The Proper Way to Seek Revenge

Sweet revenge! Here are some of the best ways to seek revenge without being caught.

Have you ever wanted to seek revenge on someone for something they did to you? Perhaps you hold a grudge and want to see the other person suffer the same way you did. Well, here are some of the best tips at seeking revenge the proper way without getting caught.

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The first step is to recognize why you’re angry. What are the reasons you hold a grudge and are seeking revenge? Is it something so trivial that it would make others shake their head in shame, wondering why you are still focusing on something that’s not even important? Or maybe it’s something much deeper and what was done to you was much more severe. Whatever the case is, realize that your anger and frustration is completely understandable.

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Second is to understand the emotions you’re feeling when you want to get back at someone. Are your emotions out of control? Do you feel the thoughts of revenge overpower logical judgment? Oftentimes it does since the anger associated with revenge are ego-based, instead of logic and reason.

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Third is to explore the reasons you cannot let it go. What is holding you back from letting the situation go and moving on with your life? What are you waiting for and what do you want to see? You’re waiting for something external to happen instead of doing the inner work to heal. Thus, you make the conscious choice to let situations from the past affect your life today, when it simply shouldn’t. So move on from the situation and focus on what really matters, the present moment and improving the quality of your life.

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And lastly, learn to forgive yourself and the person you want to seek revenge on. How difficult is it to forgive the person that you hold a grudge against? It may seem impossible, but you must forgive to move on. When you’re unable to forgive, it shows that you have not done the inner work necessary to be happy and at peace. You still let the past get to you and thus forgiveness is often not an option. But, you must. Forgiveness is key and the final step to moving on. Does everyone deserve forgiveness? Be sure to check out my video on that topic that answers this question.

Seeking revenge is petty and shows how immature you are. Instead, grow up and move on, forgiving yourself for holding the grudge and forgiving the other person for their actions that have left you scarred. This will allow you to move on.

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Additional Info

The title is a way to get people who want to seek revenge to realize the true way of overcoming their problems in life: to let go and forgive. It’s not easy, but allows the person to truly overcome their problems and move on past the incident. I find that people who have grudges and want to seek revenge are often unable to forgive themselves and move on. That’s why this information is so crucial.


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