Does Karma Carry Over to New Lifetimes?

There is a debate about karma staying in this lifetime or if it carries over into the next. We're going to break this down to better understand each side.

Does karma carry over to a new lifetime, or does it only stay with you in this lifetime? People have different beliefs on this as they try to understand the complex world of the unknown. To put it simply, we don’t and won’t know as our mind is limited. But, we can surely make decisions that will have a positive impact on the world and other’s lives, and subsequently, have a positive effect on ours.

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Karma is when you do an action and receive an outcome of that action in accordance with the intentions of the action. For instance, if you have hatred within you, insulting people, then expect something good to come from it, then you’re fooling yourself. You may have negative things happen first, that may seem unrelated. You may trip and fall and hurt yourself, or you may get into a car crash, or you may have unexpected financial troubles that come out of nowhere. Likewise, if you put positive intentions into the world, complimenting people, raising them up, and it comes from a place of authenticity, then you may very well attract a positive outcome, maybe a raise, or meeting new friends, or a love interest approach you. Whatever the case is, the intention is what’s important since you could do something negative in someone else’s eyes, but your intentions are positive and thus you’ll have a different outcome. What we have discussed here is karma in this lifetime.

But, what happens if you do vile, evil things and only reap a positive outcome? What happens when you put so much positivity into something and things keep failing, almost as if you’re cursed. The truth of the matter is that when this sort of thing happens, it’s often because of the intention. You may be doing something you deem as positive, but your intention is not pure and filled with greed. But, what about the person who knows they have evil intentions and always get away with it? This is when people start to believe karma coming from your prior life.

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When our physical body dies, what happens when we are reborn in another body, with a brand new birth place, family and friends, new interests and beliefs? Some of us may remember things from a past life, or rather we think we do, but are not entirely sure. Perhaps we have negative karma from a prior life, hurting others, infliction pain on them, as we reaped the rewards, and thus we have to pay for that in this lifetime. No matter how hard we try, it seems like we get nowhere since all positive avenues lead to misery and despair for us. What if we have positive karma in this lifetime, and the next, and then we go into a new life with the positive karma and slowly become the evil, vile person that seems to get away with anything. Karma may not have an immediate effect as you’re still riding on the positive karma on prior lifetimes. But, when you die and are reborn, then the karma of the evil life will be taken with you and you’ll begin again.

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Perhaps the whole purpose of life is to go through the karmic cycle without being corrupted by greed and power, but rather move beyond that, reaching our highest potential. Can you, without the knowledge you have in this lifetime, live many more lives ahead of you without succumbing to corruption, being tempted by this materialistic world? That may be the true test, but who knows for certain.

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Karma is an interesting thing to think about since whatever you believe will change the way you approach life. If you think you can get away with doing bad things, then life will remind you that you can’t. Yet, some people seem to get away with almost anything, as if they’re protected. Karma is subjective and depends on your own personal interpretation of it. Choose to live your life that is beneficial to others and yourself. Even if your attempts seem to fail and make no progress towards the karma you have to repay, if you believe that, then it’s still better that putting negativity into the world, even if you could get away with it.

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Karma is an interesting one to think about since it’s no surprise our actions make an impact on our life, in both positive and negative ways. I’ve encountered that as well where it seems for me that more negative thinking will have a very negative impact on my life, usually delayed by a few weeks or months, but positive intentions have less of an effect. Rather, I learn from the negative to better myself and listen to what life is telling me so I can be a happy, positive person who doesn’t need to worry.


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