Q&A 19 + Weird Messages (July, 2016 – December, 2016)

Questions and answers (July, 2016 - December, 2016).

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Hi everyone! I thought I’d answer some more of your questions and read back weird messages. Be sure to check the description to go to specific questions if needed.


Q: have you ever gone to a concert or hope to go to one?

A: I have never been to a concert. But, there are very few artists that I would actually want to see. The ones I would enjoy seeing live would be Azam Ali, Chrysta Bell, and Tsuki Amano. That would be awesome! I would need some ear plugs if it was too loud since loud noises are no good. The crowd is good and fine, but not the noise.

Q: If you could vacation anywhere in the world (money is not an issue), where would you go and why?

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A: Everywhere! I want to visit every place. Since I’ve never done any extensive traveling, I think comfortably would be inside the same country that I live in, the United States. But, ideally the first out of country place would be Japan. That would be amazing.

Q: What’s the youngest age you would date? Do you think that love has no age or other opinions.

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A: I would say that age isn’t a factor, but it is. I use to think two years was ideal, but I’ve come to realize that maybe five years is good. I think at the age I am at, five years younger would put someone in their early 20’s which I would find a bit immature still. I think ideally I would prefer someone older than me, in their early 30’s. But, maturity plays a big factor since one doesn’t really mature enough until usually mid 20’s. Under 25, I would not go near.

Q: What products do you use/what is your process in getting your hair dyed?

A: I know nothing about dying hair. I simply just purchase a box dye, preferably something that doesn’t severely damage the hair, and do it simply and quickly. Anything that requires patience and dedication is often something that I am very bad at when it comes to hair. I dye my hair maybe once or twice a year.

Q: Did you remove your eyebrows because of transitioning? Do they somehow look masculine if you grow them out? Would you ever grow them out again?

A: They do not look masculine, but I just wanted to draw them. There is a downside because when I am in a rush and need to go out, I have to draw them if they are not already there. But I can shape them in any way I desire, not that I even change it much now. But, the option is there and I like the look of the fake eyebrows.

Q: What is the best HOME ADVICE for erase the facial hair?

A: There are many devices. I personally have used the Tria laser, which was painful and didn’t do much. I used VISS IPL which was the most effective. But currently, I am using the Silk’n Flash&Go and it works well and is more cost effective and convenient over the VISS machine.

Q: Do you have anxiety disorder? If you do, How do you deal with it?

A: I have dealt with anxiety, and still do to a much lower degree. Most of my anxiety now comes from going somewhere or doing something I’m not familiar with. But honestly, that anxiety mostly has to do with ‘what if’ scenarios since when I actually do the unfamiliar task, I’m fine. How I deal with the anxiety is to let go of these ‘what if’ scenarios playing out in my mind, as well as to breathe and focus more on the moment instead of what might happen.

Q: I suffer from agoraphobia. It’s really hard for me to go outside, especially when I spend several days at home and get used to my room… and just thinking about leaving it makes me sick. Any advice?

A: This sounds closely related to what I discussed in the previous question where my thoughts make me anxious and not the actual task. I think the best advice is to leave the house every day. Even if you just go outside and walk around the block each day, it’s getting out and I think it could make a huge difference.

Q: I have been on antidepressants for 3 years now. I get desperate about being on pills forever. How can I come in terms that I may have to be medicated for a very long time, or even the rest of my life?

A: Sometimes people depend on these medications to help them. I cannot say to you that you should get off of them. That is something that would need to be discussed with your doctor. But from my own perspective, I personally would find something natural over these synthetic medications. Then perhaps slowly try and get off that by replacing depression with something uplifting and entertaining to you. Do fun, exciting activities to raise your mood.

Q: How do I stop lying to my friends? I live a lie basically and they think they know all these extreme things about me, but none of it is true. How do I stop?

A: You have to first recognize the reasons you are lying. Maybe it’s for attention or you try and impress your friends. Whatever it is, realize this and why you need that attention and validation from your friends. When you can understand that, you can then begin to change how you deal with the lack of attention in a more productive, non-destructive way.

Q: What can I do to support someone that’s going through a lot and still take care of myself? I tend to give so much and it’s starting to impact my mental health. How do I find a balance?

A: Giving too much is destructive since you are neglecting yourself. Some people, however, are natural givers. If you give and give and you help so very much and don’t expect anything in return, and never have the time for yourself, then you could be a natural giver. Sometimes that’s just how it is. But, making the time for yourself in the day can be as little or as much as you like. Even if it’s just five minutes where you stop everything, take some deep breaths, and connect with yourself, then sometimes that’s all that is needed. Find what you need and how much you need since we all need various levels of alone time.

Q: When I am attracted to a guy I get goosebumps. So I thought I was straight. But lately I have noticed that every now and then I end up crushing on a girl. Not in a physical way. Does that make me bi?

A: Sometimes we discover things about ourselves. You could be bi, I cannot answer that for you. Learn about what you are interested in and attracted to and you’ll uncover your answer.

Q: I’m transgender(FTM). How do I further understand myself?

A: The best thing when you are trying to understand yourself better is to sit down with your thoughts and rationalize everything. Truly understand and figure out what you want and take the steps to get there.

Q: Are trans-people held to a higher standard of appearance, e.g. not only must they “pass” but trans-women must be beautiful and trans-men must be handsome?

A: That all comes down to the individual. There are some trans people, especially early on, that go all out and over the top to achieve that ideal female look. I myself had to have everything super feminine until I become comfortable with just me.

Weird Messages

Weird message time. The first is:
WM: just spend a shitload of money on gold, weed, bikes, and a stiletto…

Works for me nowadays. 🙂

WM: I’m confused….is she high?
WM: She seems to be soooooooooo stoned omg
WM: you’re always way too stoned for me to watch. like once again after a month I quit watching.. you’re blitzt. and I won’t finish video. I’ve never subbed.

A: Look dude. I am so stoned like you wouldn’t believe. Flying high all every, every day. 420 blazin’ it sucka.

WM: errrrrrroooooorrrrr wtf you’re a guy and after I sent that comment on that other video saying you’re hot

IMA take a shower

A: Go ahead and take a shower. I’ve been watching you shower for years with my top secret camera and am not impressed with what you got.

WM: you still have your dick or nah?

A: I have two actually. Well, three if you count the one on my back.

WM: Eyes too spooky. Could not watch.

WM: you are lord voldemort?
with makeup

WM: kinda scared me when your face popped up

A: ♫ [Ominous music] ♫

WM: What’s that smell… sniff sniff … … smells like boosheeeeet

WM: What r u? an alien? Why do u say “humans” dont u mean people

A: You humans are so silly.

WM: I’m a Filipino by birth with Chinese and Spanish ancestry. Sometimes, I feel like I’m French or German. Can I sue someone if they did assume I’m a Filipino because of my passport? Or if they think I’m Chinese because of my physical appearance? Also, right now, I feel like I’m an alien. It’s somewhat offensive that you now think that I’m human.

WM: I am highly frustrated that i was born a human and not a racoon,i cannot live my life like this and i am not happy in any way!
Is there any treatment that will transform me into real life,full time racoon? Love your vids and thnx in advance! <3

A: There is a solution to your problem and it’s easier than you think. First get a raccoon furry suit. Then go out and live with the raccoons. Study them and how they behave, what they eat, their movement and sleep and wake cycle. They will not like you at first because you are an outsider, plus your size can be intimidating to them. It’ll take weeks and months for the raccoons to accept you. But after this initial phase, you’ll fit right in, despite your size at least.

So, that’s all for now. Thanks for watching!

Dude, gettin’ so high. Yes! So stoned, dude.

If you think I’m stoned, why? If you think I’m stoned, is it because of this? Is that why I am stoned? I got news for all you people who think I’m a stoner out there. You are 100%, completely, wr…

Additional Info

My first Q&A of 2017, and also one in a quite some time. I decided to only do these twice a year versus every other month. It seemed that this was all people watched and I didn’t want that since Q&A videos are not the core of my channel. I think these will be much more successful now that I’m doing them less frequently.

Regarding the video, however, it was nice to make a video like this again. I forgot how crazy some of those weird messages can get. And yes, I’m totally high in all videos I do! I must stay high 24/7/420.

Also, due to my new computer, this was the first video in 4K resolution! While it’s being upscaled, and only the text and images will natively be of higher resolution, it allows for a higher quality output on YouTube.

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