Refusing to Date a Trans Person? Think Again!

Is refusing to date a transgender person an act of discrimination? The answer may shock you!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that refusing to date a trans person, primarily a trans woman, makes you transphobic and not think of the transgender woman like a real woman. This is an absurd claim that victimizes transgender people and is often not grounded in reality. We’re going to discuss why and what you can do to ground yourself to not think of yourself like a victim, or feel bad if you simply are not attracted to trans women.

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We all have a preference when it comes to who we are attracted to. Your preferences are designed to be discriminatory since it’s human nature to find the ideal partner to reproduce with, and is healthy and able to take care of the child. Everyone’s preferences will be different and is natural human desire. We cannot control or preferences or the people we are attached to. We just are since our biology and what makes us creatures on this planet has to find a mate to keep the species alive or else it dies off.

Men and women who are able to reproduce, have strong features that differentiate them from others, who are strong and able to care for themselves, are the most fitting since only they continue on with the human race. Those who have disabilities, who are infertile, or are transgender, are often considered less desirable. This is natural law discriminating against these individuals since the same exact thing happens within the animal kingdom. Animals choose a mate based on strong physical features, and there is competition among them to be the dominate one who will get the female.

But, what’s different with humans? We have our own ways of seeking a partner and giving life to those who are disabled, infertile, or are transgender. This allows those who are disadvantaged be given a new life instead of fending for themselves like in the animal kingdom. This is something humans are quite good at, helping those in need. But, we cannot escape our deep rooted interests in our ideal partner. We will seek a partner who is the most physically fit and capable of reproducing due to how our biology is.

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Someone’s refusal to date a transgender person is quite simple, and may have nothing to do with them being transphobic or disliking trans people. For one, transgender people are not born with the genitals of the sex they identify as. They may opt for surgery, but surgically made genitals are very different from ones that a biological man or woman was born with. It simply does not function the same but only has the resemblance of the sex organs. For a straight man, he may not like a woman with male genitals, and may not be able to get over the fact that the woman he’s with used to have one, even if it resembles that of female genitals. Furthermore, transgender people cannot get pregnant or make other people pregnant once they have been on hormones long enough or had surgery. Perhaps the male wants to have biological children one day. Well, with the trans woman that is impossible.

There are many other things to consider when it comes to someone not being interested in transgender people. But, that doesn’t make them transphobic for refusing to date those who are trans. Remember the biology of how we continue our species. Nature determines that only the strongest and fittest will survive, but humans have changed that. But deep down, we still hold onto that with our preferences with whom we wish to be with and make a baby with.

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If you are trans and feel like you’ve been discriminated against for someone refusing to date you specifically because you’re trans, realize that there are many other people out there that will love and accept you for who you are and not care if you’re trans. They may have been the perfect partner for you, but it simply will not work out, so you have to more on instead of dwelling on it. You’ll find someone, so let it go and seek out those who will treat you the way you want to be treated.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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This topic may be too late since I heard transgender people making the argument that refusing to date a trans person is discrimination and transphobic. However, this topic still had to be done. I think it’s quite hurtful when you find someone and they don’t want to date you because you’re trans, hence why some people don’t tell the person their dating, which is wrong. However, I also realize that this person simply isn’t the right one and I’ll find someone better who will accept and love me for who I am.

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