Vegancuts Snack Box | February 2021

Summary: In this month's box, we have some interesting, smaller snacks.

For this month, it seems to be smaller snacks, like bars and dried fruits. Most things I never have seen or tried, but looks pretty good. Not sure how to make that coffee. 🤔 I also got a bonus item of a prior food I had. It’s not my favorite, but still a great thing to get a bonus!

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Vegancuts Snack Box | February 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • Karma Nuts Cocoa Dusted Wrapped Cashews“Try not to eat this entire bag immediately, we dare you!”
    • A good combination of cashews and cocoa. The cocoa is literally a shell around the cashew. It’s pretty good with nice flavor, though one piece I got was super hard for some reason. The cocoa has made the nuts harder.
  • Whoa Dough Cookie Dough Bars“Guilt-free cookie dough in assorted flavors (you can even bake them).”
    • A tasty bar, similar to a protein bar, but less gummy. There is some grittiness to it, but overall a fairly tasty bar.
  • Bakery on Main Monster Cookie Decadent Granola“Delicious dark chocolate with premium nuts and sprinkles.”
    • Nothing too special about this granola. It’s a bit sweet, crunchy, but that’s about it. A lot of it was crumbs at the bottom.
  • Artisana Organics Hazelnut Cacao Spread“Believe us when we say it’s even better than Nutella.”
    • Delicious chocolatey spread! I’ve never had Nutella, but surely this is a better, and healthier, alternative. It’s sweet, but tasted great on apples. A bit gritty, but super tasty.
  • Terranut Pnut Punch“These are delicious: They taste like the inside of a Peanut Butter Cup.”
    • Super tasty and does indeed taste just like the inside of a peanut butter cup. It was the snack I tried in this box, and one of the best.
  • Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Figs“Tender, juicy and perfect for baking.”
    • Soft and juicy fruit, not overly sweet. I like the figs more than apricots which are very similar.
  • Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Apricots“Sweet, soft and great on a vegan cheese board.”
    • Soft and juicy fruit, not overly sweet. Identical to the figs, but softer. I like the texture more than the figs, but the flavor of the figs more than the apricots.
  • Teeccino Herbal Coffee“Healthy herbal chicory coffee in assorted flavors – all are absolutely delightful.”
    • It took awhile for me to actually try this one since I don’t have a coffee maker. I basically just boiled water with the coffee grounds for 5 minutes and then filtered it. Perhaps it wasn’t long enough or I didn’t use enough since the flavor was minor. It wasn’t overly bitter which is good, and had a nice coffee (and water) flavor.
  • GoodTo Go Blueberry Cashew Snack Bar“Light and refreshing with a sweet twist.”
    • This bar is divided into four pieces, and it soft and chewy. However, it’s really not flavorful. There isn’t much flavor in the bar, just a light blueberry flavor. It’s still decent, but not over the top.
  • Love, Corn Sea Salt Premium Crunchy Corn“Crunchy, savory corn that’s great between meals or even as a salad-topper.”
    • Toasted corn that is crunchy and a little bit salty. I do tend to prefer toasted corn a bit harder, but it’s still very good!
  • BONUS ITEM: FullGreen Portobello Mushroom Riced Ideas“A great swap for a high-carb mushroom vegan risotto.”
    • This was an unexpected bonus item that I actually had in the December 2020 box. It’s relatively bland, and needs plenty of additional salt and pepper to actually be decent. It’s very low in calories, but high in fat. Not my favorite, but makes for an okay side.

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Use the code ASPHODEL to save $5 on your subscription box!

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