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A transtrender is someone who identifies as trans just because it's cool. They may not even have dysphoria as their entire life is consumed with everything trans.

Transtrender is a term used to describe someone who is transgender solely because it gets attention. Transgender is seen as a trendy thing that gets people’s attention, and content made around these topics often gets more views, likes, comments, and interactions. However, transgender should not be a trend, but it seems like more and more people are identifying as trans.

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Back in the day, being trans was rare. You barely heard about anyone who was trans. However, with access to the internet, it seems like an increasing number of people are choosing to identify as trans, non-binary, or somewhere else on the LGBT spectrum. This is a huge problem since people are resorting to the internet to define them instead of having self-reflection. Some trans people even claim to be trans and want to transition when they don’t even experience gender dysphoria. This is a huge red flag and delegitimizes everyone who struggles with their gender identity and just wants to be perceived as the gender they feel they are deep down. However, these people who make a mockery of trans people, these transtrenders, are making fools of themselves and giving all trans people with genuine dysphoria a bad name.

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The largest problem with this is the fact that the people who are transtrenders are often the ones that are the most vocal and even politically involved to force the transgender ideology upon everyone else. These are the people who get genuine trans people riled up and things that aren’t even true, and demand everyone respects trans people, or else. These are the people that will call you a bigot and transphobe if you say anything that disagrees with them. This is because they have let their whole identity be consumed by the transgender mindset. All they live, see, and breathe is transgender. They see only people who are pro-trans and anti-trans, and everything involves trans people. These are the people who get offended and upset when someone calls them the pronoun they present as and demand everyone use their preferred pronouns or gender neutral pronouns. These are self-destructive individuals that only care about themselves and see the world from a limited perspective. And the unfortunate truth is that their ability to be so vocal about it convinces people who deal with genuine dysphoria that the world around them is out to get them.

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It’s easy to spot someone who is a transtrender, just look for narcissistic and/or sociopathic behavior, extremely vocal to the point that they manipulate the truth and facts to fit their narrative, and people who only identified as trans because someone else told them or they read it online, and may not even experience dysphoria. These are signs to keep and eye out for. These people should not be given any attention as it feeds their need for attention and validation. However, the unfortunate truth is, social media is designed in a way that it protects and empowers these people who make a mockery of genuine trans people. The transtrender individual knows how to manipulate the algorithms to get attention, and the algorithms give them exactly that. Their audience is often young and impressionable who will want to be trans since it looks so cool. But, the truth is that there is nothing cool about being trans. The immense pain and discomfort one feels not fitting in their body, suffering gender dysphoria. Not to mention coming out and may not even be accepted by family, friends, or society. There is nothing cool about that. But, social media makes it look so fun and cool. It’s sad and needs to stop.

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I can’t believe I didn’t do a topic on this sooner. This is a huge topic I’ve seen for many years. I guess I thought it would die down, but unfortunately it has only increased. It’s sad to see so many people who are trans now because that’s what they feel they are from just an internet search. These people have lost touch with themselves and no longer know who they are.


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