Vegancuts Beauty & Snack Box | October 2021 – Trick or Treat

It's Halloween time, and while there are no tricks, there are plenty of treats!

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Beauty Box

Vegancuts Beauty Box | October 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • J & L Naturals – Strength Hair Serum $26.99“Scent-free and formulated with all-natural healing ingredients like Jojoba and Argan oil. As a zero-waste company, J & L Naturals uses sustainable packaging and offers an in-house recycling program. Shake well, apply 3-5 drops to hands and work through hair, wet or dry. As a pre-shower treatment, massage 5-10 drops onto scalp, leave in for 5-10 mins and wash hair.”
    • Perfect for dry, staticy hair, especially how mine gets on cold days. I apply it to the ends of my hair, and where the static is, and it helps. It has argan oil in it which is great for hair, so this is a solid product. I also love the wooden dropper bottle top.
  • Pacifica – Retinoid + Bakuchiol 3% in Seawater $16“Gentle enough for all skin types, this powerful age-defying treatment utilizes a combination of Granactive and Bakuchiol for less irritating visible results. Apply 1-2 full droppers onto clean skin in the evening under face cream. Do not combine with other retinoid products and wear sunscreen daily.”
    • I wasn’t quite sure what this product was. Apparently it’s suppose to help with the natural aging process, such as reducing wrinkles. The serum is thick, but goes on smoothly. It’s recommended to apply at night and avoid sunlight (since it’ll diminish the benefits of the product). The following morning after the first time applying it, I did notice some minor peeling on my nose, which is normal. But, didn’t notice it the following days. My skin looks smoother and younger? Who knows.
  • Dr. Botanicals – Coffee Superfood Facial Exfoliator $11.99“Key ingredients include walnut shell powder, a natural exfoliant that removes dull, dry skin and coffee with antioxidant properties and fatty acids that nourish and protect the skin’s complexion. This creamy scrub leaves skin renewed and refreshed. Gently massage onto wet skin, rinse with warm water.”
    • A really nice facial exfoliator. Almost like a clay mask, but feels lighter. Skin felt smooth afterwards. It’s perfect for those hot and/or sweaty days when your skin is dirty. I was expecting it to smell a bit more like coffee, but it didn’t really have much of a smell.
  • Acure – Ultra Hydrating 12 Hour Moisturizer $8.99“This lightweight formula delivers intense moisture that lasts all day. Utilizing Adaptogens and supergreens to soothe, protect and de-stress skin. In the morning, gently massage onto clean skin until fully absorbed.”
    • During the cold months, skin gets dry, and around my mouth especially tends to get a bit dry. This moisturizer hydrates my face and makes it so smooth for the entire day. I also love the directions, “Apply to clean face in the morning when you are like ugh why do I have to be up this early. Stupid alarm clock.” Fortunately I always get up early and never feel that way, but still use the cream. 😂

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Snack Box

Vegancuts Snack Box | October 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • Love + Chew Banana Bread Cookie OR Cherry Almond Cookie“This is an amazing almond-butter based cookie that has been known to cause immense happiness.”
    • I received the cherry almond flavor. It’s a tasty soft cookie, that is a bit chewy. Take small bites since it practically got stuck in my throat, and then my chest, because of how chewy it was.
  • TRUFF Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce“A meticulously crafted flavor profile from ingredients normally reserved for delicate delicacies, & elegant dining experiences.”
    • OH…MY…GOSH! This hot sauce was amazing! Such a great flavor, with some minor heat. Not too hot, but the great flavor…wow I could just drink it straight from the bottle. Speaking of which, the bottle looks really fancy.
  • Kibo Chickpea Chips x 2“Prepare your tastebuds for impossibly delicious (and always nutritious) chips. Every bite is better than the next – and better for you. We’ve included 2 chip bags, so you’ll get a chance to try a range of Kibo flavors.”
    • The two flavors I received Himalayan salt and mediterranean herb. The salt ones were bland and tasted a bit burnt. So, it was just OK. The mediterranean herb ones, however, were very tasty.
  • KPOP Sea Snacks: Original OR Kimchi“Sustainably-sourced, premium roasted seaweed snacks that are perfect for the office, gym or classroom.”
    • I love kimchi, and fortunately got the kimchi flavor. Seaweed snacks are never anything I eat by itself, mostly because I’m not a big fan of the taste. Rather, I like to put rice (mixed with sesame oil, sriracha, and gochujang) and kimchi with sesame seeds on top. But, I’ve never had kimchi flavored seaweed snacks, and these were very good.
  • Ardor Organic Sparkling Beverage“L-Theanine and Organic Caffeine work synergistically to provide energy, focus and clarity in this delicious sparkling water.”
    • Caffeine…I wanted to avoid high caffeine drinks, this one being 100mg. But I drank it slowly and over the course of the day instead of all at once. There were no major problems. The really isn’t much flavor. It is Mexican Lime, and has a hint of lime, but nothing major. It was a decent drink, but it did give me more energy and I felt more focused.
  • Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon“These vegan gummies are definitely one-in-a-melon and are guaranteed to leave your taste buds tinglin’.”
    • These are not sour at all, but the watermelon flavor is really good. Sweet and tasty.
  • HighKey Mixed Berry Soft Baked Biscuits“Real cranberries, chia & pumpkin seeds for a wholesome start that will keep you full.”
    • This was amazing. It was like a soft oatmeal cookie, but with some delicious seeds. I loved the cranberries in it. After I finished, I wanted another, but there was only one.
  • Olyra Foods Organic Hazelnut & Cocoa Sandwich Biscuit“Start your day off with a protein-packed chocolatey cookie sandwich made with Ancient Greek Grains. Tastes like a sophisticated Oreo.”
    • It was a bit broken apart, but overall a tasty, light treat. It’s not too sweet, but has some delicious hazelnut cream between soft biscuits. One of my favorites.
  • Outstanding Foods Pigless Pork Rinds: Texas BBQ or Nacho Cheeze“Crunchy, delicious and fun crisps with a Texas-sized flavor.”
    • I got the nacho flavor, and I’ve had it before and it wasn’t really that great. Also, the bag was slightly opened and the rinds were stale. Oh whale. 🐳

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