Reflecting on 2021 & Preparing for 2022

2021 has come to an end, but there is more work to be done for humanity to be free. Be prepared for what is to come and you'll be one step ahead.

As 2021 comes to an end, we must prepare for 2022 and what could happen and what to be prepared for. I accurately predicted many events in my 2020 reflection video as we ventured into 2021, so feel free to check that one out. But, now it’s time to move into a pivotal year for continued personal development, or continued tyranny. Your choice.

As we know, our reality is shaped by what we think. When we live in intense fear of something that is invisible to the eye, we attract a fear based reaction such as coercion and force to take an experimental pharmaceutical product, that I will refer to as the genetic modification of the human genome.

Let’s be blunt, what’s been happening in the world is not normal. There is no ‘new normal’ and never will be. Everything that is happening is far more than what it appears. With that being said, many still are brainwashed, believing what the government, health authorities, and the news tells them without looking into or questioning a single thing these people say. People’s compliance is the only reason it has gone on for as long as it has.

So what happens now in 2022 and what should you be prepared for? You will see, if you have not already since I’m making this several months before the start of 2022, the economy will continue to struggle due a controlled demolition of the financial system for a push towards a digital currency from the US Federal Reserve. This is not to be confused with cryptocurrencies. The whole purpose of the destruction of the US dollar is to force the use of the new digital system that will be tied directly to your health records and genetic modification status. If you are not up to date with the latest health recommendations, they can and will cut off your source of money until you comply.

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To get around this system, you have to exit it entirely by converting your money to cryptocurrency. There is a reason why the US Federal Reserve is scared of cryptocurrencies – it’s because it undermines the US Dollar and it’s value. The US Dollar has no value since it’s not backed by anything and can be printed to an endless degree, which is what has caused inflation. Cryptocurrency on the other hand is finite and only a limited supply exists, making it far more valuable. Not to mention it is also anonymous, especially if you put your money into privacy focused coins such as Monero and Pirate Chain.

Due to this change that many will be making, there will be a parallel economy where one lives under control of the US Federal Reserve and complies with what the government tells them to as they live in fear. But, there will be others that only patronize stores that align with freedom and personal choice, and accept alternative payment methods in cryptocurrency.

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And lastly, the awakening of human consciousness cannot be stopped. There will be a major uprising that more and more people will be part of. People of all ethnicities, sexes, gender identities, and nationalities, across the globe. It’s already happening now, but you haven’t seen anything yet. The ultimate victor will be those who are fighting for truth and freedom. There is no stopping the awakening of human consciousness.

So, be prepared for what is to come. Monetary changes, food shortages and changes to your shopping patterns, your employer, stores, and practically everything else testing your freedoms by trying to force you to comply with being genetically modified. Stand your ground and you will prevail. Never give into something that violates your body autonomy. Don’t become part of the great reset transhumanist agenda that unveiled itself as it tried to hide within the 2020 deadly invisible pathogen scheme. You know the truth, now speak your mind.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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Much of what I said in my 2020 reflection video came true in 2021. It’s amazing how quickly it happened, and sad how many continued to believe the lies their government was spreading. Nevertheless, the massive uprising and awakening of human consciousness is still underway and will be the ultimate victor. There is no stopping what has been started, and continued pressure to force people to comply only makes one stronger as they stand up.

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