Stop Treating Trans Women Like a Fetish

Trans women are often treated as a fetish by men who are attracted to male genitals on a female body. Trans people should not be treated this way due to issues they've likely dealt with in the past.

Transgender people should not be treated as a fetish, but the unfortunate truth is that they are many times. Certain men specifically find something highly sexual about a trans woman, especially if they still retain their male anatomy, less so if they have had sex reassignment surgery. That is fine and everything if you have an attraction to that, but specifically viewing these people as an object, a fetish, that turns you on is a real problem.

The primary issue with this is that transgender individuals already deal with a lot of personal issues tied to them not feeling like they belong in society, and in the body they were born as. But on top of that, trans people have the highest suicide rate of practically every other mental illness. Combine that with the fact that a fair number of trans people have dealt with sexual abuse in their past, and many have even done sex work.

To see these people as a fetish to turn you on, not for the injured person they are, you are helping make this individual feel even worse about themselves and lead them down a dark path. Rather, help these people turn their life around and stop viewing them as an object you can feel temporary satisfaction over. Your pleasure is only temporary and can be relieved in so many other, non-harmful ways, but the abuse and trauma the trans person dealt with is for a lifetime. Even with appropriate help, they will still struggle to some extent. But, if they are actively struggling with sexual abuse, and engaging in sex work, then they need to turn their life around if they want to find true happiness. There is no happiness in degrading your self worth by selling your body. So, please help them.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I have not done any sex work, but that doesn’t stop men from viewing me as a fetish. I get emails constantly about sending nude photos of myself and if men can have sex with me. Some men are unaware that I have had sex reassignment surgery and are disappointed when they find out. The unfortunate truth is, these people even dominate the search results on my website. I would like to share with you the all the top results of what people search for on my website, “Vagina images of transgender,” “Male to female transition nude photos,” “She male transformation video,” “How can I make my male genitals look like a female,” “male to female transgender before & after pantyhose porn,” “sexy porn pics,” and so on. This is so disappointing to me since these searches are all that people are interested in that I produce it seems. It would be so easy to just convert my self help content where I’ve helped thousands of people deal with their problems over to a porn channel on another site. Imagine how much more views and money I could make.

This is an absolutely ridiculous and absurd idea and it’s a shame that so many people view me this way. I’m going to send them nude photos of the harm I’ve done to my body? It is disgusting and I really hope that these people can appreciate the positive things I do to help others live a better life rather than looking for a temporary relief to their horniness that they could simply just satisfy by themselves, without external stimulation. It is sad to know how much more popular I could be by giving in to these horny demons, rather than doing what I truly love, which is helping others. But, I am committed to honesty and integrity above all else and won’t give in. Be your true self and don’t sell your body, since when you do, you also sell your soul.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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It is sad to see just how many people search my site solely for nude pictures of me. There is nothing on my site that indicates I would ever show this off. Yet, people search and are looking and it’s quite frustrating. It makes me upset since it seems like all people want from me is my body, not the hard work I put into overcoming obstacles and sharing that with the world. Oh how easy it would be to just sell nude photos, barely any work at all. Yet I work extremely hard and the effort sometimes feels like it’s not even worth it. Such a shame that people are interested in these disgusting things. Please go elsewhere creepy men looking for nude trans women. Even better, just use your imagination if you’re not horny. Why is that so hard and why do you need to look at dumb photos and videos to get off. You’re only hurting yourself.


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