I’m looking for volunteers that are passionate about working with me! You’ll be able to work directly with me and I’ll guide and teach you if necessary. If you think you’ll be a good candidate for any of these positions, please let me know by filling out this form. This is a list of what I’m currently looking for, but it could change at any time. You don’t need to do all the roles under each category. I would love to work with you!


Adding information to upcoming articles / videos. Finding what is popular about the specific topic to discuss and not leaving information out. Formulating ideas on what to add to this website.

Guided Meditation Script Writer

Create a well thought out meditation script that covers all areas from relaxation to the intention to waking.

Graphic Designer

Create animations for guided meditation and/or improve animations of regular videos. Preferred – Adobe After Effects.

Audio & Music Editor

Edit guided meditation audio to make it sound appealing by removing background noise, while adding appropriate spaces, music, and other artistic sound effects.

Marketer & Marketing Strategist

How to get users engaged to subscribe, like, comment, and interact on YouTube, Facebook, and Patreon. Marketing friendly language to attract new people. Analyzing and utilizing data from Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Mailchimp (newsletter), among others.

Website Tagger

Appropriate tagging of articles on this website. (Below each article there are tags associated with it. These need to be properly organized and grouped, including a description for each one.)


Finding appropriate evidence to backup claims. Linking to these articles / resources with links on this website.

Social Media Poster and Promoter

Managing social media accounts (including new ones). Finding and posting relevant information, articles, and other resources frequently to engage users so they subscribe, like, and share the content. Utilizing marketing skills to properly promote the articles to attract new people.

General Manager

Finding people to work with and reaching out to them. Replying to important messages on social media and email. Manage Google Form submissions of business inquiries.

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