Vegancuts Beauty & Snack Box | August 2021 – Birthday Party!

There are two boxes this month - the beauty and snack box. It's time for a birthday party!

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Beauty Box

Vegancuts Beauty Box | August 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • Dr. Botanicals – Pride Lemon Superfood Rescue Butter $19.90“This refreshing lemon balm is a multi-use gem. For use as a moisturizer, massage a small amount into face, as a treatment, apply to lips, elbows, and heels or as a cleanser, apply a generous amount to face, wipe away with cloth then rinse. $1 from every limited edition Pride Rescue Butter will be donated to a LGBTQ charity.”
    • Not really a “butter,” but more of a lotion. But, it is very hydrating. My skin felt amazing after applying it. Nice and smooth and hydrated. One ingredient that always confuses me for creams is alcohol. This ingredient dries out skin, so I never know why it’s added to moisturizers.
  • Earth Kiss – Kombucha & Charcoal Exfoliating Clay Mask $2.99“An exfoliating clay mask that gently removes dead skin cells leaving skin brighter and softer. Apply evenly to clean skin, relax for 10-15min. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry. Earth Kiss supports the Born Free Foundation.”
    • This was the first face mask I’ve used, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It actually was enough to do it twice. My face felt tight as it dried, and also kinda nice too. After removing the mask, which was quite messy, my skin felt nice and smooth. I hydrated it afterwards with cream.
  • Palmetto Derma – Peace + Love Bath Bomb $10“Bursting with fresh grapefruit aroma, this bath bomb is formulated to enhance peace and well-being. Fill your tub with warm water, add bath bomb and relax. Profits help support Breast Cancer awareness.”
    • This thing was big, and it dissolved fast. This was more than 2x times larger than another I’ve used. It smelled pretty good, but the scent faded quickly. Also, it made the tub very slippery, as it says on the label, “May cause slippery tub.” This was maybe from the olive oil in it.
  • Legendary Apothecary – Smooth Feet $35“This old world treatment transforms feet from dry and cracked to smooth, soft and hydrated. Use to treat cracked heels, dryness, calluses and corns. Massage 1 full dropper onto the bottom of each foot before bed for 7-10 days or as needed. Profits help support human, animal and environmental efforts.”
    • Not sure why this is so much money seeing as how it’s mostly just lavender oil mixed with vegetable glycerin and alcohol. It is quite sticky, but I applied it after a shower and does make the feet quite smooth. With continued use, it made my feet super smooth. I wish it didn’t have alcohol since it did cause some minor peeling, but overall is a great item.

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Snack Box

Vegancuts Snack Box | August 2021 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • Bakery on Main Organic Almond & Vanilla Instant Oatmeal Cup“Start the day off right with this nourishing, delicious oatmeal made with probiotic cultures”
    • This oatmeal was ok, but nothing special. It was a bit bland.
  • Taali Water Lily Pops: Himalayan Pink Salt OR Tangy Turmeric“Airy, crunchy, salty treats that are also a superfood”
    • I got the tangy turmeric, and I’m glad I did since it’s amazing! Such a nice flavor or Indian spices and I wanted to eat more.
  • Rulebreaker Birthday Cake Blondie“A gluten-free sweet-treat perfect for a lunchbox surprise.”
    • This cookie was amazing. Despite having a fair amount of sugar, although still on the low end compared to many other cookies, it didn’t taste overly sweet. It was soft and tasty. What made it better is that it was in a hot bag before I ate it, so it tasted fresh out of the oven!
  • Hungry Buddha Lemon Blueberry Keto Bar“Enjoy these bars post-workout, for breakfast, at snack-time, or any time hunger strikes”
    • I could taste the lemon and blueberry, but it just wasn’t sweet enough. With only 2g of sugar, it could’ve had a little bit more since it was relatively plain.
  • Rishi Tea Sparkling Botanicals“These elevated sparkling botanical teas are made with rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth.”
    • There is no sugar in this drink, as it’s just flavor of various fruits. It wasn’t really carbonated likely due to moving around during shipping. Overall, the drink smells good and taste pretty good.
  • Snacklins Nacho Plant Crisps“Crisps made from yuca, mushrooms & onions – check out their brand new packaging on store shelves.”
    • A tasty light snack. While not packed with flavor, these are still quite good. This item was in the May 2021 snack box I reviewed as well.
  • Prince of Peace Ginger Chews“These ginger chews have a delightful balance of sweet and spicy taste with a pleasantly chewy texture.”
    • These are a bit too chewy for me. They do have a nice ginger taste, but would probably be better not chewing.
  • Octonuts Almond Protein Powder“Made with premium California Almonds, we love using this in an almond-butter sandwich or added to smoothies.”
    • The only ingredients is almonds. I used it for my protein shake and needed to add stevia to help sweeten it up. Not bad, but needs some sweetness.
  • Blake’s Seed Based Birthday Cake Rice Crispy Treat“A tasty sprinkled treat that makes you feel like a kid again.”
    • Not too sweet for sticky, and taste pretty good. Normally these marshmallow bars are not vegetarian, but this one is vegan. The ingredients are not listed, and sprinkles normally have food coloring, so unsure about that. Although looking at their website, there is no food coloring, all natural colors.
  • Karma Nuts Sea Salt Wrapped Cashews“Cashews in their natural skin, dusted with sea salt for a soul-satisfying experience.”
    • These are salted cashews that seem a bit roasted as they are not as chewy and dry as regular cashews. Overall pretty good since I love cashews.

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