You Will Never Be Happy Until You Follow This One Simple Trick

Many people are unhappy with their lives, searching for happiness, yet always feel let down and disappointed. This one trick will change the way you approach your life to lead to true happiness.

If you’re struggling to be happy, always looking for the answer as to what would make you happy, then you could be missing out on one crucial piece of information that will lead you to happiness. This one thing will completely change the way you approach your life, leading you to thinking more carefully and productively.

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When we are unhappy, we are always looking for the answers as to what would make us happy. Will materialistic goods make us happy? What about a better paying job to pay for those items? What about a loving spouse and family? Maybe it’s the expensive flight to a different country? All of these things give us a perception of happiness, and we think we need them to be happy, that they will bring us happiness. However, is happiness sustained? Is the happiness deep-rooted enough that we genuinely feel happy? The answer is always ‘no.’ But why?

The problem is that we are looking outside ourselves to be happy. We are thinking of all these things that may make us happy, going places, buying things, even going out of our way to ask others what would make us happy, asking them what we should do with our own lives. But we never are happy, and have to change our approach.

This one simple trick is to stop looking externally for happiness. You will never find it by having money or other materialistic goods, or even get the answer from someone else. These things may help to a small degree, but the answers as to why you are unhappy and what will make you happy are all within you. These answers have been in you all this time. You don’t have to go searching for them, since you already have them.

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Ask the question, “What would make me happy.” If you feel you need something, or have to rush to ask someone else what you should do with your life, then you’re looking externally for the answer that will never be found. Instead, ask the question and listen to what calls out to you within your mind. You have a natural drive to accomplish something. You have a purpose and meaning to your existence, so find it. You can find it by listening to the drive and calling within you, instead of seeking external validation.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I was always an outcast, and thus never went to anyone to validate my experiences and existence. I knew what would make me happy, yet was too scared to go for it. Once I started to, I was then extremely careful of not upsetting others, and this made me feel like I was being controlled by other people. I instead started listening to myself and tuned out the noise from the outside world and just did my own thing. That was my true path to happiness and I feel like I have achieved it.



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