Positive Affirmations | How to Change Your Life with Positive Suggestions

Summary: Positive affirmations are simply just short sentences that can bring about positive change. They can be utilized to manifest positivity in a person's life. However, they need to be used properly or the effort would be counterproductive. This can be achieved by recognizing and eliminating negativity and denial.


Hi everyone! This video is going to be about positive affirmations and how to properly use them to benefit your life and bring about positive change. First and foremost, what is a positive affirmation? They are simply just short sentences that can bring about positive change. Something as simple as “you can do it” is a positive affirmation. However, properly using them can be tricky and counterproductive, which I will discuss in this video. Also, being realistic can be difficult for some. It doesn’t happen overnight. So, patience and dedication is also important.

Essentially, the main principle of using them is to believe it. You want to accept these affirmations and allow them to enter into your subconscious mind. With any doubt or resistance, denial, it will not yield the results you are looking for. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool and by thinking positively, you can bring about positive change in your life. But to many, the phrase ‘just think positively’ can be taken the wrong way. Main reason being, thinking positively alone will not manifest positive change. There are many other factors that go into this. And while positive thinking is important, many times it is incorrectly implemented which leads to disappointment, frustration, and no end result that is positive.

So, what are the keys then to being able to properly accept positive affirmations? One is to keep it positive. For example, if you are trying to lose weight by eating better, cutting out junk food, and exercising more, the first inclination for someone may be to create an affirmation that says, “I’m not eating junk food anymore.” This is incorrect. This affirmation uses a negative word, ‘not.’ You’re saying that you are ‘not’ eating junk food anymore. While that may sound positive to your conscious mind, it’s not to your subconscious. Instead, a better affirmation would be to say, “I’m eating healthy,” “I’m losing weight,” “I’m exercising,” “I enjoy eating healthy and exercising.” Those sorts of things. It should be positive and focused on your goals. In other words, keep it positive and related to where you want to be, how you envision yourself, and not where you currently are.

The other major thing is denial because of fear. Essentially how this works is that you keep telling yourself positive things for the reason of separating yourself from the negative. This creates denial and is counterproductive since you will become that which you repress. Let’s take the same example with the person’s weight. The person in question is overweight and needs to lose weight. They are doing it for health reasons as they know if they stayed the weight they currently are that they would develop more health problems as a result. They try eating healthy and exercising, but for some reason, they are gaining weight. They are confused and don’t know how it’s possible.

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It’s actually quite simple, they are trying to lose the weight to escape from being overweight and having health problems. But, this is subconscious in their mind. They are aware of the ramifications of staying the weight they are now and are trying to lose it, but it’s that underlying fear of the health risks of gaining even more weight that is causing the problems. In other words, they are trying to separate themselves from this fear of gaining more weight due to health concerns. They are trying to run away from it. But, this is subconscious and it’s those exact things they are trying to run away from that will inevitably catch up to them. It’s counterproductive to run away from the negative of the situation as the person will become that which they are trying to resist.

Let’s look at another example. Let’s say a woman’s relative was diagnosed with cancer. This person has great fear of developing cancer themselves so they try their best to prevent it by eating right, exercising, and anything else that will help them live health and free from the cancer. They keep saying to themselves that they do not and will not develop cancer. They are trying to escape from having cancer. Sure enough, this woman ends up developing cancer despite her attempts to prevent it. This is because her reasoning for developing these lifestyle changes was to avoid a negative situation, cancer. She’s trying to avoid it. She has intense fear of it. But, it’s that fear that is contributing to her developing those exact problems.

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Same goes for those that have experienced trauma or have abandonment issues. They are trying to escape from thinking about or experiencing those negative emotions. But, the fact that they are in resistance with the negative emotions associated with the problems, it inevitably comes back time and time again, relieving itself in a vicious cycle. Those with abandonment issues may choose someone that will abandon them because their abandonment issues from the past have not been resolved so they will end up reliving it over and over again. If they are not able to go back to those traumatic memories of abuse and/or abandonment and face them, they will continuously repeat and relive them. That is, of course, all subconscious until a conscious attempt is made to address the root cause of the behavior.

So, how then can you use positive affirmations properly and efficiently to improve the quality of your life? I’ll discuss that now.

Using Positive Affirmations

As I mentioned earlier, the two keys when properly using positive affirmations is to keep it positive and focused on your goals. In other words, don’t use negative terms, such as ‘not,’ in your affirmation. But also do not implement positive affirmations with the reason of escaping something negative. A positive affirmation should be simply positive.

So, instead of trying to change something to avoid a negative situation that you fear, instead see the positive reasons for wanting to change. For the example of the person that is overweight, their reason for losing the weight was to avoid being overweight and having health problems. That is the problem. They are trying to escape the negative situation that they fear. By releasing that fear and instead incorporating the positive thinking effectively, they can change. So, what they would do then is analyze their reason for wanting to lose weight. If the reason is because they don’t want to be overweight anymore or have health problems, then it’s not going to work for them. Instead, they need to realize that they should be doing it to be healthy, happy, confident. Working towards those positive goals without trying to avoid the negative aspects. Since as I said, when you deny and avoid these things, they will come back to you and you will become them. Once that has been addressed, create short affirmations to tell yourself throughout the day that are, again, strictly positive and focused on your goals. Using ‘not’ in your affirmation is a negative term that is counterproductive.

Once you have your positive goals in mind, as well as your affirmations written down or in your mind, repeat it to yourself and believe it. Again, the more suggestible you are, the better since you can accept these affirmations as true and they are implanted in your subconscious. I personally find meditation and hypnosis beneficial here since I can fully relax myself and enter my mind which is where I repeat these affirmations. You can speak slowly and see the words form before you and enter into you mind. You can write them down, physically or mentally. Whenever you remember throughout the day, repeat the affirmations to yourself, either out loud or in your mind, and remember you positive goal for doing so. After sometime, you will start to see these things manifest in your life. However, they may not manifest in the exact way you think they might, and there also may be some relapse phases. But, don’t be discouraged since you can recognize all this as a positive sign since there is never a straight path to your goal.

For instance, if you are in a rough spot financially, and even worse, just lost your job. You are properly utilizing positive affirmations by saying you have money to support yourself and your family, but not for the reason of avoiding being poor, not having that fear. Remember, that is counterproductive. After a short while of implementing these suggestions, you get offered a great job opportunity. You can easily support your family and then some. You take the offer but are let go shortly thereafter. You begin to think that things are just not going to work out in your favor, but continue trying to think positively. Then you are offered an even better job that will ultimately help you financially and are able to fully support yourself and your family. This is an example of how utilizing these affirmations can bring about unexpected change and have minor setbacks until you have reached where you want to be.

So, let’s experiment now, shall we? Think about something you wish to change. Once you have something in mind, ask yourself why you want to this. What is the real underlying reason for watching it? Is it to avoid something negative? Is there any negative aspect in there? If so, then take a moment to rethink why you really want it. By trying to avoid the negative, you will not get anywhere. Instead, think of where you want to be positively. Once you understand the reason and it’s positive, create some positive affirmations for yourself to get you there. Again, avoiding negative terms and keeping it focused on your goals. Then repeat that to yourself, write it down, mentally envision it, whatever can help get those words into your subconscious so you believe them and things manifest in your life. Keep doing this, as well as reminding yourself of the reason for doing it in the first place, then you may start to see change. Remember to also be realistic and determined with your goals. Let me know how it goes for you.


So in conclusion, positive affirmations, when used properly, can manifest positive change. When one can let go of resistance and denial, and instead allow positive change, they can change their life the way they envision. I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching!

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Positive affirmations have helped me so much throughout my life. The best ways at achieving it are to focus positively on where you want to be and not be doing it for negative reasons or to deny or escape something.

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