Have You Sold Your Soul? | How to Avoid It

Most of us have already sold our souls. Have you? Find out what the signs of selling yours actually are and what you can do to prevent it.

Many of us have heard the term “don’t sell your soul” but may be clueless as to what it means. The basic premise of selling your soul is that you don’t want to sell your soul. However, what if I told you that many people have already sold their soul?

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The definition of selling your soul is doing things you don’t agree with to prevent the loss of power and/or money. Imagine sacrificing your rights, freedoms, and entire belief system just so you can keep your job, get ahead in life, and financially be stable? That may sound all too familiar since the overwhelming majority of people have already sold their soul. And with the mandates that were cast down upon humanity starting in 2020, many of us saw just how many people were willing to sell their soul to avoid financial loss, or to gain power and feel like part of the collective, the mass formation that occurred.

If you complied and it went against your belief system, then you have sold your soul as you fear financial loss and losing power. If you were willing to lose it all by not complying and instead standing up for your rights and freedoms, then you have stood your ground and still have a soul intact. Let’s look at an example. Since 2020 many rules have been put into place to keep socially distant from one another, wear a mask, and get an injection. If you were being heavily pressured by your employer, friends, family, and almost everyone else to be injected, but it went against your personal beliefs, religious beliefs, or any other beliefs you had, then you’re in a dilemma. What if your work was going to fire all un-injected people? What if your family wasn’t going to let you around them unless you were injected? This may make you afraid since you don’t know what to do to financially support yourself unless you give in, which goes against your personal beliefs. If you give in, then you have sold your soul since you’re doing it to prevent the loss of money. You prioritize money over your personal beliefs. If you stood your ground, risked being fired and not seeing your family again, then you still have a soul.

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In other words, if you gave in and sold your soul, it’s because you don’t feel you have the right to be free, that you are a slave and must comply with whatever order is given to you. If instead you stand up and fight for what you truly believe in, willing to lose it all, then you have more strength and courage than the overwhelming majority of people. The sad reality is, we’ve all sold our soul to an extent. Imagine how scared you get at the idea of no longer having a job and end up becoming homeless. It’s a scary thought, and what leads people to go against their own beliefs and sell their soul, comply, and do whatever they’re told as they become a slave to the machine. What kind of life is that? Can you even call it a good life if all you do is comply with orders you’ve been told and hold no individualistic belief? Absolutely not, so what can you do to prevent losing your soul?

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The number one key is to realize your potential, skills, and true, authentic beliefs. By knowing what you truly enjoy, pursuing that, and aligning yourself with those with similar goals and passions, then you’ll be pursuing what you truly enjoy and be living your authentic self. This is a hard road to travel, but you have to be willing to lose it all if you want to find true happiness. You won’t find happiness by staying silent and being compliant. Rather, you’ll be happy by pursuing your passion. There is no happiness to be had if you sell your soul, so stand up and realize what your true strengths are and pursue them. Judgment, hatred, discrimination, and many other negative things will come your way just by speaking your mind, but it’s what makes you strong and you have to realize this if you want to truly be free with your soul intact.

In our next video, we will be discussing the disappearance of the soul and how to reclaim yours.

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Over the past few years I’ve noticed the change with humanity and how people would sell their soul so easily, all to avoid financial harm, discrimination, and so on. I always stood my ground no matter what, yet so many others did. I was flabbergasted since if I could stand up, why could no one else? Are they even real people anymore? Hard to say.

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