Numerology : How To Decipher The Numbers You Keep Seeing

Keep seeing the same number again and again? There is a reason for that and deciphering it isn't as hard as it seems.

Do you keep seeing certain numbers again and again and don’t know why you keep seeing them? Or maybe you keep seeing a number and it brings back a memory, either positive or negative, from the past? What does it all mean? This is numerology, which is also known as angel numbers, where you see numbers repeatedly and it means something to you.

What do your Numbers mean
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When you keep seeing the same number again and again, it’s often a sign from the universe that wants to get your attention and give you a message, or reassurance. The more you become consciously aware of you seeing the numbers, you may find that you’re working on the computer or cooking and not bothering with the time, then suddenly you feel the urge to look at the time and there you see the number. It happens suddenly and almost like a message that is being given to you.

To be more conscious of the numbers you see, pay attention to patterns that you see and hear, from all sources. Perhaps your favorite song plays at 11:11am, or you are cooking and look at the time and it’s 3:33pm. Seeing it once may not mean much to you, but if you pay attention and keep seeing it, then it could mean something.

I won’t get into detail about all the numbers as there could be countless numbers you see and hear that could mean something to you, but using the example we just had about 111, or 1111, we can decipher it. The number 111 and 1111 can signify that you are undergoing significant changes and growth. It’s the end of the old and the beginning of the new. The path ahead may seem scary, but you can persevere if you’re determined. Maybe the number means something different to you. Maybe it reminds you of a family member that has passed away, to reassure you that they are still here with you. Researching online the number you keep seeing will give you a variety of results, so it’s better to decipher the meaning yourself.

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To decipher the meaning of the number, what feelings come up when you see the number? Is it positive or negative? Furthermore, what actions taking place outside of yourself are happening when you see them? For instance, if your favorite song plays when you see 111, then that is a positive sign. But, if a sad song plays that your ex-partner loved and it makes you want to turn it off, and you see the number 333, then that is a negative sign.

What if you have a bad memory associated with a set of numbers so that when you see it, the memories come up and cause you to remember the pain? This is a sign that you have yet to move on from the pain. You are constantly reminded since the mind heals by bringing up the traumatic memories so it can be healed, but you have yet to properly heal it. The obvious solution in this case would be to address the trauma with yourself and if possible, the person it involves. Then find some ways to cope with the pain. And, when you are reminded of it, you can have a different means of letting it go and reassuring yourself that the past is not the present. What’s done is done and cannot happen again as long as you are strong and stand your ground. You may then see the number far less, and if you do see it, form a new memory with the number to replace the old one.

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Don’t focus too much on numbers. They may give you a sign here and again, or help you realize you have yet to move on from a traumatic past experience. But, don’t focus on them to the point that you feel bad and frustrated for not seeing a number one day, or that it’s bad luck. Rather, live your life normally, reaffirming positivity with or without numbers.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I’ve seen numerous numbers throughout my life, and some of them are positive signs, while others bring back memories of the past. For the ones from the past, I form an association to strengthen myself and overcome any challenge so that the negative things from the past no longer hurt me. Everyone will have a different meaning for the numbers they see, and it’s all about deciphering what it means for you.


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