Is Your Life Force Being Harvested by Others & Medication?

Others are harvesting your life force for themselves and you may be completely unaware. How do you reclaim your life force?

Your life force is an incredibly powerful energy that gives you meaning and purpose in life. It is your spirit, your soul, your true self. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your life force is vital to your success in this life. But, did you know that those around you, medications you may take, even the food and water you drink will either harvest your life force, or prevent it from reaching its true potential?

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Your spiritual energy is incredibly powerful and people want to take that away from you, harvesting it for themselves. You give a lot to people and they take it away from you, and you may not even be aware as you come down with illness related to suppressed or diminished life force. But, why is this?

Most people are directionless in life. They let others determine their life choices, letting others control how they feel, and give up their rights and freedoms to not upset someone else. Many people have sold their souls and are talking hollow puppets. They have lost this vital life force within them as their health starts to decline. If you would like more information on selling your soul, please check out my video on it.

Your physical health is tied with your emotional and spiritual health. An imbalance will cause health issues in all aspects of your life. This is why it’s so important to be mindful of what is draining your life force and altering your path in life since you will often develop physical and mental health problems as a result.

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Others around you may be taking your life force and you’re not even aware of it. These people are similar to energy vampires where they absorb your energy for themselves. However, there could be even more covert tactics, such as distracting you from your life’s purpose, giving you advice that seems genuine, but is actually a deterrent, or gaslighting you without you even realizing it. This could be done by your family, friends, and others close to you, and you may be completely unaware. You may be suffering with health issues and it could be due to them. Likewise, there could be medication you’re taking, or food and liquids you are drinking that are putting a brick wall around your life force, causing you to suffer with a myriad of health issues.

Many things will drain your life force, but why is there a system in place to do this? The answer to this comes down to the balance of power at play with your soul and people who wish to harness your soul’s energy who may not have one, or also have a weakened life force. While you have many opportunities in this life, many of them are held hostage by people you don’t even know. And other opportunities are squashed down by friends, parents, society, and so on. You give to them without knowing how much you’re giving and they return nothing. If you feel things are going in the wrong direction, or you are lost, feel hopeless, or even like you’re swayed easily by others, then that’s a sign you’re giving up your life force.

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So, how do you stop it? Recognize things you are consuming that are making you feel bad. Be mindful of people that are gaslighting you, causing frustration, and you feel bad the more you talk with or are around them. Gaslighting is one key element of all of this since it makes you second guess yourself, like you are in the wrong, and like you cannot trust yourself, all to believe the person who actually did you wrong, instead of your own intuition.

Recognition is just phase one since that will allow you to spot the things and people that are causing problems. However, you may be in denial since some of these people could be those you trust, such as family and friends. The unfortunate truth is that most of the people will be those closest to you.

So what can you do? You have to stand your ground and say ‘no.’ Do not cave, no matter what. The moment you give in, then you lose. Rather, build up your confidence to say ‘no’ to anything that tries to deter you from greatness. You also have to limit time to activities and people that are taking from you. If you feel upset that it could hurt the other person’s feelings, then realize that person may already have control over you. So, you need to break the cycle.

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By becoming aware and saying ‘no’ to the people and things that are taking your life force for themselves, leaving you with health issues, then you’ll slowly begin to realize how much power you actually have. You are by no means weak. Rather, you’re such a strong person that others want to take from you and harness your strength for themselves. Don’t let them. Instead, reclaim your power and be the strong person you were always meant to be.

Let me know how this works for you. Have a great day!

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It was only recently that I realized how much others were taking from me, that I was giving them willingly, and not getting anything in return. It was taking away my motivation in life and causing a myriad of health problems. The moment I realized this and the tactics used by these people, I began to notice patterns with many others in my life, both past and present. It was unreal just how many were doing the same exact thing. I realized that it’s time to move on from this and stop this cycle and instead attract new people that will share this life force with me instead of taking it away. It took so long for me to realize this, but I’m glad I did since the moment I started to make changes is when I noticed a massive increase in energy and life started to reward me with many great opportunities. It is truly remarkable.


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