Overcoming the Poverty Mindset

Poverty is a mindset that many are stuck in, living paycheck to paycheck and never getting anywhere in life. Here is how you change that!

Being in poverty is something that affects many. Not having money to pay for essential items, such as food, medical bills, rent, and other expenses, will make anyone depressed. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Most are not aware that poverty is largely a mindset. It is the law of attraction at play.

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All our lives we’ve been told by society, and even our family, that we will not amount to much, that we’ll never be successful and work tiresome jobs, living paycheck to paycheck. Not to mention all the things the government does to the citizens to rob them of money, such as taxes, segregation, and banning. The rich and wealthy feed off the small and vulnerable, yet the people think it’s all their fault when in reality it’s external sources causing them to feel this way.

This is known as the poverty mindset, where people think negatively about money, that they deserve being poor, and that they will never amount to success because it simply is impossible. It is often linked to trauma from the past since the person feels like they aren’t deserving. Because of how the law of attraction works, that’s exactly what will happen to this individual, they will attract poverty to them. They may be living paycheck to paycheck, working many jobs they don’t like to take care of their family, all while believing this is what life is meant to be. Even if they start making more money, they will instantly spend it on things that will never help them advance their career. They lack money management skills and thus can never succeed if they continuously have a negative mindset about money. Please check out my video on managing your money as that goes into more detail about how to properly manage it.

So, how do we change the negative mindset to be more positive? When you’ve been living in a state of negativity for so long, changing your thinking can be one of the hardest things. However, it has to start somewhere. What you believe is what you are. If you believe you are poor, then you will attract that lifestyle. If you believe you are rich, then you will attract that lifestyle. It’s largely about the mindset, and the intention. If you think positively with good intentions, you’ll attract riches beyond your wildest dreams that will allow you to be financially free, help others, and live a happier life.

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The key to overcoming the poverty mindset is gratitude. By being grateful for what you have instead of what you don’t have, then you will allow yourself to grow. When you think negatively, all you can go is down. But thinking positively will allow you to see what’s ahead. Have a more positive view of money and what it’s able to provide you. Write notes and tell yourself that you are grateful for the riches you have in your life. Even be specific, such as, “I am grateful for an extra $1,000 a month,” and the results may surprise you. And never forget that you are deserving. If you feel you are undeserving, then you need to drill down to the reasons so you can overcome that trauma and realize that you are deserving.

You are worth so much more than the negative way you view yourself. Start to change your mind to be more positive regarding money and the results will surprise you. Poverty is a mindset, but so is wealth. So, shift into the world where you are wealthy and financially free, to live out your best life doing the things you love most, helping others get out of the negative mindset, and moving towards positivity. It’s not as hard as you think, but has to start somewhere. For more detailed information on how to be financially free, check out my financial freedom course that will go into depth on this topic.

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I am glad I’ve always been good with money, despite growing up thinking I wasn’t deserving of so much. I’ve managed quite well, even during the times I’ve made so little. I save well and usually only spend on things that increase my productivity and can make me more money. It has worked and I am financially free to not worry about if the next paycheck will pay my bills. The goal is for you to do the same!



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