Makeup is a Mask? | Embracing Your Natural Beauty

Do you hide behind the mask of makeup, unable to feel good about yourself without it? Here are some of the best tips of finding your confidence without makeup.

Makeup is often worn by women, and some men, to enhance their beauty. However, many women tend to rely on it to feel good about themselves, using it as a mask to hide who they truly are. This is often because they have a boost of confidence when wearing makeup that isn’t there without it. They may feel naked and not beautiful without makeup. This is true for many women, and is often based in a false sense of exceptions of what beauty is and what women should look like.

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It’s often portrayed on social media, movies, television shows, and many other forms of entertainment that beautiful women are more successful. Even men in the entertainment industry have makeup heavily applied to their face to cover up any blemishes and make them look better. However, the appearance is unnatural since no human being naturally looks like that. The makeup that’s piled on creates a false sense of beauty. Women become victim to this message and believe that the only way they can be beautiful is by hiding themselves behind makeup, among many other things.

Women wear makeup for many different reasons, but it come down to them feeling better about themselves, almost hiding part of themselves. It’s like wearing a mask so they can be someone else, a more confident person. However, if they are looking to find a man, do men really like a women with all the makeup? Generally most men are not going to care about the makeup. Rather, a women wearing makeup is to be better looking, in her eyes, than other women. They compare their appearance, which is their form of competition. However, men may be indifferent to makeup and find her confidence to be more attractive. Makeup gives the woman a false sense of confidence.

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So how then can you embrace your natural beauty if you are hiding behind makeup, unable to be yourself without it on? The truth is not as difficult as you may think. If you already feel a sense of confidence when wearing makeup, then you already have some natural confidence that can come up. Harnessing it when you’re not looking your best, at least in your eyes, is what you need to work on. You do this by realizing one very important thing, and that is other people do not care what you look like. Other people are too obsessed worrying about their own appearance and what they look like to others to really worry about you.

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Human beings compare themselves to others. Everyone may look at you, but they’re often doing so with themselves as a reference point. You will do the same, look at someone else and compare how you look to them. But, you both are basically just thinking about your own appearance and what you look like to the other person. Does it really matter? Does anyone really care what you look like? The truth is, no, they do not since they’re too worried thinking about themselves. Don’t be that person, always worried about your own appearance since most people probably won’t even realize if something is off with you, and just think about their own problems. You have a blemish that wasn’t covered up, yet think everyone is looking at it, judging you. But, is that based in reality? No, it’s not since very likely no one is noticing since they’re too wrapped up within their own mind, worrying about their own problems with their appearance or in their life.

And lastly, realize that confidence is your most attractive trait. Just because you may not look like the heavily edited, or even AI generated, Instagram model, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. This feeling comes from within. People will be drawn more to your confidence than your appearance. So experiment going out without makeup, without the mask, and finding your confidence. You may feel insecure, so that’s what you need to work on. Remind yourself of the times you have makeup on, when you don’t, and bring out that inner confidence that’s waiting to come out.

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Makeup is a mask that people hide behind. It may bring out your confidence, but doesn’t define you. If you feel lost without it, then find some ways of boosting your confidence so you feel happy with who you are even without masking your natural beauty. Looking at yourself without makeup and letting yourself know that you’re beautiful and worthy of love is great way to start.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

Additional Info

As someone who went from no makeup to tons of makeup, I understand how women can feel a massive boost of confidence when waring it. For me, it’s allowed me to be more expressive and feel I look good, giving me life and confidence. But when it’s off, I feel lost and like I’m ugly. It took some time to actually not care what anyone else thinks about me, and instead I now wear it for me, since I think I look good with it. I do still have the boost of confidence when wearing it, but I do not lack confidence without it. I may feel elevated with it, and like more people are interested in me, but I do not let it control my confidence and how I feel about myself.


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