Vegancuts Beauty & Snack Box | November 2021 – Salted Balls in Fall

A little late this time, but the snacks are still good. Ahh...the texture of the season.

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Beauty Box

Vegancuts Beauty Box | November 2021 - Items

This box was extremely late, arriving on December 20th.

This box contains the following:

  • 5th dimension – Radiant Rose Face Mask $28“Mix 1 part mask with 1 part liquid of choice, including water, serum or toner. Apply to clean skin, let sit for 5 min, rinse with warm water. Key ingredients include Kaolin clay which pulls impurities from skin, and minimizes inflammation, while rose promotes cell regeneration and balances PH levels.”
    • Review coming soon…
  • Earth Harbor – Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule $32“For daily use, add 2 or more drops to your favorite treatment or moisturizer both morning and night. For a concententrated treatment, gently massage 2 or more drops onto cleansed skin until absorbed before applying moisturizer. This soothing elixir is formulated with harmonizing sea greens to heal irritated skin, redness and dryness.”
    • Amazing smell. It has sea greens, avocado, sea buckthorn, and hemp. I really like the smell of the grape seed and hemp. Super moisturizing oil, all you need is a little. I can be used anywhere, and leaves skin smooth, without feeling oily. One of the best products that smells amazing.
  • Dr.’s Remedy – Hydration Clear Moisturizing Nail Treatment with Pentavitin $17.50“Apply 1 coat to clean, dry nails. Can be worn alone as a moisturizing treatment or as a base coat under your favorite polish. Conditions and strengthens dry, brittle nails with Biotin, Pentavitin and 4 major vitamins!”
    • Review coming soon…
  • Glow for a Cause – Body Butter in Assorted Scents $6“Creamy, lightweight and handcrafted with unique original scents. Skin is left soft and smooth with a kiss of fragrance. Not only will your skin feel revitalized, but every Glow for a Cause product supports multiple non-profit organizations.”
    • I received the ‘dream’ scent, but it doesn’t really have a scent. Most body butters are super greasy and leave the skin greasy for hours after. This one is like lotion, absorbing into your skin with ease with no greasy feeling. It’s super hydrating and remedied my dry skin immediately.

Theme: Self-Giving This Thanksgiving!
Sanctuary Supported: Heartwood Haven, Wauna, WA.

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Use the code ASPHODEL to save $5 on your subscription box!

Snack Box

Vegancuts Snack Box | November 2021 - Items

As a result of some of the issues I had with this box, they actually sent a new one!

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This box contains the following:

  • Blake’s Seed Based Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Treat“Enjoy the flavors of fall with our fave for a quick treat.”
    • The moment I opened it, the smell was amazing, as is the taste. I think the brown sugar gives it that amazing flavor.
  • Tom & Luke Salted Caramel Snackaballs“Made with dates, cashews & New Zealand Sea Salt – great for any time of day.”
    • These balls are nice and salty! 😂 But also have a nice caramel taste too. Pretty good snack, and it’s a five ball pack! 🤔
  • NuNature Date Syrup“Perfect for anything that normally calls for sugar. This has a deep flavor perfect for tea.”
    • I tried this product in a previous box, but this time I’m going to give it a try in my bitter tea. The variety in this box is not organic, however. It worked quite well in my tea. Gives it a bit of sweetness.
  • Vahdam Tea Chamomile Mint Citrus Tea Sachet“Brew the Chamomile to enjoy citrusy notes of Lemongrass.
    • It was a great tea. I loved the mint flavor which was the dominate flavor. But, there were some other flavors in there as well.
  • Vahdam Tea Turmeric Ashwagandha Tea Sachet“Enjoy the Turmeric for a good night’s rest & calm.
    • This was a good tea. Not bitter or sweet, just a nice flavor of turmeric.
  • New York Chips Wavy Sea Salt“A Classic Crunchy Potato Chip – unofficial winner of the best crunchy road trip snack.”
    • These are potato chips, and didn’t taste any different from any other wavy potato chip I’ve had in the past. It’s still greasy, fattening, and addictive.
  • Emmy’s Organics Vanilla Bean Coconut Cookie“A simple, pure and decadent treat made with coconut and freshly ground almonds.”
    • This was a tasty coconut cookie, which I love, but a bit too sweet and too much vanilla.
  • Cure Hydration Berry Balancing Electrolyte Mix“This delicious beverage mix hydrates up to 3x faster than water alone.”
    • This powder contains sodium and potassium, as well as beets. The flavor of the beets really comes through, and I’m not the biggest fan. It is sweet, and suppose to be berry flavor, but all I taste is beets.
  • HighKey Mixed Berry OR Banana Bread Soft Baked Biscuits“A WHOLE BOX of delicious biscuits for a wholesome start that will keep you full & satisfied.”
    • Had mixed berry in a previous box and it was one of my favorites. Now I get a whole box of them!
  • Karma Nuts Sea Salt Wrapped Cashews“Keeping the skin increases the crunch, elevates the flavor & enhances nutrition of these delicious cashews.”
    • I had this product in a previous box, and it was pretty good, but also quite hard.
  • PLUS 3 BONUS Snacks for Our Favorite Subscriber (it’s you!)“This month, we’re including 3 Surprise Bonus Snacks to ring in the holiday season cheer with extra snacks!”
    • Unfortunately, I only received two bonus snacks and not three. I received an item I’ve had in a previous box, Nubu Cashew Nut Butter Bites, which is very good. And the one was Franklin Farms Plant-Based Jerky Black Pepper Flavor which was super tasty. I mostly try to avoid non-organic soy (even though this is non-GMO which is great), but I had to try this product and it was perfect texture and flavor, even a bit spicy.
    • The second box I got a few new items as well, including Kibo Chickpea Chips, the Pico de Gallo flavor. As well as Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs, Vegan Cheesy Cheddar flavor. And Ardor Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water.

Theme: Cozy Fall Favorites: A celebration of the taste, scents and textures of the season
Sanctuary Supported: Heartwood Haven, Wauna, WA.

Use the code ASPHODEL to save $5 on your subscription box!

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