Life After Death : What Happens When Your Physical Body Dies?

What happens when your physical body dies? Is there an afterlife? And if so, how do you get there?

When your physical body dies, is that it, your life is over and there is nothing else? From a limited standpoint, that is what happens. However, what if there is something more? The overwhelming majority of people believe something happens and that we are more than human, with only a small minority believing we are only of the physical. However, this small minority, usually ruled by science, tries to discover what else is out there, yet will never be able to since science is solely physical and based on human observation, and thus is flawed from the beginning.

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While the majority of people believe in some sort of afterlife, the ways they believe it all vary. Many hold some belief, either a religious or spiritual one, that gives them an answer as to what happens after physical death. This answer is crucial to the way they live their life as it determines the actions they take, how they choose to live their life, and the people they associate with. This answer is also crucial since it gives them a meaning, a purpose to live and exist. The unknown is scary to humans, as is not having a purpose, so religion and spiritual beliefs give people motivation to continue on.

Which of these is true, and which isn’t? That’s a difficult question since religion and various spiritual practices are all from human observation. Anything from human observation is flawed from the start since humans are flawed creatures, and thus we must recognize the bias and motives of the people who started the religion, allowed it to progress, and those who continue to practice it. We will often find that some motive is at play to give the illusion that someone is better than another because they are more spiritually developed, pure, and/or powerful and wealthy.

These strong beliefs about deities and a structure of power among humans and gods is completely man made and masks one’s true potential. It is all an illusion that clouds people’s eyes, like a dense fog, as they cannot see where they should be going, and are instead blinded by a distraction, which is religion. This also applies to spiritual beliefs as well, and the proclaimed gurus out there that claim to know the answer when they have no clue.

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One thing is for certain, however, is that we all share a bond. Each and every human being, and living organism for that matter, all originate from a source. What this source is varies based on the belief. I refer to it as the collective unconscious that holds all living consciousness, in a non-physical domain. The other thing for certain is that our bodies are in the physical domain where all physical matter will cease to exist. If consciousness is non-physical, but our bodies are physical, then it could be implied that we were first a non-physical existent, residing in the collective unconscious. And for reasons that we may not be aware of, we have entered a physical body, often with a purpose we have to discover, and then it dies and we re-enter the collective.

So what happens when we die? Surely if we’ve come from some form of consciousness, we would go back to that consciousness, right? That all depends on how you live your physical existence. As you shape the world you live in based on your thoughts, you can determine if you choose to live a fulfilling or disappointing life. The whole reason you are here is to be fulfilled with your life. That is the natural way of living, free of resistance. However, society has shaped humanity to be something they are not, often others thinking for you instead of you thinking for yourself. As a result, you may develop heavy denial and thus when your physical body dies, it could be in such denial that your spirit, or consciousness, continues to exist in a non-physical domain, avoiding the collective we all belong to.

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This is all, of course, from my observation. Perhaps you have different ideas and experiences. The takeaway is that you should be living a fulfilling life, free of resistance. By doing so, you’ll be able to form your own conclusions and make the best decisions for your body and your life. Then you will be able to shape your reality with your thoughts and actions, and your life and views on the end of your physical body’s existence may be completely different from mine. Nevertheless, always remember that you are a free individual capable of so much, so never let anyone bring you down, coerce you, or gaslight you into thinking that your ideas, actions, or perception is invalid.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I was never one that was heavily religious, but I have always believed in some sort of higher power. This idea has stuck with me as I began to recognize the difference between the physical and non-physical world, knowing that there could exist something far greater than ourselves. I think it’s rather narcissistic of us to believe that we are only a physical creature and there is nothing else out there. Science is limited, and solely human observation, the same as religion, so it’s best to think outside the box and for ourselves.


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