Vegancuts Snack Box | April 2022 – Smoky Smoke

No April Fools joke, but this box is packed with tasty treats and smoky deliciousness.

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Vegancuts Snack Box | April 2022 - Items

This box contains the following:

  • Pipcorn- Truffle Popcorn“Heirloom popcorn that is not only delicious but also better for the environment.”
    • Delicious small kernel popcorn, but lacks the truffle flavor. I actually added the smoke season from this box and it made it amazing!
  • Liquid Death- Classic Still Tall Boy“Quench your thirst while also supporting the brand’s mission- #DeathtoPlastic.”
    • Just water in a can, with a cool, clean, refreshing taste. Certainly better than using plastic. The more I drink, the more death comes upon me. 😅
  • 8 Track Foods- Organic Blonde Chickpeas“Infinitely recyclable can that improves any dish (cough chickpea cookie dough).”
    • I didn’t know what to do with this, but I decided to make hummus by blending it up with some tahini, lemon juice, garlic, spinach, and salt and pepper. It turned out great and super green!
  • African Dream Foods- Safari Smoke Seasoning or Habanero Chili Salt“Spice up your meal while supporting endangered animals.”
    • I got the smoke flavor (though I also would’ve loved the habanero one too). It was super tasty, a nice flavor of smoke and garlic. I add it to many different things and it gives it such an amazing flavor.
  • Wildway’s- Coconut Cashew Granola“This grain-free granola is not just good for you, but supports sustainable farming.”
    • The granola is ok, but I’ve had better. It’s relatively bland and surprisingly doesn’t have much flavor. Yet, it still has a fair amount of sugar, from natural sources though.
  • Soom- Dark Chocolate Tahini with Sea Salt“Swoon worthy chocolate tahini that is the perfect sweet and salty mix.”
    • Too salty for me. I prefer the chocolate one more.
  • Soom- Chocolate Tahini Squeeze Pack“Swoon worthy chocolate tahini that is the perfect sweet and salty mix.”
    • Super tasty, and a bit sweet. A nice chocolate spread. Very thick too. I put it on banana and it was great.
  • Bakery on Main- Strawberry Shortcake Instant Oatmeal“A classic desert for breakfast with omega 3s to start your day right.”
    • Smells amazing and taste somewhat like strawberry shortcake. It’s also nice and creamy. A bit high in sugar since I normally get 0g sugar oats. This one has 10g.
  • Frubites- Dried Fruit Packs“A crunchy sustainable fruity snack that allows you to take exotic fruit anywhere.”
    • I got pomegranate, and am not the biggest fan. They are super hard and dry, and just ok.
  • Hippeas – Nacho Vibes Puffs“A puffy cheesy snack that is made out of chickpeas who are eco-rockstars.”
    • Delicious nacho puffs. While not packed with flavor, the taste is still pretty good.
  • Foods Alive- Hulled Hemp Seeds“Omega-3 hero- the hemp seed! Add to toast, smoothies or…just about anything.”
    • Hemp seeds are super nutritious. These are pure hemp seeds without any other ingredients. I added them to cereals and oatmeal. They have a nutty flavor.
  • Grace’s Goodness Organics- Sipping Broth Packets“Ultra convenient sipping broth for a warm drink filled with health benefits.”
    • I’m not a fan of drinking soup like this with no substance. So I added rice, vegetables, and seaweed to the broth and it was pretty good. The powder acts as a bouillon cube.

Theme: Better for You, Better for the Planet!
Sanctuary Supported: Shy 38 Inc. Kansas Farm Sanctuary, Tonganoxie, KS.

Use the code ASPHODEL to save $5 on your subscription box!

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