Testing Your Limits & Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you feel stuck in life, giving up on things that seem too far out of reach for you? It's time to break that resistance and test your limits.

How far can you go before you back down, give up, turn away, and reverse course? How comfortable are you when faced with a challenge? Do you give up too easily, or do you keep pushing through to persevere? Wherever you stop is your limit and how much you’re willing to give something before you either give up, or revert back to your old ways. This is what you can be mindful of to break past this limit and make progress.

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Staying in your comfort zone will only get you so far in life. You may feel stagnant and like nothing is changing, sitting in the same place each day, week, month, year, or even for a decade or more. Stagnant growth as you want to do something new with your life, but are too scared since each time you attempt the new task, you give up without actually trying, or revert back after a short period of time.

You have to be able to step out of your comfort zone if you want true progress. Your comfort zone is unique to you since what is perfectly fine for some, may be extremely uncomfortable for others. So, find something that makes you feel uncomfortable and analyze your reasoning for it? Why are you uncomfortable? Is it linked to something from the past? If so, what can you do in the present to remove that association? There are many ways of going about this, but the best one is to push through, no matter how difficult it is.

If you have fear of being the center of attention, giving speeches, and lack confidence expressing your interests, then what is going to help you do these things? The only thing is exposure. You can go to therapy to address the deep rooted issues that are causing you to have low confidence, do hypnosis and positive suggestions to boost your confidence, but the only thing that will prove to you that it’s not as bad as you’re thinking, is to actually go for it. If you are afraid, then start small, testing those limits, shattering those boundaries little by little. Then once you do it, the limit is farther away as you now feel more comfortable.

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Some people may benefit from jumping right into the most intense thing right away. But, not everyone is like that as it could become a shock to the system. This is often a positive shock that will break the walls of resistance down and rapidly allow the person to become more comfortable. But, this is the wrong approach for some people. So, it’s best to start small and slowly make your way into something, testing your limits and stepping out of your comfort zone.

If you are uncomfortable doing something, explore your emotions around it and begin to inch your way towards this resistance. Push back on the resistance, but not too hard to the point of it bouncing you back, like a rubber band. Take it slowly to keep pushing that limit further and further away, or jump right into the intense activity to break that barrier. Whatever you decide, it’s important to keep testing yourself and eliminating your barriers to avoid being stagnant in life.

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I believe in taking things slowly. While progress will be slow, it’s often very rewarding as there are many learning lessons along the way. I’ve managed to tiptoe my way towards areas that I’m uncomfortable with, slowly progressing towards that goal, and finally pushing through it. It is not easy, but it’s rewarding.


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