How Mental Instability Damages Your Physical Health

Physical health issues, disease, and cancer can actually all stem from mental instability. How? You'd be surprised how strong the connection is between your mental health and your physical body.

There is a strong connection between your physical, mental, and spiritual health. We will be focusing on how mental instability can damage your physical health. We will also be discussing how spiritual instability can damage both your physical and mental health in a future video.

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The connection between your mental and physical health is so deep that you can physically make yourself ill or better just by what you think about. If you’re unhappy with your life, filled with stress and depression, you cannot expect to be in perfect physical health. Often physical health ailments stem from deep rooted, unresolved mental health issues. You can try all you can to fix the physical problem, but if you’re not addressing the root cause, whether it be physiologically or psychologically, then the physical ailment will get worse.

Relatedly, medicines to help with physical and mental issues are suppressants, and never address the root cause of the problems. Furthermore, surgical procedures tend to also suppressants since they remove the symptoms of the illness, and without resolving the cause of the illness, the symptoms will find another way to make their presence known to you.

An example of this is cancer lumps and tumors. While there are a plethora of physical causes of cancer due to our toxic environment, it’s possible that cancer could be caused by mental health issues. If you have an overwhelming amount of guilt, stress, anxiety, and depression, and keep blocking it out and not addressing it, then more than likely your physical body will begin to deteriorate in one way or another. An example is that you swallow the guilt and depression, keeping it inside of you. Years go by and you notice pain in your abdomen. Upon doctor’s inspection, you have developed stomach cancer. Coincidence? Not likely! This is how your body talks to you, and you ignored it once by not addressing the root cause of the mental problems, and then you ignored it again by getting an invasive surgery that only solved the symptom of the mental anguish you are under, and still under. It will return time and time again until you actually address the root cause, the mental health problems.

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Warts, skin blemishes, and other surface level changes to your physical body that are getting worse are the first sign that you have unresolved trauma and mental health issues that you are not addressing. If you get the physical symptoms removed or treated, then your body will express the symptoms in another area of your body. It could move to a different area of the skin, or worse, it could begin to show signs internally, causing a myriad of issues with your organs, muscles, bone, and you could develop cancer.

It’s important to not just physically be healthy by avoiding junk food, addictive foods, artificial flavors and colors, and the myriad of pesticides that are in our food supply, but also to be mentally sound and strong, addressing the problems you have and not suppressing them. Suppressing your issues will lead to a variety of physical health issues. They may not manifest right away, but over time they will start to show signs, and then it’s up to you to address the root cause.

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For many years of my life I was depressed. Surprisingly, I was in good physical health. However, it was largely because I was young. As we age, we become far more susceptible. I developed many health issues over the years, largely due to how I was blocking out how I truly felt, suppressing issues I had, and thus leading myself down a path of poor health. Unfortunately, these health issues I have now may never be able to be fully remedied, but I know that by letting go of stress and not repressing my emotions, my body will heal more efficiently.

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