Summary: YouTube is terrible! I'm quitting it for life!

There comes a time when every YouTube channel has to come to an end. That time is not now. April fools. As much as some people would love to see me quit, I cannot and will not be stopped, and all of you who have supported me throughout the years motivate me to continue making helpful content and live streams to talk about ways of naturally healing your mind and body.

I want to know when you started following me and where. My first video was posted on July 13, 2013, on YouTube. Since then, I have created a website where all my content is, and have various social media platforms, including alternative ones since we cannot share controversial things on YouTube. I have other channels, websites, and platforms for my other content as well. Such as daily videos on my Elle Stone channel, and gaming content on Twitch, and my gaming website.

None of this would be possible without you, so I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. You’ve helped me learn and grow to be a better person, to lessen my anxiety and fears of what others think. For that, I am truly grateful. 2023 will be a decade making content, and I look forward to growing with you during the years ahead. Take care and I will see you again soon!

Additional Info

I will never quit making content. It started on YouTube, and has grown and expanded. YouTube was merely the beginning of my journey, and there is much more ahead!

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