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The secret to changing your voice to become more feminine - the internal voice. Change it to be more feminine and you will find that your physical voice will change.

So you’re a transgender woman and have taken the steps to transition, came out to family and friends, went on hormones, and even had surgery. But, your voice still remains masculine and you have a hard time with it. What can you do to change your voice? You’ve contemplated vocal surgery, but don’t want to take the risk. And have even practiced trying to sound more like a woman, but are having a hard time. Well, there may be an aspect you are missing.

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What you may be neglecting is the internal voice, or the voice within your mind. When you talk to yourself in your mind, and are having thoughts and ideas, what voice do you hear and what does it sound like? Can you physically feel anything when this voice talks? This is actually a very important observation you must make since you often realize that if you have a hard time sounding like a woman, it’s because your internal voice is still masculine. When it’s masculine, you may even physically feel in your throat where the voice is coming from. And thus, when you actually speak, it will come out from there.

So if you’ve realized that your internal voice is masculine, then reprogramming your internal voice to be feminine, you’ll find that when you actually speak out loud, it’ll be easier to communicate as a woman. Here is how you do this. First identify where your internal voice is speaking from. Physically you can feel this in your throat. Men’s voices tend to be lower in the throat or in the chest, while women’s voices are in the upper part of the throat. Listen to yourself talk within your mind and you can hear if it’s masculine or feminine, as well as physically feel it. This is key since your internal voice will be projected when you physically speak.

After you’ve realized where your current voice resides, the next step is to become conscious of it and change it within your mind. This is a type of reprogramming hypnosis that will give yourself a suggestion, an affirmation, that will change your physical voice. If your internal voice is deep, raise that up within your mind and you can physically feel it within your throat as it moves up. Try speaking out loud when your internal voice is talking and you will find that you retain that same vocal range. If your internal voice is deep, your actual voice will go deeper. If your internal voice is high, your physical voice will go higher. Give it a try as it actually does work. The only thing you have to be conscious of is when you’re having that internal dialogue with yourself that you are mindful of where your voice is and how it sounds.

After enough time and practice of being mindful and raising your voice, you’ll find that your internal voice is higher, and thus so is your physical voice. You will find it easier to speak more like a woman. Give it some time and be reassured that once you change your internal voice, your physical voice follows suit. But, it doesn’t just work for your voice. This technique works for anything you wish to accomplish or manifest into your life. Imagine and visualize where you want to be, and you will become it.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I never thought I could change my voice to be more feminine. But, I heavily practiced hypnosis and it worked wonderfully well. The same goes for the voice. While I don’t necessarily have the most “feminine” voice, I did practice this technique with the internal voice and my actual physical voice changed. I didn’t do any voice therapy or practice, it just happened over time.


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