Never Be Anxious Again | How to Do a Mantra Meditation

If you are feeling anxious, a manta meditation can help bring about relaxation. It's not as hard as you think to be in the present moment using a mantra meditation.

Anxiety plagues many people as they struggle to be in the present moment and instead focus on ‘what if’ scenarios and live in fear. Being mindful and in the present moment is so difficult for many with anxiety to do, but with meditation it’s possible. However, many don’t know the best way of meditating since quieting their mind results in more chaos and voices causing them anxiety. That’s all about to change with mantra meditation.

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A mantra is a short phrase or set of words you say, like a hum that is relaxing. You can use any phrase or word as your mantra phrase, but generally something slow and with a hum that vibrates your chest is the best as it’ll put you into a relaxed frame of mind. The whole goal of this is to take your attention away from what is causing you anxiety and being in the present moment. Since silence may not be able to achieve that for you, a mantra would be ideal since you focus instead on the mantra instead of what’s causing you anxiety.

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It’s not difficult to do a mantra meditation, but it does take practice for it to work effectively and for you to see results. First start by picking a phrase or word that best suits you that you can say slowly. In this example we’ll use the word, “Om.” When I say the word slowly enough, I can feel the vibration in my chest as it calms and relaxes me. Give it a try with me and see how you feel. Keep doing this until you feel a sense of calm and relaxation come over you, which usually won’t be that long. The more you do it and associate a relaxed state with the word or phrase, the easier and quicker it will be to enter a relaxed state when you say the mantra.

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The manta can be said out loud which is highly effective since it vibrates your body and promotes relaxation, or can be said in your mind if you do not wish to say it out loud. Ideally you want to start with saying it out loud to feel that vibration and relaxation. Do this anytime you feel tense and on edge and you’ll be amazed by how effective it actually is. But, it takes practice, so don’t give up after the first few attempts. Keep at it for optimal health.

There are many benefits of doing a mantra meditation since it helps alleviate anxiety and stress and put you into a positive frame of mind. So keep practicing and find what works best for you to alleviate the tension you have in your mind and body and be in the present moment where there are no worries.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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I have never been a fan of saying chants and words during meditation, but if you find the right thing to say that relaxes you, then it ends up working great and bringing about peace and mindfulness. I tried mantra meditations, primarily saying the phrase in my head, and it does help focus the mind to be in the present moment, focusing on a word, very slowly, instead of being anxious and all over the place. It’s certainly an easier way than trying to focus on silence, which is nearly impossible anyway since the mind is always active.


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