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The voice of a male to female transgender / transsexual person is crucial for being able to pass as a female. Some things that have helped me find my female voice was bring my voice up in pitch until it was comfortable. It should be comfortable and easy to speak. What helped the most though was self-hypnosis and the use of positive affirmations.

Hi everyone! This video is going to be about finding your female voice. Whether you are a male to female transgender person, or just have a deep voice and want to get it higher, I thought I’d teach you some tips and tricks on how to do so.

I’m sure many of you who have seen videos similar to this, just keep hearing the same thing. Like, talking in a very high pitch voice, then lowering it down slightly to find what is best for you. I will discuss this among some other things that have helped me.

I realize that I don’t have the most feminine voice. But, I think it is fine the way that it is. Being completely honest here, I didn’t really work on my voice. Well, not the way you may think. For one, the hormones helped me more comfortably speak in a higher pitch. However, the best thing was self-hypnosis. I did a lot of hypnosis for my transition and it worked so well. I did hypnosis for my voice and over some time it just became easier and more comfortable to speak in a feminine way. Not just how my voice sounded, but my way of speaking.

There are plenty of self-hypnosis audio recordings you can find out there and on YouTube. However, at some point I would love to do my own hypnosis recording for anyone who is interested. [My Hypnosis Channel] It’s something that intrigues me greatly and I really want to share, as I find it to be highly effective. The power of the mind is incredible.

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Anyway, let’s being with how to speak in a higher tone. So, I’m going to go to my male voice, which is quite difficult to achieve now since I haven’t really spoken in that low tone in such a long time. But, here goes.

Alright, this is my male voice. What I’m going to do is bring my voice up gradually. So, as I’m reading this my voice will get higher and higher until I am comfortable with it. I don’t want to strain my voice. Alternatively, I can talk all the way up here where it sounds really really weird and gently bring it down until I am more comfortable with it. Again, do not want to strain my voice. It should be comfortable.

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You can actually feel this in your throat. When talking down here, I can feel my voice coming from here, my chest. I can feel the vibration. When talking all the way up here, I can feel it underneath my chin. The idea point seems to be around the neck area, where I feel it. I feel it around here. I don’t feel the vibration of my voice here.

So, that is essentially how you do it. It takes time and practice. Do not give up. Keep at it and you will get the hang of it. Determination and patience is key. So, keep at it and you will learn it and get better at it.

Regarding hypnosis and use of positive affirmations, well as I was hypnotizing myself I would implement suggestions like, “It is easy to talk in a female voice. My voice passes as feminine. I am happy with my female voice.” Things like that. You do not want to use ‘negative’ terms like, “I do not talk in my male voice anymore.” Keep it positive and focused on your goals. But additionally, as I would do it, I could feel where my voice would be. Male down here and female more up here.

When you get the hang of it and get use to your body and can feel what is going on, it’s not difficult to talk in a female, or just higher pitched tone. However, another thing to consider is the way you speak, not just the sound of your voice. This is entirely up to you. Females tend to speak more eloquently. There is generally more expression and emotion in their voice. It’s not monotone, it fluctuates. I find that when I speak in a more female tone, it is easier and natural for me to get many of the correct ways of speaking down. It just comes naturally to me.

This really isn’t something that can be taught so easily. Being around other females, watching how they talk and their mannerisms may help you. As you consciously become aware of how you talk, pronounce words, and your expressions and mannerisms, you can further develop this on your own.

Again, it takes time, practice, patience, and determination. But, given enough time, you can and will succeed at this. Just believe in yourself because you can do it. So, I hope this video was helpful, despite how short it was. Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

Having a passable voice is crucial for some MTF trans people. I fortunately┬ádidn’t even really work on mine and am happy with it. I can’t say it’s too feminine, but it certainly isn’t masculine either. Regardless, after doing so many YouTube videos and hearing myself, I am quite use to it. Also, I had freshly dyed black hair for this video! I LOVE my dark, black hair so much. It’s a shame it’s such a hassle to keep up with.

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