How YOU Can Make an Impact on the World

Can you actually make an impact on the world? You can, and it's much simpler than you imagine! Every action you make will make a long-lasting impact, even if it doesn't appear like it on the surface.

We all want to feel like our life is important, and like we can make a difference in the world. We want to know that our life has meaning and that everything we do can help others and improve the quality of future generations. However, many people get caught up in day-to-day activities and are focused so much on the physical that they lose sight of the bigger picture of why they are here and their purpose on this Earth.

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As a spiritual being in a physical body, it’s easy to get caught up in the ego and the materialistic world. It’s what you can see, hear, touch, and taste. It feels real to you, and can be intoxicating. But, below all this is your true self. Below your ego is a person who is here with a mission and wants to fulfill its purpose. We each have a purpose, yet many of us are lost and don’t know what that is.

To truly make an impact on the world, you have to find your purpose. You cannot look elsewhere to find your purpose. Who you truly are and what you are here to do is not an answer you can find from an outside source. It comes from within. Is your purpose working as a cashier at a fast food restaurant, taking people’s orders and handing over their food in exchange for money? Or, is this job allowing you to save up, learn important life lessons, and start your dream career? Look at life like the latter. You may work meaningless, trivial jobs, but the bigger picture is something much grander. It’s not meaningless as long as you, yourself, believe it’s not meaningless. Thus, everything you do prepares you for finding your purpose. Let go of resistance and go with the flow. Your purpose will find you and it’ll feel nature, like a drive that pulls you closer and closer to your goal.

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If you feel life is meaningless, and that you can never make an impact on the world, and have yet to find your purpose, then the other important thing to realize is that every thought you have, and every action you take has a direct impact on the world. As with the example of working at a fast food place, it’s not meaningless as long as you believe it wasn’t. You may make an impact on someone’s life and completely change their life just by smiling at them when handing over their order when they are having a bad day. Every action you take directly impacts the world and sends out a wave of change. A tiny ripple can turn into a wave in time. You smile and brighten up someone’s day, they are happier and have less conflict with their coworkers, making them feel happy, and the coworkers take home that happiness to their family, and so on and so on. Think about the bigger picture. It’s not meaningless.

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So how can you make an impact on the world? Just be you and realize that each day is a chance to learn and grow and become the best version of yourself. Every action you make is important and changes the world, even if just a small little bit. Nothing is meaningless, as long as you believe it has value. Look at the bigger picture and acknowledge the fact that you are living your true life’s purpose just by being you. Everything so far in your life has prepared you for this moment, and it’s up to you to put those skills to use and start your dream job, career, or whatever else you feel deep at your core, your true self. The answer is always within you, so stop searching the external world, and start going internal.

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Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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