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Hi everyone, I thought I’d answer some more of your questions and read back weird messages. Be sure to check the description to go to specific questions if needed. To submit questions, please fill out the form linked in the description.


Q: Do you like any anime?

A: Yes, I do. My favorites are ‘Blue Gender,’ ‘Boogiepop Phantom,’ ‘Claymore,’ ‘Death Note,’ ‘Ergo Proxy,’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.’ The first of these I really got into was ‘Blue Gender.’ I saw it on television a long time ago and didn’t really care for it at the time, but it instantly became my favorite at the time. I have probably seen it maybe close to 20 times. ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’ was the second I saw from my favorites list and I immediately got hooked on it. The others I saw some time after, but I love all of them. This isn’t the full list of animes I’ve seen, but just my favorites.

Q: What kinds of books do you like?

A: I enjoy educational materials. I do not read any books that are fiction or have a story. That simply isn’t my thing. There have been a few books I have recommended in various videos I have done as well.

Q: Do you ever drink alcohol or smoke?

A: No, I am against that and do not wish to be around it or be around people that do it.

Q: Will you ever make a video in a different setting, or perhaps outdoors?

A: Not for the standard content that I do. I keep it professional and consistent. If I did a video that was off topic or different, then maybe. But for now, I have a wall, a roof, and I’m all good with this plain background until I can move to a more professional setup where I could have better control over the background.

Q: Your fav. Vegatable or vegatables?!

A: My favorite vegetables would have to be onion, jalapeƱo, spinach, kale, corn. I’m sure there are many others that I’m not thinking of, but I like a lot of vegetables so I’m not picky.

Q: What is your fav. Feature to your self? Ex. Face, legs, arms, butt… Etc

A: My favorite physical feature would have to be my eyes. It’s rare to see people with eyes like mine, even just the color of them, and I think it is unique and something I like about myself.

Q: are you ever interested in being sexual with another person?

A: With the right person, yes. But only until then and when both my partner and I would be ready.

Q: What would you do with your videos if you knew your life would end soon? Will you delete them or keep them? Do you not mind your worst memories to be exposed forever?

A: I would leave them up because they not only show my progress, but I have helped so many people. Others can use me as an example of how I overcome so much and how I continued to push through through even the hardest times and get to where I am today. If I deleted them, I would feel as though I would take that progress away. And besides, I would be dead anyway so who cares what info is out there about me.

Q: im just wondering about your relationship now with your grandparents. I’m guessing (and you have stated) that they have supported you through all of this. But was there ever a point where they didn’t?

A: My relationship with my grandmother is great. We are close and I can pretty much openly discuss things with her. There are plenty of things I wouldn’t discuss since she would not understand. But regardless, no there was not a point where any of my family didn’t support me. They saw me change and how much happier it made me and that was all they wanted me to be. So, me being happy makes them happy.

Q: I know you said that for a long time you had what you called a ‘messiah complex’. I’m wondering if doing these youtube videos has worsened that sort of thinking?

A: I mostly had that thinking back when I was in high school. It did lessen when I isolated myself past that point. And, it started to completely diminish after I transitioned. As for the videos, it helped since over time I was able to rationalize any remaining thoughts and grow as a person.

Q: have you ever been hospitalized for any psychiatric reasons?

A: No, I have not. There have been points where I thought I was going to be. And even occassions now where I feel as though I need some serious help. But, I think a psychiatric hospital would do more harm than good for me and it’s not something that will happen.

Q: Do you have any tips on forcing myself to speak about my mental issues? I physically cannot bring myself to verbalise it.

A: Well, the first thing is to ask yourself why you feel as though you cannot discuss it. Often times it has to do with not accepting it, or that you feel ashamed of yourself for what you are experiencing, and a sense of judgement from others. So then, what you could do is address this with yourself as if you were addressing it with another person. Have a conversation with yourself or look in the mirror or talk with an inanimate object and pretend they are the person you want to tell. Think about what you would say and address everything you need to say. If you can feel confident in your ability to tell someone else, you will not have that fear and be able to verbalize it effectively.

Q: In your mind, are your alters usually just different voices or do you actually see your alters as separate people who look different from each other? Or are they all just different versions of yourself?

A: All of the above. There are times it’s just a voice that I know is me. Other times that voice doesn’t feel like me. And other times I see who they are in my mind with their own unique ways of speaking, dressing, and whatever else they identify with. I realize they are all me, but it’s usually at disconcerting times that I feel disconnected or detached from myself and cannot rationalize what is going on.

Q: If they had a surgery that could give you female ovary’s and a period , would you be interested in having it done .

A: That would be interesting. I would be interested. Of course, I wouldn’t want a period, especially if I have to dilate as that would be double the trouble. So, if I didn’t have to dilate, then yes, I would be all for it.

Weird Messages

Weird message time. The first is:
WM: Do you smoke or inject methamphetamine? You can say no, I won’t believe you.

A: No.

WM: Eyeliner disorder.

A: It’s called a makeup disorder thank you very much.

WM: holy shet your eyebrows you totes got ebola

WM: Someone’s been huffin airplane glue, she’s good lookin tho

WM: I literally had a boner for 29minutes and 20seconds.

A: Darn it. My job is 30 minute boners, not just under 30 minute boners.

WM: I had to Window Key + L to logout real fast before i realized you were a video.

WM: these people are morons. I always buy her dinner first before I go inside a girl.
a demon.

WM: i’d like to perform an exorcism on you by donkey punching the negative personalties out of you. afterwards i would sprinkle holy semen over you! i am the answer to your problems!

WM: One day you will be exterminated

A: Please tell me more about this extermination process.


A: Ah yes…the children. Grab them all.

WM: She has stinky poo poos!!!

WM: Ur vice gibs meh diriaha

WM: Blah blah blah. Look all I want to know of is are you wearing a Brazilian down south or all natural?

A: A Brazilian of course! What other way is there?

So, that’s all for now. Thanks for watching!

Additional Info

My eleventh Q&A and weird message video. I don’t really see anything too special with this one except for the fact that all future questions are going to be taken from a form I created using Google Forms. The idea came about because I started getting so many comments on YouTube that it became difficult to spot questions. So, I wanted to aggregate that into a single form for people to fill out if they want to submit questions.

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