Vegancuts Snack Box | May 2021

Summary: In this month's box, it focuses on some women owned business with unique items.

For this month, there are a variety of snacks and food items. All unique things too.

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Vegancuts Snack Box | May 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • WOMAN-FOUNDED: Lotus Foods Organic White Jasmine & Forbidden Rice“Caryl Levine was inspired by China’s black “tribute rice” during travels to Asia and made it her mission to help the world more sustainably grow rice using organic agriculture, rice biodiversity & supporting small farmers.”
    • This was the first time I’ve had already cooked rice that just requires heating. I cooked it on the stove with some water. By itself it’s bland since there is no salt (which is good). There is a slight sweet flavor though. Very filling and calorie dense, but works well with a meal. Rice made easy!
  • WOMAN-FOUNDED: Bobo’s Oat Bites“Bobo’s was started by Beryl Stafford & her daughter Alex (the original “Bobo”) in 2003. The mother-daughter duo took their love for baking oat bars and worked hard to make it into the brand we know and love today. These bites are the perfect small treat to go with lunch, or as a between-meal pick-me-up.”
    • The moment you open the package, you can smell the amazing lemon! It’s a very tasty snack. Not too dry, and has a great flavor.
  • WOMAN-FOUNDED: Byte Bars“Casey Nunnelly & Sabina Rizzo started Byte Bars when they couldn’t find a satisfying snack that could keep up with their busy, athletic lifestyles. They tested the first iterations of these bars on the ski slopes of Colorado with their friends, and it’s paid off: These are the cleanest, best-tasting energy bars we’ve tried in a while.”
    • These were very tasty. I got the ‘so extra’ flavor. I like the peanut butter as well as the melted chocolate chips (because it was quite warm when I ate it). Despite the natural sugar content, it didn’t taste overly sweet which is good.
  • WOMAN-FOUNDED: nutpods NEW Sweet Crème Flavor“In 2013, Madeline Haydon found herself frustrated with non-dairy creamer options. She resolved to commercialize a recipe for delicious plant-based creamer and 8 years later, nutpods is one of the #1 dairy-free creamer on Amazon.”
    • Very tasty, even by itself. No sugar whatsoever, only stevia. Plus a nice coconut flavor. Perfect for coffee or tea, and delicious.
  • NuNature Premium Organic Date Syrup OR Natural Date Syrup“This is a healthier sugar & honey alternative – it’s great on pancakes”
    • I got the organic variety. It is a great natural sweater, and taste just like dates – that’s the only ingredient. If you don’t like dates, this isn’t for you.
  • Foods Alive Unfortified Nutritional Yeast“Every vegan’s favorite condiment: Sprinkle on any food to give it a nice cheesy taste”
    • The thought of eating yeast…nah. But, I have had it before and it does indeed taste cheesy. I sprinkle on mac ‘n cheese and other foods that are good cheesy and it’s pretty good.
  • SNACKLINS Nacho Plant Crisps (2 per box!!)“These are an experiment gone right! A crunchy, airy, plant-based crisp with the texture of a pork rind, made from simple ingredients: yuca, mushrooms, and onions. It’s a unique twist on the taste of cheddar without the dairy.”
    • These are pretty light chips, low in calories, and tasty. The flavor isn’t too strong, but it is a nice snack on the side or when not super hungry but still want something.
  • Upcycled Grain Project Chocolate & Cranberry Up-Bites“Jam-packed with fruit, super-seeds and delicious cocoa, these are a sustainable snack in so many ways.”
    • I thought these would be good, but I was disappointed. They are a bit dry, but do have a good flavor. There is a lot of sugar in them, so I didn’t eat the entire bag at once. Just one ball at a time.
  • Bakery on Main Maple Multigrain Muffin Oatmeal“Oats & ancient grains with a delicious blend of maple and cinnamon”
    • I have oatmeal every morning for breakfast. Although I use one without any sugar. So this one was quite sugary for me compared to what I’m use to. But, it’s typical oatmeal. Not too sugary, and was creamy since the grains were small.
  • LIFEAID DREAMAID GO!“Just add water: this has GABA and Valerian Root to help you get to sleep, with a sweet tangerine flavor”
    • Normally sleep aids don’t work for me, and this one is no different. It didn’t do anything for my sleep. If anything, I felt worse upon waking up. There is a light flavor from the orange, but nothing spectacular. Sleep aids aren’t worth it for me.
    • This was a bonus item that wasn’t even on the list! I liked this tea before, and will enjoy it again. It comes with three flavors: Just Dessert (Mint & Chocolate) Black Tea, Nicely Spicy (Cranberry & Cinnamon) Herbal Tea, and Brighten Up (Forest Fruits & Ginger) Fruit Tea. I like the artwork, as well as the pyramid shaped teabag.

Theme: The Amazing Women of Vegan Snacking.
Sanctuary Supported: Reba & friends at Austin Farm Sanctuary, Austin, TX.

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