Q&A 13 + Weird Messages (July, 2015 – August, 2015)

Questions and answers (July, 2015 - August, 2015).

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Hi everyone, I thought I’d answer some more of your questions and read back weird messages. Be sure to check the description to go to specific questions if needed.


Q: How do you feel about same sex marriage being legal in all 50 states of the USA?

A: I say it’s about time. We are all equal, so everyone deserves the same rights as everyone else. It’s shocking to me that love was something that was illegal for so long.

Q: I’m a lesbian, and am not out at all to my parents. My dad;s very homophobic, and my mom doesn’t understand how important it is to come out. How can i come out to them?

A: This can be very difficult telling your parents. If you feel as though something negative will come of you telling them, then it will greatly help if you have a backup plan, like staying with a friend. Then understand and be prepared for however they may react, and also realize that you are telling them for you. So you can grow as a person. This is your challenge and you can rise about it by getting the courage and telling them, and explaining things to them, and without arguing with them since they will have their own views on it and you cannot change it, but you can educate. I hope it goes well.

Q: Would you be interested in a trans woman or are you into just cis women?

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A: It’s not really important. While I am mostly attracted to females, I love someone who has been through so much and risen above so many struggles to become a better person. Someone who works hard at becoming the person they want to be and loves themselves.

Q: What would you do, when you’re in love with someone who loves someone else or just doesn’t love you back?

A: This can be a tricky one. I’ve only ever genuinely been in love with someone when I found the love within myself. And even then, I cannot say I know what it’s like to love someone and know they are interested in someone else. Rather, I think of the times back when I was a male and would be interested in someone, which I never told them back then, and seeing them with someone else. It was a terrible feeling since in your mind you envision the two of you being happy together, but it doesn’t happen. When I wasn’t interested in someone in particular, I would envision in my mind this woman that I knew existed out there for me. It’s like I knew her, but didn’t know her at the same time. And, I would always think about if she was thinking the same exact thing and I knew that she was, and I was thinking the same exact thing. I’m getting sidetracked now, but if I loved someone who was in love with someone else and they didn’t want to love me like that, or didn’t like me at all, then I would say that there must be someone else. Even if I don’t know who that other person is, they must exist, and perhaps thinking the same thing right now. Who knows right?

Q: Do you have more friends nowadays?

A: It’s about quality over quantity. I’ve always had great friends in my life that were there for me when I needed them. Maybe not all the time, but I still knew we were friends. However, people change, people come and go. I have problems and so do other people, which ultimately interfered with the friendship. So, the people I use to call friends, that are unfortunately no longer actively in my life, as in there really is no communication on either ends, were very special to me. I truly valued all the people that were in my life that I considered a close friend. I learned so much from the people I’ve associated with. However, when we went our separate ways, it made me realize that I was neglecting people that I could consider a friend. It’s a different level of friendship. It’s nothing too close, like I don’t have any close friends in the traditional sense, but I value each and every one of them as I’ve helped them, and they’ve helped me. And that’s all a friendship is to me, even if it fades away.

Q: What are more of your ambitions/aspirations for your future? (personally, career, relationships etc.)

A: I have many thing I want to do in life. While I will keep some of them a secret, I am currently living one of my goals, to help others, or rather to help myself so I can educate others on how to help themselves and overcome their problems just as I did. And very soon, I will be embarking on my second, of many more to come, journey, which will be spiritual healing through meditations. I’m not going to give too much info just yet, but it will be coming soon enough which I’m very very happy about.

Q: What is your religion?

A: None. I am not religious. I am a spiritual person. My beliefs cannot be summed up in just a small paragraph, or in a video, unless it was like hours and hours long. But, put simply they include manifestation and the law of attraction. I’ve seen and experienced these two important life changing things in my life for many years, which is how I learned about them, and learned how to incorporate them into my life. My beliefs are that you treat people how you would want to be treated, because ultimately what you project is what you will attract. I use to project negativity, and I would attract negativity. Now, I project much more positive energy, and receive that in return. I’m not saying that I do not experience negative situations. I’ve experienced very negative situations even recently in my life, but I perceive them as being life changing events that have helped me grow.

Q: would you ever try conlanging? constructing a language of your very own. if so, what words would you invent? and what Sounds?

A: I’ve never created my own language, but I have created words before. I use to make music on a PlayStation game and I would name the tracks and the artists these very very strange made up names, like Masadeubo, or Zexzuzabar, or ZOOGALO, or I don’t know.

Q: Do you have any kind of physical workout regimen?

A: Yes, I enjoy working out. I do mostly upper body strength as you can see. And soon we will have an exercise room in the house and I’ll get even more.

Q: Do you have a good sense of humor?

A: Heck yeah, man!

Q: if you could act in a movie would you be the victim or the serial killer ?

A: Oh the serial killer hands down. And it’s victims, not victim.

Q: How have you been able to handle the negative feedback

A: I use to take it personally, which I don’t anymore. I view it as the person providing constructive criticism that I can learn from if it’s relevant, or dismiss it if it’s irrelevant. I don’t let it affect me since I don’t have to resonate with the person’s views since they are not my own.

Q: how can i be as strong as you?

A: Why thank you. Being a strong person has to do with your mindset. Being a strong person is doing the things you want to do and making progress with loving yourself and achieving your goals. It’s about pushing through without giving up, and learning form the negative experiences and mistakes you’ve made and faced. So, that may be the best place to start. Look at your past, look at what you’ve been through, look at the mistakes that you make that are in your life now and grow from them, learn from them.

Q: Have you ever self harmed? How did you cope?

A: I absolutely have. This was back when I hated myself. I would cut myself to release the negative way of thinking and hatred I had towards myself. It was mostly due to being all alone and feeling helpless. I felt so alone and like there was no one I could relate to. When I began working on myself, I learned to love and respect myself which not only released these negative ideas, but made me realize that cutting myself was unhealthy for my body. I don’t want to hurt myself, I don’t want to harm myself, I don’t want to do my body any harm. Currently, I still have some of those ideas of being all alone from time to time, especially when I’m isolated and when there is no one to talk to, but I manage it so much more efficiently now.

Q: Are people with Anti-social personality disorder guaranteed to be evil, or is their a fix?

A: There is no such thing as an ‘evil’ person. We are naturally, inherently pure. But one’s decisions in life, based on experiences and ways of coping and perceiving the world, then change their behavior and go against what their true goals in life actually are. In other words, they have lost touch with who they really are and what they want in life and are instead fighting against it, which is generally what you can see with these types of behaviors, such as antisocial personality disorder, as well as narcissism.

Q: Did the abuse that you experienced in your early years have an effect upon your sexual identity? Or similarly, if the abuser was masculine did the abuse drive you towards femininity?

A: I questioned this as well, and the honest truth is, it can certainly play an impact. But, the core issues would be different. An example I’ll use is with sexual orientation. Perhaps a woman that is gay is being approached by men trying to change her sexual orientation because they think that they haven’t found the right man yet. The men question things like, “What did the abusive man do in your past to made you gay?” This is nonsense in all honesty and quite offensive. However, what if it were true. Well, this would imply that the abusive man made the gay woman despise men. They may not know why, but they just do. If they recognize the abuse and overcome it, perhaps that hatred of men would lessen and they find themselves somewhat attracted to them. This can certainly happen since it’s about your perception in these circumstances. But, this doesn’t mean that being gay is a choice or caused by abuse, but this example can happen to some.

This is what happened to me. While I was not so much abused by a male, I was abandoned by my father and was raised by females in my life. Perhaps this is what made me want more female things so I could dissociate from the male that left me in my life. But, it doesn’t matter. However, when I transitioned to female, I disliked men so much. It was because I use to be a man, and I despised it. So, I wanted to distance myself as far away as possible from it. Yet, when I reasoned with this, I no longer disliked men like that. Rather, while I’m not interested in them as I am females, the idea is not one that is like the grossest thing ever. Since, love is not a gross thing, like I use to think.

Weird Messages

Weird message time. The first is:
WM: I like trains.

A: Oh yeah?! I like brains.

WM: What has seen cannot be unseen. It was a wrong decision to watch this video

WM: I could not swallow vomit faster than it came up, TY!

A: You’re welcome! Any time.

WM: Damn RealDolls got advanced over the years

A: I know right. I mean…I don’t have one of those. Hide.

WM: No! Bad snowflake! Go back to Tumblr! Nah, I’m just kidding. You can stay on Youtube. 🙂

WM: I have a demi sexual poly gender pan romantic necro religious homo ethnic transkin sadofictive feminist personality named autism, and he says all this is bull shit.

WM: If you close your eyes you hear Michael Jackson talking about borderline personality disorder

WM: u look like the girl from the ring and sound like michael jackson

WM: Wait… so this is a dude???
WM: That’s a MAAAANNNN, bb!!

WM: Damn her Sexual Alter is so hot…. wait its a shemale? Ok im out!

A: What? You can’t be out. You can’t be out of all this.

WM: Youre ugly and creepy no wonder men run

A: Oh no no no no no. Men don’t run, they just collapse on the floor because they can’t handle the gayness.

WM: Panda make up disorder ?

A: Pandas have makeup disorders too? A panda and I would get along so well.


WM: It looks like sHE drew her eyebrows with sharpie

A: I want to try something. Ready? Oh, look at that. Can you spot the difference? Let me try the other one now. You like? Sharpie Brows. Finally! It’s a thing that happened.

Now we’re going to take them off. How I take makeup off now is with some delicious coconut oil. But, it’s all melted because it’s so hot. I have a smaller one too. It’s all melted. You know what? Look at the coconut. You know what? Ahh…that’s some good coconut. That’s some very good coconut. It’s almost gone. That was some delicious coconut.

Oh, I was going to take my makeup off I forgot. I got this though. Alright, let’s see how easily these Sharpie brows come off. Oh gosh, they’re going to be on… I’m not…I don’t wanna. Oh my gosh, they’re actually coming off well. I was not expecting that.

So, that was the Sharpie brow experiment. No more Sharpie brow comments ever. Ever.

So, that’s all for now, and all for the Sharpie brows. I gotta draw these back on, with a Sharpie. Thanks for watching!

I think it was too much coconut oil. I drank this whole thing. 33 servings and I probably drank like 25 of them. How many calories? Oh, that was just 3,000 calories! Yeah! That was uh… How much saturated fat? Yeah, that was only 325 grams of saturated fat. Which is 1,625% oh gosh. I think…I think I’m doomed. Too much fat. Too much fat. Oh my gosh. I’m never drinking coconut again. I’m joking, I’m going to use it all the time because I love it.

Additional Info

This coconut-tastic Q&A was brought to you by coconut oil, the best thing EVER that I use for EVERYTHING! No joke, I use it for so many things that I cannot possibly write them all down. I use it each morning in my protein shake, cooking, teeth, candle making, not to mention that I pretty much love coconut anything! I’ve only ever known two other people that love it as much as I do, so that is something super special. Did I actually drink the entire container of coconut oil? Well, I’ll let you figure that out. Well, the specific container that I drank was water mixed with milk to give it a bit of the white color. It certainly would not have been healthy for me to drink the entire thing of real coconut oil.

Regarding the video, I think this was my best Q&A yet. Not only was it super funny, but I was in a very energetic mood and was being super productive. I wrote the entire script within an hour or so, and then recorded it the same day. Never have I been so productive! I got so many ideas that just came to me and I just went with it, as I do with most my great ideas.

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