Q&A 18 + Weird Messages (May, 2016 – June, 2016)

Questions and answers (May, 2016 - June, 2016).

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Hi everyone, I thought I’d answer some more of your questions and read back weird messages. Be sure to check the description to go to specific questions if needed.


Q: Do you have any tattoos? Have you ever considered getting any?

A: I have no tattoos, and have no immediate plans on getting any.

Q: Would you date someone that has written secret poems for you?

A: That would be cute, so sure. One of the most intriguing things of someone is how they write and speak, and especially if it’s creative.

Q: How do you feel when other YouTubers such as Onision use your photo as an example about transgenders? Are you offended or what is your opinion on that subject.

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A: Oh Onision! Yes, I saw that video were he used a photo of me in the thumbnail, and I was in the video. But, rating me an 8.5 out of 10. No no no no no, I’m 11 out of 10 easy thank you! Anyway, I believe someone mentioned it to me back in 2015 when the video came out. I went to his channel and saw me, and was like, “Oh my gosh!” I don’t generally watch much of his content. Occasionally I’ll look, but it’s not often. I don’t care if he used my photo or not, or even if he thought negatively of me. I’m honored to be part of his content I suppose in an indirect way.

Q: What do you do if someone you know is going through a hard time?

A: The best thing you can do is to be there for them no matter what. Show them that you care and will listen to what they have to say and provide helpful advice. Validate what they are feeling, even if you think it’s irrational because otherwise it will make it seem like to them that you do not care.

Q: I like someone who has many issues and traumas, she’s afraid of dating me because she thinks she’ll ruin it or get dissapoint bec I’m her “ideal” what do you suggest me so that she stops avoiding me?

A: That can be frustrating for sure, even just having a friend like this. I’ve had people like this in my life, and I’ve been that person like this in the past. You have to do what was suggested in the previous question, which is to show them you care and always be there for them. Don’t get angry or frustrated with them for feeling like they are not worthy of talking with you, but rather tell them that they do matter and make them realize how much they matter. Point out all the things that can make them feel better about themselves. If this person keeps avoiding you, then it’ll be their loss if they lose touch since if you try and try again and it doesn’t work, they have to be the one to reach out. You cannot make someone do what you want. So, if they don’t feel they are worth it, despite so many attempts on your end showing them otherwise, then their own thoughts and views of themselves will reflect this as they are not letting themselves be open with you and give things a chance.

Q: How do you stop hating yourself, as in myself. Stewing on hate and making up scenarios isn’t normal.

A: Well, I wouldn’t say it’s not normal. I think a lot of people deal with this. As a matter of fact, many people hate part of themselves. You can love and accept yourself all you like, but deep down you know there are things you are not too happy with. Perhaps things with your physical body, or the way you think or act, or whatever else. Basically what I’m saying is that you cannot fully stop it. What you can do is learn to accept the things you dislike most about yourself. This all depends on how much hatred you have for yourself. You have to realize why you are feeling this way. Write things down that you don’t like about yourself and create a plan to work on each and every one individually.

Q: I’m extremely insecure, overthink excessively and have anxiety, which destroys relationships and myself. Recently it has got worse do you have any tips on how to help keep these things under control?

A: Overthinking can be disastrous and very difficult to overcome. A way that may help is to ask yourself, “Is this rational?” Are these ideas worth obsessing over and spending your time on? Or should other things take priority? If you feel insecure and are thinking someone is going to do you harm, ask yourself if it’s worth it to jeopardize this relationship. Are the intrusive thoughts you are having related to what this person is actually going to do, or is it simply your own self doubt? It tends to be the latter. So, look into ways of becoming more loving of yourself and some of these things will lessen. If you are already aware that you are dealing with these things, and are seeking a way of overcoming them, then step one is complete. Step two is having a plan and taking steps to get there.

Q: I diagnosed myslf w/ Bipolar disordr. I think my friends are Weirdedout of me and bullies always taunt me. I dont want to go to my DR because she give me brutally honest advices. Any advice for me?

A: Sometimes that brutally honest advice is one you have to listen to. It may be difficult, but if you say, “You know what? I’m going to try this and it’ll help.” Then guess what? It’ll help. When you diagnose yourself with things you may or may not have, or rather, resonate with said problem, then you become a match to said problem. If you instead focus more effort on what can help you overcome these problems, then you’ll begin to overcome some of these challenges.

Q: I’m bipolar and I’m also a transman and one time when I was having an episode I started to act really girly, I’m normally really manly so it freaked me out. It made me really confused, is this normal?

A: I can imagine that would be rational, especially if you use to be more feminine before you transitioned. But regardless, we all have male and female selves. So, it could just be that side of you, that you do have, came out for a little bit. It might seem freaky at first, especially if it’s unusual for you, but it’s not so uncommon, especially if you are transgender since you’ve lived life as both sexes.

Weird Messages

Weird message time. The first is:
WM: I was watching cupcake tutorials 2 minutes ago. How did I… ?

WM: your mask lady it scares me

A: Oh this is not a mask.

WM: Good lord do you use a paint roller to put on your eye shadow

A: Each morning, I get the black paint and the paint roller. Pour the paint all over my face, and then throw the roller away. So no, I don’t use a roller at all.

WM: must be hard holding up your head with 20 pounds of make up on.

A: I know. My head is 90% my body weight.

WM: faking mental illness? i think faking eyebrows is the more important issue here….

WM: your looking soooo hot i wana see you in naked body

A: Ooh, naked body, eh? Well, what if I told you that I am naked body right now? Yes, it’s true. These so called ‘clothes,’ as you humans call them, is my skin. I shed my skin each and every day. Just think, all this time, I’ve been making videos in naked body and no one has noticed.

WM: Not my proudest masturbation session.

A: I’m always your proudest, baby. Always your proudest.

WM: you are beautiful and i’m planning to masturbate

A: Go ahead. It’s not like I haven’t heard that one a hundred times before.

WM: I stop talking if i get an erection.
It doesn’t stop me from typing though,
which is the case here.

So, that’s all for now. Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

A late Q&A video in July because of some health concerns that prevented me from focusing on my work. I didn’t think I was going to be doing it at all, but I did. However, the amount of questions was so small that it almost wasn’t worth it. Regardless, it was actually a bit easier doing a video under ten minutes versus one that was over.

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