figures. Yet, are nothing more than propaganda outlets spreading fear, misinformation, and conspiracy theories to lie and deceive the masses who are brainwashed enough to believe it, no matter how crazy it is. They make you hate your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone who doesn’t agree or fall in line.

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If you or someone close to you has succumb to the conspiracy theories they blindly believe on the news media or from the political leaders, then getting through to them may seem impossible. If you see the world around you burning down with lies, meaningless wars, and people hating one another instead of pointing the finger at the individuals who implanted the divide narrative, then it may seem pointless to and impossible to actually make progress at rational peace and informing people of what’s truly going on.

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The truth is, no matter what you do, you cannot change someone else. They have to be able to change with an open mind. Don’t get frustrated with yourself or them for not seeing things the way you see the world since that only creates more division. Rather, be patient and plant the seeds of information. Have them question their belief system. Have they realize that there is enough hate in this world that they should love those who have opposing beliefs since that’s what makes the world interesting – diversity. It’s also important to make sure your mental health is in check since it may stress you out dealing with them, and bring you down into a state of despair for being unable to help.

So, the best you can do is educate and speak your voice in a calm and collected manner. People will listen and realize you’re not some crazy conspiracy theorist nut job that they’ve been propagandized to believed, but rather a rational human being that just has a difference of opinion and doesn’t want to see the world as divided as it is. Meet new people who have opposing views, and don’t look down on them since there was a time you also succumbed to the propaganda they believe.

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I’ve seen a massive divide in people over the years and it’s saddening to see the anger and hostility people have towards one another. I don’t understand why someone would have such hatred towards another, especially when it’s not even authentic, but just from some information they’ve read about online or from watching the news. There was a period of time I was angry that those who disagreed with me, but quickly got back to myself and realized that there is no reason to be angry. Rather, let the other person believe whatever they want. I can only do so much to help by planting seeds of information.

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