Integrating with Dissociative Identity Disorder (featuring Hannah Lussenden)

Hannah Lussenden and I discuss dissociative identity disorder and how we managed to heal through integration.

In this live broadcast, Hannah Lussenden and I discuss dissociative identity disorder and integration. We have both integrated alters and overcome many challenges and are sharing our knowledge to help others overcome this disorder. It is possible through integration!

Integration is often misunderstood since many people who deny it (who deny their own self recovery) think they won’t be able to properly cope with life’s problems and lose parts of themselves. That is a huge misunderstanding. Alters integrating together form a more complete person who is able to cope more efficiently. They are not gone, but part of a unified core. There is no loss! Furthermore, I feel like those who intentionally refuse integration, who educate others with this disorder not to integrate, can be stigmatizing, but also prevents others who are suffering from properly healing.

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