Life is Scary

How do you navigate the scary world we live in? It may seem hard to change it, but it's not impossible. How do you move in a positive direction?

Life is scary. It’s not easy dealing with all sorts of mental health problems, and physical health problems. It’s hard to discern between what is real and what is lies, and what is right and wrong. It may seem like the world is out to get you, as others make decisions that impact the entire world, while you have no say in the matter as you feel pressured into doing things you don’t want to do.

Life is scary since your decisions may seem pointless in the grander scheme of things, like your voice and actions don’t have even the slightest bit of impact. Thus, you hold back your authentic self due to fear of judgment, and because you know that it’s pointless to resist, it’s easier to comply. Decision making is never what you want, but what someone else wants for you, thus you feel hopeless as life becomes scary, with each day you approach with fear.

If you feel this way, then realize that there is always another side to that perspective. Imagine you living your dream life. What do you want out of life, and how do you feel when you think about it? The more you think about this, day in and day out, the more your perspective on life begins to change, as does your reality. You’ll begin to see your true potential, realizing that every action you make, big or small, makes a difference in the world. You begin to tune out all the doubt and naysayers as you realize they are only here to instill doubt within you.

The only thing holding you back from achieving your dream life is you. No one else has that power over you, but you think they do since you think others should run your life. So, take back control over your life and live how you were truly meant to live, free from doubt. The moment you do this, your entire world changes as you perceive life from a different perspective, a much more positive one where success is right here and right now, and not some fantasy.

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Life is scary, but step out of your comfort zone, show the world who you truly are, and do not let others criticism affect you. But where there is discomfort, there is room for growth. A world where anything you imagine is possible, if you give it enough time and energy. Where you are a person that others love, appreciate, and even look up to. That life is possible, and it starts with you.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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As someone who dealt with extreme paranoia when I was younger, into my teenage years, and even now to a degree, I understand how scary life can be. I would live in fear that people were out to do me harm. Yet, I don’t really feel that way anymore. To a small degree the thoughts are still there, but I’ve learned to not let that control my life. Furthermore, I used to be sensitive to other’s criticism to the point where I would alter myself to fit the mold of what others wanted me to be, censor myself to avoid offending someone else, and put on a mask to hide how I truly felt. I have since taken off that mask and express who I truly am, despite the fear I had expressing what I truly believe. But, I cannot be stopped, despite others attempts to do so. I am a strong, courageous person and will continue to stand by what I believe, no matter what.



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