Keeping Politics Separate From Your Personal Life

Politics are a major dividing force, but it does't have to be. You may want to keep your political beliefs separate from your personal life, but is it truly possible?

It’s obvious that the world is divided. People hate one another for a variety of different reasons. You have a political divide, religious divide, philosophical divide, medical choice divide, and so on. Dealing with this divide is not an easy task. But, if you’d like more information about that, be sure to check out my previous video about the world being divided that goes more in depth about the reasons why and what you can do. We will primarily be focusing on keeping politics out of your personal life.

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It seems like most things these days are political in some way. If you have a certain belief, you’re a far right extremist. If you believe something else, you’re far left, and so on. Common sense has gone out the door and Democrats and Republicans alike are disagreeing with one another just for the sake of disagreeing. If Democrats say ‘A,’ Republicans say ‘Z.’ If Republicans say ‘1,’ Democrats say ‘-1,’ and so on. People who align themselves with a certain political party agree simply because someone else, their political party, told them to. Not because it makes sense or helps anyone, but just because their political party of choice said to believe it, nothing more.

This political divide makes you sensor yourself since everything is now political. You’re too scared to express your beliefs since you’ll be labeled and attacked for you beliefs. If you believe kids shouldn’t transition, you’re a far right insurrectionist. If you believe there are infinite genders and even kids can change their sex, you’re a far left libtard. It’s honestly quite amusing when you look at it, the ridiculous things people say, and the way people get upset. However, it poses a problem since you don’t just laugh it off, but instead censor yourself.

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Keeping politics separate from your personal life is simply not possible anymore since simple beliefs come off a certain way to others. You can’t censor yourself for everything. You should be allowed to speak your mind. So, instead of censoring yourself, express yourself. You don’t have to go out of your way to express your viewpoint so others know where you stand, but just express when you feel it’s necessary to speak up. Maybe you don’t even pay attention to politics and don’t know what is political and what isn’t. Regardless, you should be free to express your views.

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Keeping politics out of your personal life comes down to not thinking down party lines. The moment you realize that Democrat and Republican are basically one and the same, here to divide people and have them fighting among themselves, then you realize that neither of these parties should truly represent you. Rather, you have to think independently. Maybe some ideas from both parties, and some from entirely different ones align with your beliefs. That doesn’t make you far left or far right. Rather, it makes you more well rounded and able to see things from many different sides.

Laugh when someone tries to label you, knowing you are not what they’re calling you. Don’t associate with the labels they give you since they’re basically just bullying and shaming you into changing your beliefs, or shunning you so you never express how you truly feel. What kind of life is it to always hold back and never express yourself? It’s not a happy life, that’s for sure. So, be confident with what you believe and express it. But also, don’t intentionally bring up controversial issues to instigate a fight. Just keep things casual and meet a diverse set of people and you’ll find something you can share in common with everyone, even those who may be labeled an enemy.

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I have never truly aligned myself with a political party, thankfully. People have called me all sorts of things from a libtard to far right. Neither of which is true. Those people live in a delusional fantasy land since they want to place everyone in a box that doesn’t agree with them. My beliefs are my own, and I don’t bow down to any political party. Rather, I’m independent and think for myself, making my own decisions. Some may be labeled “left” or “right” positions, but who cares about labels?


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