Do Chakras Get Affected During Transgender Transition?

Transitioning affects the chakras, which are the energy centers of the non-physical body. Chakras can become more balanced during the transitioning process.

Chakras are the energy centers of the non-physical body. They can be imbalance and can cause a variety of mental, emotional, and physical issues in our life. But, if we are a transgender individual, how does the process of transitioning affect your chakras?

Our chakras can be overactive or underactive. They are imbalanced before transitioning, and can often be imbalanced after transitioning. However, the process of transitioning can bring stability to some of them. Let’s discuss how each one can affect our mind and bodies before and after transitioning, which includes social transition, hormone replacement therapy, and surgery.

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The root chakra often makes one feel insecure pre-transition. You are uncomfortable with who you are, where you are, people looking and perceiving you as your biological sex instead of what you identify as. With transitioning, you become more confident and grounded. You are able to lift your head higher and are comfortable around others, even if they don’t always perceive you as what you identify as.

The sacral chakra can make one feel uneasy with their sexuality and sex organs they were born with. You may be unable to have healthy sexual relationships and be unable to talk about the anatomy you were born with. With surgery, while imperfect, irreversible, and can even cause a lifetime of issues and complications, you may be more open to sexual experiences and be able to express your sexuality more appropriately.

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The solar plexus or navel chakra can make one overly emotional and controlled by the ego. Your ego may cover up how much you are hurting on the inside, being in denial about the fact that you are transgender and need to address it. However, when facing these fears, and embarking on the path of transitioning, you will be free of denial and can let go of the intense ego. However, emotional instability can often come about from this due to the fact that hormones are rapidly changing. Transitioning allows you to better control these emotions.

The heart chakra can make one unable to be true to themselves and follow their heart. However, through transitioning, you will be able to express your true self, who you are deep down – the person who was hidden by so much pain and unable to be themselves.

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The throat chakra is the voice and one’s ability to speak their mind and say what they truly feel. Through transitioning, you will be able to more efficiently communicate verbally what you feel from your heart chakra. You can express yourself clearly and efficiently.

The third eye or brow chakra allows you to listen to your inner voice and proceed with your transition. Deep down you know what you must do, and your third eye chakra allows you to get insight into how to proceed with this plan.

And finally, the crown chakra allows you to align with your higher self, to be who you truly are at the deepest level extending outward into your physical body. This allows your physical body to match the person you are deep down. This is usually the last one to be developed since it’s after you have fully transitioned and are comfortable with the person you are.

Your chakras become more balanced during the transitioning process because you are becoming more in alignment with your true self. By being true to yourself, from the deepest level to a physical transition, you will find that inner peace and positivity.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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Chakras change during the transitioning process of transgender individuals. Much of it I also experienced. It makes sense since transitioning allows one to be true to themselves and be who they really are. By being the person you truly are, not caring what others think, then you can be truly happy with your life. I’ve done it, and so can you.


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