Summary: Your subconscious mind reveals a lot about you, especially if you've repressed negative events and experiences. Pay close attention and you'll find the answers.

Have you ever had an experience where it feels like you are reliving your past, like things keep coming up and you don’t know why? Perhaps exact scenarios and events happen just as they did in the past, but with different people and locations. You keep wondering why this keeps happening to you, and why after years of struggling you can’t just be happy. This is likely because you have repressed memories and emotions that are dominating your subconscious and attracting the very things you dealt with in the past.

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If you’ve had a traumatic past, with abuse, neglect, and abandonment, especially at a young age, then your subconscious has been programmed to react a certain way when experiencing those situations. However, the body and mind are continuously trying to heal. When your mind is trying to heal, it has to do so via exposure and letting out the negative memories and events that have been locked away within your mind. However, the conscious mind, the ego, prevents these negative events from the past from emerging and being released, thus leading to repressed memories and emotions.

When these negative thoughts and ideas of the past have been locked away for so long, you begin to dissociate from them. Even though they are locked away, they are not gone. In fact, even if you consciously want them to be gone and not think of them, they will be on your mind, making themselves known so you address it.

A perfect example of this is someone who has been abandoned when they were very young. As they age, they may have a fear of abandonment so intense that they continuously want people in their life to fill that subconscious fear. However, every single person that enters their life and they cling onto ends up abandoning them, further validating their fears. But, they have repressed their feelings so deeply that they are completely unable to see a correlation between the people they are attracting into their life who end up abandoning them, their fear of abandonment, and what happened to them in the past that lead to these thought patterns. In this example the person has to realize that their subconscious is giving them a hint as to where their thoughts are, which in this case is abandonment. Since their focus is abandonment, they will be abandoned until their repressed fears have been addressed.

Young lonely woman sitting in glass jar
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Your subconscious mind is far more aware of what is actually going on in your life and the best decisions for you than you give it credit for. It is our conscious mind, our ego, that denies and rejects, and is reactionary. However, it is the subconscious mind that holds a much deeper part of us that must be acknowledged and addressed. Why do certain thoughts and ideas that we focus on tend to manifest in reality? It’s because when we focus enough on the thought, it becomes part of our subconscious which becomes our reality.

When we continuously repress and deny things that aren’t true, instead of addressing them, then we create bigger problems since the core of the issue still remains, and grows underneath the surface. Despite how difficult it is, issues that we have in our life, with our job, spouse, a friend, and so on should be addressed as soon as possible instead of putting it off time and time again. Deeper rooted issues that we may not be consciously aware we have will come out if we pay attention to the people and events we attract in our life. Our subconscious mind gives us clues, and our conscious mind and ego must interpret them and take the action necessary.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I have dealt with suppressing important things in my life for a long time. I realized the cycle and acknowledged that there were deep rooted issues that were preventing me from succeeding in life, always controlling my thoughts and actions, and I gave into them. It’s still hard to communicate, especially about deep issues, but when I do, it feels so much better. The moment you acknowledge them and work on changing is when you actually start to see change in your life.

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