Transitioning with Affirmations

Transitioning using hypnosis and positive affirmations is one of the greatest things to actually achieve your goals.

Hypnosis to improve your life has been used by many successful people to change the subconscious mind so it works in their favor. Our conscious mind, often full of criticism and the ego, often prevents us from accomplishing our true goals, so we have to change ourselves from a deeper level, the subconscious and unconscious mind using techniques such as hypnosis.

Hypnosis allows our conscious mind and our ego to be put aside for a moment as we let positive affirmations be inserted into our subconscious mind where we believe them unconditionally. This technique is highly effective and can be used for anything, including a transgender individual’s transition.

Affirmations are a set of phrases that reaffirm or even change a belief. They can be as simple as “I have a good life,” and, “I have a bad life.” Both will condition the mind of the person to believe they have that kind of life. This is why it’s so important to express gratitude and enforce positive affirmations since negative ones can and will impact your life if you let them.

When it comes to transitioning, this is where it can be challenging for some individuals since they may look at themselves and see the things they dislike instead of what they like. This is where you change it. Instead of seeing the things you dislike, focus on what you are grateful for. Make a list of some key things that make you unique from others and proud of the person you are. After you have done that, you can then focus on who you want to be. Look at yourself as your ideal self. Use positive affirmations that enforce where you want to be with your transition. You can even use various forms of subliminal messages to let these positive affirmations sink in.

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The whole point of doing this is to train your mind to believe you are the person you’ve always wanted to be. By using visualization techniques, along with positive affirmations, your mind will believe you are your ideal self, and you will notice changes in your life, physically, mentally, and spiritually, as you begin to connect with your true self.

I have used hypnosis extensively for achieving many of my goals, and transitioning from male to female was one of the biggest for me. Before I even transitioned, I envied other women, wishing so badly I could be them. I even saw plenty of transwomen online and I never thought I could be as beautiful as they were. But, I practiced various forms of feminization hypnosis that helped reshape my mind and I was able to be feminine with little effort trying to be feminine, but more effort training my mind to be my ideal self.

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Hypnosis was the biggest tool that helped me succeed with being my true self, and it worked. One of the best techniques I used was to imagine a column of light, and inside the light was my ideal female self. I saw what she looked like from head to toe, imagining every detail. Once I was done, I walked into the light and became her. Once I was her, I walked out of the light and woke up, actually feeling like the woman I just became. This trained my mind into believing this was true and helping me transition in a way that went beyond trying to make myself believe things and get past my self hatred. This conditioned my mind from the source, the subconscious, and helped me be happier.

The same can work for you too if you give it a chance. Come up with some positive affirmations that focus on your goals, avoid using negative words like ‘not,’ and practice hypnosis that will literally wire your mind for success and a positive outcome.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I used hypnosis extensively to be the person I am today, not just with transitioning, but many other obstacles in my life as well. The first time I used hypnosis was for public speaking. The anxiety and fear I felt when giving a presentation drastically decreased after using hypnosis and positive affirmations. I feel it greatly helped me transitioning and without it, I don’t think I would’ve had the confidence I do today. It was a tough journey, but I managed to get through it, with hypnosis and positive affirmations helping significantly.


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