Summary: The wizard seems big and mighty, but behind the curtain is a different story. It's an illusion, the powers are all made up, and the true person with the power is you.

We may have heard the “Wizard of Oz” referenced in recent times to describe the events of the world and the response by the government and world leaders. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this reference, The Wizard of Oz is a movie from 1939 that many of us saw when we were younger. It’s about a woman named Dorothy who becomes unconscious and dreams of a fantasy world that seems real. She wants to return home, but only the Wizard of Oz is able to grant this wish. Upon meeting the Wizard, who seems great and mighty, Dorthy’s dog pulls back a certain and reveals the wizard, who is a conman operating a machine to make himself look more powerful then he actually is. She later finds out that she didn’t need the wizard to return home, as she had the power within her the entire time. All she had to do was tap her heels together three times and say, “There’s no place like home.”

Fairy Forest

What can you take away from the story of The Wizard of Oz, and how does it relate to the events that have occurred in the world over the past few years? Can you see the true meaning of what’s been going on in the world and apply the lessons from the story to your own life? Surely you can see some.

Many world leaders portray themselves as high and mighty. Their motto is essentially, “Listen to me since I know the way, or else.” These people have an inflated ego, living only to control and dominate others since it makes them feel powerful and mighty. But deep down at their core, is an immature child, crying out for attention. These people are your world leaders, governors, mayors, presidents, prime ministers, etc. They make themselves move into a high level position to make up for the lack of confidence and happiness they possess within their own life.

Since 2020, you’ve been told lie after lie by people you may have trusted. If you believed your news sources to be unbiased and telling the truth, you were in for a rude awakening. Likewise, if you trusted your political leaders to guide you to safety, you also were in for a rude awakening. For you see, everything you’ve been told you’ve realized has been a complete lie. You trusted others to make decisions on your behalf, to lead you to safety, yet they let you down. They lied to you, deceived you for their own personal gain. Do you feel like you’ve been conned?

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Many people feel they can no longer trust the news or their government officials, and for good reason. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Yet, the fooling didn’t stop at two, three, or even four. Rather, it’s been constant lies since before you were even born. Many of the things you’ve learned about, were taught, and your way of life has been a lie from the very beginning.

You have the power within you. You cannot depend on someone else to save you, since no one is coming to your rescue. Rather, they will only lead you more and more towards a place of darkness and despair, with no light in sight. They have taken everything away from you by making you live in fear and giving your trust to an outside source. When you live in fear, you don’t think rationally. And with this irrational thinking comes giving your energy and trust to an external source, rather than trusting yourself and your intuition.

When you stray away from your intuition and yourself, you become disconnected from yourself, your true self and higher self, and instead live more and more in the ego. And when this happens, you become more fearful, gullible, emotional, and worst of all, separated from yourself and the world.

The term “divide and conquer” comes to mind, doesn’t it? By dividing you from your fellow human beings, the world leaders can conquer you and decide what is best for your body and life, instead of you deciding for yourself. When this happens, you’ve lost what makes you human as you’ve given up every fundamental right you had, giving more power to your controllers and abusers. This is all due to you complying, because of the fear that has been instilled within you, and not realizing that you had the power within you the entire time.

The best thing you can do is let go of fear, and connect with your true self. Don’t let others make decisions for you, or coerce you into doing things. Rather, realize your inner strength and assert yourself. You are stronger than any world leader, celebrity, and anyone else that you think are better than you since you’ve made them look like the big, mighty wizard who controls your life, when all they are is a scared little baby in hiding because they are ashamed of themselves. Be strong and you will realize the power you have.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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As someone who has been skeptical since the beginning of my life, I’ve been able to see through many of the lies we were taught since a young age. As I grew older, I started to realize that the world is very different from what we’ve been told. I’ve realized the constant need for scientists and government officials to suppress anything that is natural and beneficial, citing that there is no medical use in these substances. I am a true believer that health comes from not only your physical well-being, also your mental and spiritual well-being. If you don’t eat well, you will be unhealthy. If you have intense anxiety and depression, you will be unhealthy. And if you are disconnected from your true self and intuition, then you will be unhealthy. I believe health comes from resolving your problems, natural substances, and quality food. Health is not found in a pharmaceutical drug that suppresses symptoms.

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