Meeting Your Twin Flame

Your twin flame is not hard to find. Focus on yourself and you will attract them.

Your twin flame is your spiritual twin, someone that shares many of the traumas and life experiences you have. They are like your twin, they resonate on your level and understand you more than anyone else does. They are often considered your other half. However, this is not a good term to define them as it implies that you are incomplete without them, which is simply untrue.

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Your twin flame is someone you just get along with and understand without even speaking a word because they are similar, yet different, to you. There are many things that are shared in common with twin flames, and many times it can be romantic in nature and last a long time. That is, until one of you ventures onto a new life path.

A twin flame is different from a soulmate since a soulmate is someone that can be a romantic partner, friend, or even a family member, that often comes into your life, significant growth is made during the connection, and the link tends to be severed as both of you move on. The severing of the link doesn’t always happen, but with intense soulmates that happen quickly, it often does. Soulmate’s main purpose is to grow spiritually and move onto the next path in life.

However, your twin flame also helps you grow spiritually, it often is growth in the same direction as opposed to opposite, and can last a lifetime as long as the spiritual path of both individuals is consistent. A branching path that leads one onto a new spiritual journal and life’s goal can and will break the relationship.

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So how do you find your twin flame? The answer is, you don’t find them. Rather, they come into your life when you are ready and when you are not expecting it. Time is on your side since it’ll always happen when the time is right and you both are ready. Wouldn’t you rather wait a little bit longer to meet your twin flame when you both have made significant progress with your own personal wellbeing rather than meeting when one or both of you is unstable?

It’s because of time being on your side that the true answer on how to meet your twin flame is revealed: to work on yourself. Don’t wait for anyone else to save you. Only you can save yourself. No one else is able to remedy your problems. They may be able to help to a degree, but you have to put in the work to be the best version of yourself. So, put in that work and become the best version of yourself since the vibration you emit that is based on your thoughts and lifestyle will attract the right people into your life, including your twin flame.

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Build up your own confidence and you will find that the people and circumstances that come into your life help you become your greatest version of yourself, and thus, attract those who can make an even bigger impact.

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Additional Info

I’ve encountered many soulmates in my life, some were romantic and quickly faded. I’ve also had people that could be considered a twin flame as well, some of which stayed in my life. I used to be so alone and would yearn for a relationship, but have since realized the importance of being happy with your own company and realizing you’re never alone. Once I did this, I never felt lonely again and instead became my best version. I’ve grown tremendously and attract the right people into my life that helps me grow even more.


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