Sex Reassignment Surgery is Mutilation? | Misconceptions of MTF SRS

SRS is certainly not mutilation of the body, and there are so many misconceptions about it. But why are people so misinformed? Because they don't want to be bothered knowing what SRS involves and the process after everything is healed because they classify SRS as encouraging a mental disorder.

I had sex reassignment surgery which means I mutilated my genitals. Yeah, let’s talk about why that’s complete nonsense.

Hi everyone! I would like to discuss some of the misconceptions of sex reassignment surgery. A video of mine about dilation was shared all over Twitter not long ago with people mostly using it as a reason why transgender people should not serve in the military. I have my own view on that situation and this is not the place for it, but I mostly wanted to address some of the concerns and misinformation I saw these people spreading online.

One misconception is that SRS is mutilation of the body and the genitals. You can see it that way, and I totally get it. The result some people have from SRS may be a bit disappointing. The truth is, everyone will have a different outcome. Some will look more natural, and others not so much. Even if you go to a reputable surgeon, issues can still happen. It all depends on the person. However, some people even describe it as a ‘gaping hole.’ Ok, I’ll admit that for some people it can look like that as it may not look natural. But, if it makes someone happy, does it really matter what it looks like. If it’s true mutilation of the body, does it matter if they want to do that to themselves?

Another issue is people said you don’t have sensation and cannot orgasm, and also can’t lubricate. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. This is all possible, and I experience all of these. Lubrication is possible if you are really in the mood. This comes from the cowper’s gland which is connected to the prostate. The prostate remains there too, which is a male organ, but it acts almost like the G-spot that a woman has.

Not only that, but orgasm, while different, is much better now. Maybe not every experience is fantastic, but overall things are good. Now I completely understand that cutting nerves will result in loss of sensation. If the penis has less nerve endings than the clitoris of a woman, and it’s severed even more, then it’s true that there will be less sensation. Yes, there are spots where it’s completely numb with no feeling at all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t orgasm. For anyone interested in how to repair nerve damage, look into the supplement CoQ10, specifically Ubiquinol. It can help especially after surgery heal the nerves and get better sensation.

I think the main reason people have the misconception of the inability to orgasm is because after SRS your sex drive diminishes even further. Your body no longer produces testosterone. For all of you who have transitioned from male to female, you know what sex drive is like before and after hormones. Then after SRS, it decreases even more. So, in order for you to have more sensation and reach orgasm, your testosterone has to be in good range, otherwise you could regret surgery if you cannot use the new parts you have. Yes, people do regret it and I won’t overlook that fact. For some people it can be great, but for others, it enhances the risks of depression and suicide. It’s true so be careful.

I was taking testosterone for about a year, but stopped and found what worked best for me that I could incorporate into my diet and supplement regimen. These are DHEA, as well as iodine and selenium. DHEA is a type of hormone that decreases as we age. And iodine and selenium both stimulate the thyroid, which I think has had the biggest impact. Iodine can be acquired from natural sources like seaweed and other marine life. Selenium can be acquired from brazil nuts. Just one or two brazil nuts a day and you’ll notice some positive effects. Exercise also helps get those testosterone levels up.

The amount of naturally born women who have told me how much they have related to my discussion of my surgically made vagina is quite astounding. So much that is sounds like maybe, just maybe, that the results closely reflect that of a woman who was born with a vagina. Of course, I’ll never have a real vagina. I can never have a period, get pregnant, or have plenty of other female only features and characteristics. It’s made by a human being via surgically reconstructing male anatomy. It wasn’t made naturally. I’ll admit it’s not real. But with the amount of women who could relate, that’s interesting for sure. Even when I went to the gynecologist, she was impressed and said my surgeon did a good job. Maybe she was just saying that, but I don’t think so since my vagina is not a freak show. Yeah, there may be some problems visually due to how thin I was when I had the surgery since there was less fat to work with, but I like it now. Yeah maybe also there is some hair inside the vagina which is unnatural. However, it’s minor. It’s not like a hairy cave down there.

Another misconception is that dilation is required to keep this gaping hole open and ready for action. Dilation is crucial early on after surgery, especially the first year, if not two years. But after that, it’s not as important and can actually be replaced by sex. If I had a man I’d much rather have a penis up there than a dilator. Yeah, dilation is unnatural. Many women don’t need to do this. But, also remember that dilators are not just for trans women, but also women who were born with vaginas who have vaginal atrophy. This happens to women with low estrogen, so it’s still something real women do, not just trans women.

Another misconception is that having this surgery, or just transitioning in general, promotes the mental disorder that is gender dysphoria. The main problem with this is that it does encourage people to alter their bodies through hormones and surgery, which why would anyone want to do this anyway? I wish I didn’t have to do any of this. People alter their bodies because they don’t like them. Instead of accepting the bodies we were born with, we alter them with drugs, surgeries, and so on due to insecurities we have. Cosmetic surgery can be very addicting and I’ve seen people get carried away and transform themselves into a non-human being, which is simply impossible. Just like it’s impossible to truly change one’s sex. I had SRS, but I recognize that I’ll always be male. I can never biologically be female no matter what, so I’m not going to obsess over it.

However, what other way than transitioning can alleviate dysphoria? Often there is no other way, which there certainly should be. The argument people make though is that if someone hates their legs and wants them cut off, it’s a mental illness and shouldn’t be encouraged. And they also apply that to trans people. Ok, that’s a reasonable argument. But, what if it’s not just a mental disorder at play, but a physical condition. What if a baby was meant to be a male, but physically developed as female prior to birth. While body, mind, and spirit are all connected, it doesn’t mean the body will always match the mind. Spirit doesn’t know any gender, but mind and body are gendered as either male or female, so some people have to transition. The mind is more powerful than the body, so that’s why we have to change the body to match the mind.

Another thing I take issue with is the medical necessity of SRS. It’s not necessary to be happy and live as who you really are, and neither is transitioning. You can learn to be happy and love yourself without changing anything physically. Some people will have an extremely difficult time and will be saved by this transition and surgery, but others will actually be negatively impacted by these. So it’s not necessary, but some people have a harder time with dysphoria.

Another issue I have is that some people think trans women are going to be sleeping with men and never tell them that they were once a male and now have a surgically made vagina. This is a tricky one to answer since I always believe one should be honest. If a trans woman is going to have sex with a man, she should always tell him. She should say, “Hey, as long as you’re cool sticking your penis inside this gaping hole that is a penis and scrotum that’s been pushed into my body to resemble a vagina.” Obviously it’s not going to go like that. Some people won’t find the humor in that statement and be offended. I don’t really care. But, telling someone is so important and I simply just don’t understand the people who slut it up for some action. I’m not these people so I don’t know. My best advice, find someone who loves and cares for you, wait until you two know each other well, then tell them you are trans, then have sex if both of you are comfortable. What is the need to rush and have sex and one night stands?

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that any videos related to sex reassignment surgery are often flagged as inappropriate and I cannot make any money off them. I’m fine with that. But if you recall, I made a video not long ago about censorship, which I’ll have an annotation and a link to in the description. [Censorship] Essentially Google AdSense has put a violation on my account due to sexual merchandise. This affects my website currently, and if they shut my AdSense down, it’ll affect all my YouTube income as well, as scant as it’s become. And this video may be the final straw since it discusses sexuality and surgery.

According to them, “Google ads may not be placed on adult or mature content. This includes fetish content as well as sites that promote, sell or discuss sexual aids.” Ads don’t appear on any page on my site discussing sexuality or surgery as I’ve removed most of them, so it’s merely a cover up for something else. The page that was in violation does talk about a sexual device, dilators, but you know what, you can call them dildos or sexual devices or whatever, but above that, they are medical devices since surgery was a medical process and I have a medical condition. I don’t show off vibrators and try to sell them to you like some cheap referrer code deal, “Get 50% if you use the code AutumnVagphodel,” like I’ve seen a few other trans people do on YouTube, which is just a disgusting way to make money from your viewers. So, they’ve targeted me because they don’t like the other content I make and are using SRS and dilation as the excuse.

This is fascinating since the video about censorship is pretty much censored and I don’t make any money off of it, and more and more videos are seeing a sudden halt of revenue. That’s why it’s so important to help whatever way you can. However you can support me, I am truly grateful since it helps us continue fighting the censorship. Just by sharing my videos and spreading the message helps greatly. And if you want to donate, I am currently using Patreon and PayPal which is in the description of all my videos. Via Patreon, you can get early access to my videos and even have your name and social media displayed on the ‘special thanks’ page on my website. However you can contribute, I am so grateful for your support. Thank you! Be sure to also sign up for my free newsletter on my website to get early access to all videos posted there. As always, the links are in the description.

If you have any other input on this topic, I would love to hear it so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you agree or disagree with, and/or how this has helped you or someone close to you. Have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

I got the idea for this video primarily because of the nonsense people were sharing on Twitter regarding my video about dilation. They didn’t know anything about what it was like to have this surgery, or how things were years after healing. Their comments were quite amusing to say the least. “You can’t do srs dilation in the middle of a desert.” I even made a Facebook post about it.


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