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Summary: There are many reasons we get anxious and stressed, but there are also many ways of coping with it. Some of the most efficient methods are breathing techniques and hypnosis. You can even create a trigger to reduce your anxiety in the moment, as well as convince yourself you are relaxed. Distractions are also a great way, such as exercise, music, and even meditation.

Hi everyone! This video is going to be about ways you can lessen and eliminate stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety, worrying, overthinking things, it’s all so bad for us, but why do we do it? Sometimes we can think about things so much and began to obsess over it and worry. We can get anxious around crowds, doing presentations, or even just simply leaving our own house can make us anxious. Whatever makes you stressed and anxious, there are ways of coping with this, you just have to discover them. Remember, it’s only bad to have these things when they are negatively impacting your life. Learning to channel it positively is what is beneficial and the key to overcoming it. So, let’s discuss some ways you can reduce your anxiety when in a stressful situation.

Simply put, distractions are a decent way of reducing stress and anxiety. Things to take your mind off of what is bothering you. Music, exercise, games, tv, books, meditation is wonderful at bring a relaxed frame of mind and clearing out the clutter and stress. Whatever you like to do to take your mind off of what is causing you problems. However, some things may not get to the root of the problem and may only provide temporary relief. But, this depends on if you have it set to be a conditioned trait. It can, however, provide an outlet for your stress. These things are a positive outlet to let go of those feelings since repressing and blocking out emotions can be detrimental. As is letting those emotions out in a negative way that may hurt you or someone else. Letting them out positively is key.

One of the most common in-the-moment anxiety reducers is breathing. Did you know that sighing is something we do to relieve stress? Many times this is the body’s way of naturally reducing stress, and we may not even be aware we are doing it. It’s on a subconscious level. A good breathing technique is to take a deep breath in, hold it for about three seconds, and then exhale. And, imagine all the stress and anxiety leaving your body as you exhale. When you practice this and feel how relaxed it makes you, then when you are out having a panic attack, breathing will begin to relax you. When you consciously repeat the breathing technique, your mind will become conditioned. Similar to how a habit is formed. You do something, say something, whatever, and it triggers a response.

So, in this case of being stressed and anxious when out in a crowd, it’s because your mind has built up a fear of crowds, an association is formed saying, “I’m out in a crowd, I’m stressed and anxious.” To counteract this, you need to retrain it from the source. So, this breathing technique is just one of many ways to do that. You form an association between breathing and relaxing. You go out in a crowd, you begin to feel anxious, you do your breathing technique and it begins to relax you. After some time of doing this and repeating this, you will feel relaxed in a crowd because you eliminated the anxiety of the situation by replacing it with relaxation. You successfully retrained your mind to be relaxed in those stressful situations.

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Next, hypnosis works wonderfully as well since your are retaining the subconscious mind where the anxiety originates. As a bit of personal background, I was terrified of public speaking. It was terrible. I would get so nervous thinking and obsessing over it endlessly. I had so much fear and had a difficult time concentrating. I did hypnosis to eliminate the fear and anxiety. And, it was quite remarkable actually since the next time I gave a public presentation, the anxiety was gone. I was in shock because I had never felt so calm and relaxed when giving a presentation. It was the most remarkable thing. In the present moment, I certainly have anxiety, but after the hypnosis I did years before this, it dramatically reduced. I felt confident at giving my presentations.

When performing hypnosis, you would give your mind positive suggestions and affirmations. So, if you want to work on being relaxed in a crowd and not having panic attacks, you would say things like, “I feel relaxed in crowds. I am at peace in crowds. I feel calm around others. I feel safe around others.” You do not want to use negative suggestions like, “I no longer have panic attacks when out in crowds. I no longer fear crowds.” It should be positive and focused on your goals.

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Another training and hypnosis related way of lessening stress and anxiety is to create a trigger. You can create any trigger you like and, as I stated earlier, when you repeat it over and over, it becomes conditioned. So, for example, something you could do with hypnosis is when you in a hypnotic state, create a trigger that when you scratch your neck you instantly relax you mind and body. So then, when you are out somewhere and you are starting to panic, you can trigger that relaxed state of mind and body by performing whatever task you set as the trigger. It’s very simple and very easy. There should be no effort involved. Just allow.

Likewise, you could practice at the comfort of your own home, when you scratch your neck, relax every part of your body. After repeated attempts of this, your mind will become conditioned and form an association with scratching your neck and relaxing. So, when you scratch your neck, your mind and body automatically relax. No effort needed. You can use this in stressful situations. You create a trigger, an association between something and relaxation.

Another way is to tell yourself that you are relaxed, convince yourself that you are relaxed, believe it. I guess this all depends on how suggestible you are since I know for me, I tell myself something and I believe it. I’m very suggestible. So, if I think I am anxious, then I am anxious. If I tell myself I am relaxed, then I am relaxed. This does work. You have to convince yourself and believe it. Remember, if you believe something strong enough, it will happen. We create our own reality by our thoughts manifesting themselves into reality.

So, I hope this video was helpful and informative. If you would like to share techniques you use to reduce anxiety and stress please let me know since I enjoy hearing how people handle different situations. Thanks for watching!

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I’ve struggled with intense anxiety my entire life and it was no fun. But, the moment I learned to combat it and stand up to it was when things started to change. In other words, I did something about it to overcome my anxiety, which was to face the anxiety head on.

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