Vegancuts Snack Box | July 2021

This month's box features lots of small snacks, perfect for an outdoor adventure.

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This box contains the following:

  • Clif Nut Butter Bar – You can’t get on the trail without Clif. This bar is worth going nuts over.
    • This was an amazing bar. It was like a fruit filled cereal bar, but with peanut butter on the inside, and chocolate on the outside. It was very tasty!
  • Nubu Cashew Nut Butter Bites – Find the “whew that’s good” on your outing with these delectable goodies – they taste like the inside of a butterfinger.
    • These were amazing and indeed do taste like the inside of a butterfinger, but a bit harder. Two pieces were fused together and it was way too hard, but the others were perfect.
  • Crazy Go Nuts Maple Walnuts – Sweet walnut snacks made with pure maple syrup.
    • These were absolutely incredible. I wanted more after eating the entire bag. I may need to buy even more and eat entire bag fulls.
  • Bakery on Main Ancient Grain & Seed Superfood Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal – Combining a unique blend of oats with ancient grains quinoa and amaranth, this instant oatmeal is a MUST for a healthy breakfast.
    • Definitely very grainy, and can taste the quinoa. I could only eat half the pack since it was so much, but overall pretty good.
  • Sunny Fruit Organic Tart Cherries – These tangy and zesty organic cherries make a great snack or addition to trail mix.
    • I love pure, raw cranberry juice that is super tart. These cherries are not tart though. They’re still good, but not tart.
  • GoGo SqueeZ Chocolate Almondblend Pudding – These protein-packed, shelf-stable chocolatey desserts will prove to you that pudding isn’t just for kids.
    • Very tasty pudding in a pouch. It doesn’t have too much sugar, and leaves you wanting more when it’s done.
  • Teapigs Liquorice and Mint Tea – Naturally caffeine-free and fully biodegradable, this tea is perfect for sipping under the night stars.
    • It comes in a tea bag, wasn’t sure if it did. Such a unique and interesting flavor, likely from the licorice. A bit sweet, but also a earthy smell and taste as well.
  • Māla Girl Broths Broth Mixes: Soulful Classic, Mushroom Braniac OR Fireball Basil – Mystical, Motivating and Veggie-Powered Broths perfect for sipping next to a campfire.
    • I got the mushroom braniac flavor. I thought this would’ve been like a mushroom hot cocoa…but it’s actually mushroom broth. 🤢 It’s not what I was expecting and drinking it like a tea is horrendous. Has a mushroom taste, and a bit salty. 🤮 Would be better used as a soup base with other ingredients. This was my least favorite thing, I threw it away after two sips. 😵‍💫
  • Outstanding Foods Original OR Hella Hot Pigless Pork Rinds – Addictively delicious, crispy baked, cruelty-free and packed with protein.
    • I got the original which are good, but don’t have much flavor, just a bit salty. Wish I got the hot one since I love spicy, but these will do for now!
  • PlantFusion Complete Lean Creamy Vanilla Bean – A fusion of plant-based nutrients perfect for sustaining a long walk in nature.
    • Nice creamy protein shake. It’s not powdery like others are. I personally am not a fan of vanilla, as I prefer chocolate. But, it is one of my favorite protein brands with top quality products.
  • Artisana Organic Coconut Oil – Add this to your smoothie for an extra creamy flavor.
    • It’s coconut oil and is similar to other coconut oils. I guess it’s in a convenient pouch, making it easier to use.
  • IOTA Classic Seed Shot – Small & mighty perfectly-seasoned snack that fits great in a fanny pack.
    • These sunflower seeds are super fresh. They are nice and salty too!

Theme: National Park Wanderer: Snacks for an Outdoor Adventure
Sanctuary Supported: Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve

Use the code ASPHODEL to save $5 on your subscription box!

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